Modern Progressivism is Real Regressivism

Progressivism is a political philosophy in support of social reform (understand destroy Christian society). This article focus on the main societal changes initiated by the liberals self-proclaimed progressist. Liberals nowadays are simply reinventing the wheel, all of their progressive ideas are recycled from the past and have been around since the dawn of humanity. Let’s briefly explore some of their greatest ‘success’:


Abortion March

Abortion have always being present in history even if it was never been publicly accepted like it is nowadays. Abortion is child sacrifice and is an abomination to God. Even unborn babies have souls, having or making an abortion open yourself for strong demonic possession.

Plants were often used to induce premature birth and kill the baby (witches are very well aware of which plants can do this). Some particular physical exercises were also used to induce premature birth.

In ancient Babylonia and Assyria
The Babylonians and Assyrians often sacrificed their firstborn in the fire of a Moloch idol. link

In ancient Egypt
The Egyptian Pharaoh ordered all the Jewish babies to be killed during Moses time (Exodus 1:15-22).

In ancient Israel
At the birth of Jesus Christ, Herod murdered all the babies boy under the age of 2 in Bethlehem (Matthew 2:16-18).

In ancient Greece
Plutarch (48-122 A.D.) records that in Sparta, the Spartan elders examined all newborn babies and ordered that any who were not well-built and sturdy were to be killed by leaving them in the bushes.
The Greek historian Herodotus (approximately 484-424 B.C.) records that the King of Medes ordered a newborn baby to be killed. Menelas ordered to sacrifice 2 children in order to perform divinations with their insides.
Socrates also argue that we should murder newborn babies with any physical defects so they can avoid other people finding fault with them. link
Many child bones were discovered close to Greek temples during excavations.

In ancient Rome
Many Roman emperors sacrificed children to practice anthropomancy like Heliogabale who burned children to read their insides. The Emperor Julian 2 did the same frequently and even in his last days in the moon temple Carra, Mesopotamia, a woman was found mutilated with the liver rip off. Some common Romans used to sacrifice children in honor of the goddess Mania, for the sake of their family.

Child sacrifices were present in numerous previous civilizations due to Satan's influence and it has been greatly reduced in modern days thank to Christianity. However there is now a huge come-back of abortions made as we move straight trough a Satanic society. They are now proposing in Maryland to make abortions possible 28 days after birth link

The name and process might change but the end results are the same. The Western countries have also become insane as they legalize and promote abortion meanwhile they already suffer from a very low birth rate. To remedy the problem they created, they push for mass immigration which in fact create a replacement of population by non-Christian people.

Gay/LGBT Rights

LGBT March

The rainbow is considered as the bridge symbol leading to the satanic new world order. For Fritz Springmeier, there is a high correlation between homosexuality and the occult and many religions and 'magical practices' throughout the world also have links to homosexuality. This is exemplified in an article on Satanists in America stating that more than half of them identify as 'LGBTQ'.

Homo-sexuality was rampant in many previous civilizations before the arrival of Christianity.

In ancient Israel
From the book of Genesis 19:1-28. We know about the story of Sodom and Gomorrah where 2 angels appeared in human forms to Lot, all the men of the town surrounded Lot's house and demanded that he surrender the visitors that they may "know" them. Lot offered the mob his virgin daughters to "do to them as you please", but they refused.
In other words, the men of Sodom wanted to rape the 2 men and only them. Shortly after, God’s wrath came and destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah as a warning to the rest of the world.

In ancient Greece
The most widespread and socially significant form of same-sex sexual relations in ancient Greece amongst elite circles was between adult men and pubescent or adolescent boys. Homosexuality and its practices were still wide-spread as certain city-states allowed it, while others were ambiguous or prohibited it.
The lesbianism word has its origin from the Greek island of Lesbos. link

In ancient Rome
The conquest mentality and "cult of virility" shaped same-sex relations. Roman men were free to enjoy sex with other males without a perceived loss of masculinity or social status, as long as they took the dominant or penetrative role.
A popular saying about Julius Caesar : “He is every woman’s man and every man’s woman.” link

Race Relations

BLM Protest

The actual minority rights movement is simply and purely tribalism.
Tribalism is the belief in the supremacy of one’s group identity over the rights of individual human beings. Tribal identity fosters negative feelings, even hatred, toward those outside the tribe. Prejudices are reinforced while commerce and contact with those outside of the tribe are minimized. Tribal societies tend to be closed societies. link
Tribalism is probably one the first form of organization that ever appeared in history and it is probably the lowest level of social structure existing and yet "progressist" are actively pushing for it.

Galatians 3:28
There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Christianity advocate for unity and that we are all brothers in Christ once we receive the Holy Spirit and this no matter where we come from. On the contrary, the minority rights movement advocates for the division of society that will ultimately lead to its destruction. The more divided we are, the happier the Illuminati are. It all goes down to the famous saying: “Divide and conquer”. The more hate is dividing us, the easier it is for them to manipulate and destroy us.

1 John 3:15
Anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life residing in him.

Hating someone give legal rights to Satan to hurt or even kill the person that is hated in the name of the hater (like a curse but without the ritual). If someone you truly hated, died in unexpected circumstances, there is a chance that you murdered the person this way without your knowledge. This murder might be charged against you on judgment day.

Gender Relations

Feminism March

One of the many goals of the liberals is to destroy all gender stereotypes (which originated from the Bible). They want male becoming female and female becoming male. No trust and affection must exist between men and women as only rivalry is permitted. This form of relationship existed also long ago in history.

In ancient Greece
Sex between male and female was mostly made to procreate. No real commitments other than for social status existed between the husband and wife.

The domestic space and duties were divided by male and female. The women would have their space upstairs, and the men downstairs. Any entertainment would also happen in the men's quarters so as to make sure the women were hidden. Male-female public kissing was frowned upon among Greek and Roman aristocrats.

Spartan marriages were seen to be a utilitarian arrangement, for the begetting of children, true affection and love between spouses was seen as a weakness that would take a man’s mind away from his military duties. link

In ancient Rome
Marriages in ancient Rome were often commonly used as a political tool by the upper classes; similarly, divorces were common when new political opportunities presented themselves. Anytime a new a situation arose, a man or woman would divorce their current spouse and marry a new one. link


Divorce's innocent victims

With the desecration of Marriage, divorces has gone to the roof. That is one of the many changes favored by the progressists despite also being a common practice in the ancient times. The scriptures cannot be more clear.

Malachi 2:16
”For I hate divorce,” says the LORD, the God of Israel, “and him who covers his garment with violence,” says the LORD of armies. “So be careful about your spirit, that you do not deal treacherously.”

In ancient Greece
According to scholars, divorce did not seem to be looked down upon in ancient Greece. Any negative reputation attributed to divorce would have been due to related scandals rather than the divorce itself. link

In ancient Rome
Contrary to popular modern belief, divorce was a common occurrence in ancient Rome. Beginning with ancient pagan laws, men always had the power to end the marriage. Although this was usually reserved for more serious marital faults, such as adultery, other rules, such as making copies of the household keys, consuming wine, and infertility, could be used by the husband for divorce. link

Political Correctness

pc culture
Political Correctness Censorship

Political correctness is another name for censorship
The term first appeared in Marxist-Leninist vocabulary following the Russian Revolution of 1917. At that time it was used to describe adherence to the policies and principles of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

In ancient Greece
Perhaps the most famous case of censorship in ancient times is that of Socrates, sentenced to drink poison in 399 BC for his corruption of youth and his acknowledgement of unorthodox divinities link.

It is now still in its infancy but soon the political correctness will become totalitarian censorship up to the point of murdering innocent Christians in the coming Martyr phase.

Sexual Revolution

sexual revolution
Sexual Revolution

The sexual liberation included increased acceptance of sex outside of traditional heterosexual, monogamous relationships (primarily marriage).
The sexual revolution lead to the normalization of contraception, public nudity, pornography, premarital sex, homosexuality, masturbation, alternative forms of sexuality, and the legalization of abortion all followed.
Pedophiles have 11X more chances to be LGBTQ+ than heterosexual (study). There is no limit to what one can do once he/she reject the Christian social norms.
All of those were fairly common and much worst in ancient times (but we are getting there very fast).

In ancient Israel
Sodom and Gomorrah as explained in the point about LGBT rights showed us that homo-sexuality was rampant and no rules applied in terms of sexuality.

In ancient Greece
In later Greco-Roman times, sodomy lost its standing as an abomination. Called pedico, it was practiced by men and women, the latter largely for contraception.

Pedophilia/Pederasty was extremely common in those times. Relationships between adults and children were considered to be quite normal and acceptable. Sparta went even further and actively encouraged pedophilic relationships.
Men who did not engage in a romantic relationship with a young boy were believed to have disgraced themselves because they failed to make a boy like themselves. Boys were encouraged to look for a lover and were considered to have failed if they did not have one. link

In ancient Rome
Julius Caesar spent vast sums buying attractive slaves for sexual purposes on the one hand and on the other, had slept with both the wives of fellow triumvirate members Pompey and Crassus. Caesar was also known for having sex with men.

In general, homo-sexuality, bestiality, incest, group sex, pedophilia and all kinds of sexual perversions existed in the ancient times.

There is a country nowadays which have never had any influence in its history from any Abrahamic religion and it's Thailand. If you visit the country you will often observe no real clear genders roles, trans-sexuals everywhere, rampant prostitution and pedophilia, divorce and adulterer are a common thing, superficiality (money and social status are everything that matters), all kinds of sexual perversion (ping pong show etc...). Thailand should be the poster child promoted by liberals as an example to follow in all logic. Luckily for Thailand, they also have strong cultural traditions that balance things off.

Liberals opened the Pandora’s box by destroying the only healthy form of relationship authorized by God. The argument that love is the only thing that matter open the door to everything. If gay people are allowed to marry because they love each others, then why someone can’t marry his dog because he loves him too or why a pedophile isn't allowed to marry a child ? The same argument can be reused endlessly for all kinds of sick purposes, the same people that promote gay marriage now will promote pedophilia tomorrow because love is love.

Those 'progressist' ideas have been there since the dawn of time. It is nothing new and have been there in all major civilizations before early Judaism and Christianity put an end to the damage. In truth Satan have been actively pushing those ideas to damn countless people to Hell. You will always find some Illuminatis as the main sponsor of all those movements. It is pretty sad when you can only define yourself by your skin color, your genitals or your sexual practices and cannot get on a higher level than that. There is no achievement to be proud of, it is just traits you are born with (Except for sexual practice which are a deviant behavior).

All those new ideas are pushed by people that cannot see farther that the end of their nose. The so-called progressist today are advocating for society to return up to 2000 years back in time (Great progress indeed).
The following scripture perfectly describe the nowadays intelligentsia:

Romans 1:22
Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools

All societies before were basically based on the law of the strongest and included multiples variations of the ideas pushed by the liberals nowadays. Christianity is the revolution in history that broke this cycle of doom. It allowed the less fortunate a chance to survive and live in peace, a mother to be protected by her husband and raise their children in a healthy environment.

Mark 12:29-31
The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”

The simple rule to love your neighbor as yourself is unheard-of in history. It was quite the opposite in the ancient Babylonian, Assyrian, Persian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman civilizations and many others. The living conditions of 99% of the population were quite miserable. It is thanks to Christianity that we actually enjoy better distribution of wealth in Western civilizations. In a world of hate, loving each others is already revolutionary.