Hidden Messages in Architecture

The infamous Skull and Bones Tomb

The Illuminati also hide occult messages in architectural designs / buildings / paintings or statues which the common people rarely understand. Those are often found at important places of power like Washington DC or the EU Parliament building and openly show the satanic mindset of the self-proclaimed 'elites'. The freemason, despite most of them having never built anything but mostly destroyed everything, see themselves as the builders of our society. In a sense this is true as they are building the New World Order by systematically destroying the Christian society.


European Parliament Building

European Parliament Building - Tower of Babel

The European parliament building has multiple satanic references. The whole building was designed to look like the biblical tower of Babel from Genesis 11:1–9. A tower build by Nimrod as a symbol of pride and of his wish to rival with God. Choosing the tower of Babel as a reference to the European Union is a very interesting choice by the 'elites' as if by uniting people from Europe with a common institution, they wished to undo the God's judgment and regroup everyone despite their language differences in order to finish building the tower of Babel.



The Louvre was build by the Illuminati Francois Mitterrand. The pyramid is an important symbol in their beliefs as explained in the post 'Hidden Messages in Logos'. Exactly 666 panes of glass were advertised to be used in its construction (666 is the number of the beast). Below the main pyramid is another inverted pyramid which is another satanic reference: the main pyramid point up while the small one point down, this represents 'as above so below' the famous hand sign made by Baphomet.



Pentagrams & hexagrams are commonly used in witchcraft. The Baphomet or satanic pentagram is pointed downward to accommodate the outline of a goat's head. By connecting the points of the United States Department of Defense, you obtain the pentagram which can be up or down depending on the viewer's position.


Obelisk - Vatican - London -NY - Washington
Deuteronomy 16:22
You shall not set up for yourself a sacred pillar which the Lord your God hates.

Obelisk are phallic symbols made by multiple pagan religions from the past. Building them is in contradiction to the Lord's teachings and the fact that there is one in the Vatican is not surprising. New agers believe it is used to harness energy and transform the energy in an area to a masculine energy.

Arch of Baal

Arch of Baal - London -NY - Washington - Switzerland

The ritualistic baal worship of old times is similar to what happen during modern day satanic rituals. The Institute for Digital Archaeology plans to construct approximately 1,000 such versions of the arch in cities throughout the world.


Woman riding Beast

Woman riding Beast - European Parliament
Revelation 17:3-5
So he carried me away in the Spirit into the wilderness. And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication.

When the federation of the original nations forming the European Union was created, they chose for themselves a motif of 'Europa riding the Bull' from ancient Greek and Roman mythology. In other words, a Woman riding a beast. Europe is filled with statues of women riding beast. The 2 statues shown previously are all present in front of European institutions. It really does seem that the European 'elites' have fully accepted their satanic roles in the end-times.

Beast of the Apocalypse

Leopard with wings - United Nations headquarters
Daniel 7:2-4
Daniel spake and said, "I saw in my vision by night, and, behold, the four winds of the heaven strove upon the great sea. And four great beasts came up from the sea, diverse one from another. The first was like a lion, and had eagle's wings."

Revelation 13:2
And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

The United Nations has placed a giant statue in New York (Visitor's Plaza outside UN Headquarters). This statue resemble an end-times 'beast' from the Daniel's prophecy. Another international organization making direct reference of the Apocalypse with statues.


Shiva - CERN

Shiva is often depicted as the destroyer and appear as a naked ascetic accompanied by demons, encircled with serpents and necklaces of skulls. This is an interesting choice of statue for the CERN (which has a hidden 666 in its logo).

Another common form is that of Dancing Shiva Nataraja. This is Shiva engaged in a cosmic dance. It is believed that the energy from this dance sustains the cosmos, and when Shiva is finished with this dance, this universe will end and a new one will begin. Here is a YT video of the CERN scientists dancing this dance which should not scare you at all.

A video of a staged satanic human sacrifice in the grounds of the CERN in front of the Shiva statue can also be found online.

The Rockefellers have heavily funded CERN through the years. (Every dollar the Rockefeller spend is for evil purpose). The CERN is the backbone of the internet and every online communication pass by it, the CERN is important to track people's online activities around the world. Some other wild theories suggest that CERN is the key to open the door to the bottomless pit in Revelation 9:1-2 and might open the doors of our world to the demons in Hell, another theory is it will be used to blow up part of Europe when creating dark matter. At this point, it is certain that CERN will play a role in the end-times but no-one really know what it will be.

Golden Calf

Golden Calf - Wall Street

The Wall Street bull is in fact the golden calf, an idol worshiped by the Hebrews in Exodus 32 which greatly angered God. The false god that Wall Street worship is most certainly Mammon, the demon of wealth and greed.


Prometheus - Rockefeller Plaza

The Rockefeller Plaza has a lot of occult meanings embedded. One of them is the Prometheus Statue located above the lower plaza. Satanists see Prometheus as another name for Satan because in their twisted view Satan is a benefactor of humanity:

Prometheus is best known for defying the gods by stealing fire from them and giving it to humanity in the form of technology, knowledge, and more generally, civilization. In Genesis 3:4, Satan tricked Adam & Eve into eating the forbidden fruit and therefore knowing good and evil and becoming aware of their "nakedness". This is how they see the parallel in both stories but they omit the fact that we therefore became mortals and were cast out of Eden because of Satan's trick.

Black Cube

Black Cube - Everywhere

Multiple black cubes have popped up as monuments around the world, all of those are satanic references. A flattened cube will have a hexagram shape, the hexagram (hex) is commonly used in witchcraft to cast spells. One of the pole of Saturn also look like a hexagram, Saturn is said to be the planet of Satan. One of those cubes appeared at Astor place, Astor are one of the powerful Illuminati families.


Statue of Liberty - NY

The statue of liberty was created and gifted by the French Freemasonry to the US. The statue is a representation of Semiramis, the wife of Nimrod who was also represented the same way. Nimrod and Semiramis were both satanists and created their own occult religion from which so many pagan religions branched out.

Silence Statue

Silence Statue - New Jersey

New Jersey recently erected a 72ft tall, 30-ton woman's head sculpture in Hudson that appears to be 'shushing' the Big Apple. That is for the official version, for the true version this is a statue reminding those who take part in the New World Order to keep their vow of silence and not say a word about the massacre happening at the moment.

Horse of the Apocalypse

The 4th Apocalypse Horse - Denver International Airport

Many satanic and masonic references are present at the Denver International Airport (which is also suggested to host and end-times bunker for the satanic 'elites'). Let's start with this horse sculpture which is nicknamed 'Blucifer'. Luis Jiménez, the sculptor and artist who designed and created 'Blucifer', was tragically killed in 2006 after an enormous section of the sculpture fell and crushed his leg, severing an artery. This horse is suggested to represent the 4th horse of Apocalypse named Death.


Gargoyle - Denver International Airport

There is a talking gargoyle inside the airport. For the Catholic church, the primary use of the gargoyle was to illustrate evil through the form of the gargoyle. Gargoyle are representation of demons and one of the symbols that the Illuminati like.


Apocalyptic Paintings

Apocalyptic Paintings - Denver International Airport

Several murals are very controversial in the Denver International Airport. The murals depicts some horrors planned to happen during the Apocalypse. A good interpretation of the murals is done in this page. Something is definitely rotten in the Denver International Airport.

Bonus - Marina Abramovic and Jacob de Rothschild behind a painting of their master Lucifer


Washington DC

The street design in Washington, D.C., has been laid out in such a manner that certain luciferic symbols are depicted by the streets, cul-de-sacs and rotaries. George Washington (a 33° Freemason) selected French Freemason Pierre Charles L’Enfant to design the city’s layout in Washington D.C.

The mall in Washington DC is laid out so the gardens and streets form the image of an owl. The owl is representative of the mythical goddess, Lilith. The owl is also the emblem of the satanic bohemian grove.

Washington Capitol Hill Owl - Bohemian Grove

The White House makes up the southern most tip of the inverted pentagram and the hexagram.

Outback Steakhouse

Odd Outback Steakhouse layout

This is more anecdotal but it is also possible for companies to show their allegiance to the devil with their store's position. It might or might not have been the case of Outback Steakhouse that positioned many of their restaurants in a pentagram shape but the odds that it happened by mistake are very low.