List of Channeled Books to Avoid

book on fire
Cursed writings

Many are aware the entertainment industry has gone full satanist over the years but what about the literature.
Many books existing in this world come directly from demons themselves. Channelling is the new age term for demonic possession. Spirit guide is the new age term for demon. The human author has used someone that channelled the demons or he or she was channelling the demon in order to write his/her book. You might see a pattern in all those books, I recommend anyone to never read them for their own sake if they don't want their minds to be filled with deception. This is a work-in-progress, if you know of others, please email them to me.

Books channeled known with certainty

The book of the law,
Helena Blavatsky,
Alice Bailey,
Harry Potter,
Jonathan Livingston Seagull,
Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude,
Man and His Symbols,
The Wizard of Oz - See The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Controlled Slave Page 42,
The Gnostic texts (Icke is part of the deception but can give some good info sometimes, like that the early Gnostics wrote their books continuously on drugs channeling something they call the 'infinite awarness' aka a demon)
Holy Book Of Adolf Hitler - See Bloodlines of the Illuminati p 128

Less famous channeled books: link and link

Suspected books channeled but without certainty

The author admitted to channeling and/or the content of the books are very suspicious and/or the author can write books every year continuously without any lack of motivation or imagination.

Masons Harold Waldwin Pecival and Lynn F. Perkins claim their books were inspired by spirits. Joseph F. Rutherford (WT) had his flights into fantasy and from the evidence available actually channeled with what he felt were spirit beings. There was a noticable change in Rutherford during the 1920's as he began channeling. He wrote that wicked angels worked their sins off by bringing messages to the earth for God.

One must never forget demons/fallen angels are smarter we could ever be. They roam the earth for 6,000 years and were designed to have superior capacity (psychic power) and superior intellect. The vision of the world they give us is often a twisted version of the reality done in order to deceive us and lead us astray. All the channeled books will either reject the Bible's teachings or twist some of its writings. The main goal is always to push us away from the one true God. It can be to rise our interest in abominations (Witchcraft), to make monsters appear in a positive light etc... My advice if you have any of those books is to burn them asap and repent from your sins of buying them.