False Demonic Miracles


As time goes by trough the end-times, the greater the deception will be. One goal of Satan is to pass himself and his followers as Gods with him on top and not just a fallen angel which he truly is. He will perform false miracles to achieve this and he will deceive many into believing his lies.

Serge Monast bravely exposed the project bluebeam and I advice anyone to read about it to know what are some of the NWO's plan to deceive humanity. It is a four-step base operation set up by the US government by way of NASA with the help of the United Nations. This operation or program was to implement a New Age religion with the Antichrist at its head who will publicly ridicule and denounce all of the four major religions. This will help usher in the New World Order. In his publication, Serge mentions how these entities will further fool the people by projecting a technologically simulated Second Coming of Christ. The lukewarm believers might let themselves be tricked by those false miracles as they didn't study enough the scriptures and the end-times revelations or didn't do any research into conspiracy theories. To know more about the end-times, you may read the post 'Apocalypse Now'.

While the one true God can perform absolutely any miracle, Satan is the great deceiver and will perform multiple false miracles using either his demons (commonly called magic but I prefer to call it demonic) or using hidden technology. Those false miracles (mere tricks) are limited in power compared to what God is capable of doing.

Matthew 24:24
For false christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

Here is a short list of what witches can do with the help of demons :

False Demonic Miracles

Some powers might be missing by lack of information. Don't be surprised when some of those super-natural things happen in front of you, some miracles might come from God meanwhile others might be a devil's deception. If it is the latest, just know you can cast the demon away in the name of lord Jesus Christ if you are a Born-Again Christian. Being afraid/running away might be a sign that you don't have enough faith that God can protect you and you could loose that protection. Stay strong in the faith with God and cast those demons out in his name.

False Demonic Miracles Sources and explanations
Talk to people in their heads Many people with Schizophrenia, MPD are hearing voices suggesting them to perform evil actions. Those voices might come from demon and the victim might be demonically possessed (Or it could be done using the Voice2Skull technology). If it is demonic, this could come from a generational curse or sins that the person knowingly and willfully made that opened the door for demon to enter him/her. To my knowledge those are the only way a demon is able to talk into someone's head directly but they are all allowed to suggest us to sin. I have read of cases where a demon could read someone's mind but this doesn't seem to be a generality (When Charles Hacks discussed with a possessed idol or some exorcists talked to someone possessed but I think in all those cases God allowed the demon to read their minds and listen to their commands). The consensus is that in normal circumstances, demons cannot read our minds and only God can.
Give thoughts in head Demons are here to tempt us and have the ability to give us unwanted thoughts that we would think are ours. In the Bible, king David (1 Chronicles 21:1) fell into Satan's trap and made a census without following God's will. All Israel was later punished by this with a 3-day plague that killed numerous people. Demons will push us to sin but because we possess free will, we have the choice to listen to them and do what they want or not. See link for a good explanation. One of the New Age many trap is to push their followers to trust more in their intuitions, meditate, get in connection and tap into an universal consciousness that can answer all of their questions. Needless to say that this universal consciousness is in fact a demon that will influence him/her to disregard God's teaching and sin / perform abominations.
Provoke heart attack When a killing curse is made by a witch, a demon can be used to kill the witch's victim. It is often done using heart attack or scaring the victim to death. The demon need God's authorization to kill someone so they normally shouldn't be able to kill a Born-Again Christians unless God decided otherwise. The killing is done by the spirit body of the ones making the curse (The spirit body is taken by the demon to perform the murder). A lot of hatred is channeled by the killer when casting the hex and that give legal rights for Satan to use his spirit body. Hate can really kill innocent people without the murder's knowledge like this (spell or no). There is a long list of whistle-blowers that died from heart attack few days after revealing what they knew and it is very possible black magic was involved.
Provoke accidents A demon can force someone to have an accident which might happen more than we imagine. William Schnoebelen before being born-again had made the mistake of cursing a girl who fell down the stairs, pushed by a demon and become paralyzed (From 'Lucifer Dethroned'), he also recalled in the same book that Anton Lavey cursed Sam Brody, the attorney of a Jayne Mansfield, and the 2 died in a car accident soon after: in this case the demon had forced the car accident.
Give disease A demon can be sent to make someone sick as it is often seen in the Bible: Job 2:3-7, 2 Corinthians 12:5-10, Luke 13:10-13. Those demons are spirits of infirmity. The victim might often have a long and painful suffering as modern medicine cannot cure it with their means. Only a Born-Again Christian can cast the demon away in lord Jesus Christ name as did the apostles. The long painful death of Imane Fadil has all the appearance of one of those curse link
Healing If a demon was sent to give a disease to someone, the same demon when gone can give the illusion that the victim was healed. But demon seems to have the capacity to heal although they rarely do it. Demonic healing will lead to a demon being placed in the person healed. Alberto Rivera recalled to see what appear like a miracle in Lourdes, an amputated leg restoring itself to its origins link. This might have been the work of a demon as all the virgin Mary type of miracles are one of the devil's deception made to make people worship virgin Mary (nicknamed queen of heaven like Semiramis). This is in itself false idolatry and that might anger God.
Telepathy The actual consensus is that demons cannot read our minds unless God exceptionally allow it. For witches, they are able talk to their familiar demons in spirit form (From 'Angel of Light'). This familiar demon can be sent to carry a message to another witch. Telepathy seems to be one of the abilities of the Delta Force army group link.
Levitation A witch can seem to be levitating because he/she is carried by demons to float in the air. There are records of St Peter casting out the demons of the witch Simon Magus who was levitating in the sky of Rome in order to impress a large crowd. Simon Magus fell to the ground and broke his 2 legs because the demons had the obligation to follow St Peter's order and leave him.
Telekinesis In a similar fashion to levitation, the apparent power of moving object by a witch is performed by the demon or the witch in spirit body moving the object in question .
Partly predict the future There exist some spirits of divination in our world, some people possessed by it might know in advance what is coming. The prophecy of those demons are not 100% accurate like God's prophecy which will always be fulfilled. Many so-called public magicians are possessed by a divination spirit and use them to do tricks like to guess the card in the deck you just picked for example. In a sense, it is easier for a demon to predict some upcoming events because they have the power to influence what will happen.

Nostradamus was channeling a demon when scrying and making his prophecies, many of those truly happened like the death of Catherine de Medici close to the pastor St Germain and the exact circumstance of the death of Henry II in a joust link, while others didn't happen like the end of the world in 1666. At the end of his life, Nostradamus decided to burn all his works and forbid his sons to do the same thing as he did after he made an encounter with the demon revealing his prophecies. He finally understood that he might end up in Hell for practicing witchcraft and affiliating himself with demons and didn't want the same destiny for his children. St Paul also famously cast out a demon of divination out of a little girl in Acts 16:17.
Shapeshift Fallen angels can take any shape they want : humans, animals, angels, UFOs, shadows, monsters and it seems possible they can transfer this ability to witches. Witches can transform into familiar animals like their pet cat or dog (From 'Angel of Light' ). Elaine Lee in 'He Came to Set the Captive Free' reported of commonly seen werewolves, vampires and zombies present at some satanic rituals, those monsters were humans possessed to the core who had been given the ability to shapeshift. William Schnoebelen in 'Lucifer Dethroned' reported of slowly transforming into a vampire by consuming certain ingredients daily.

Based on those testimonies, it won't be surprising that some legendary monster horror story might hold some truth. Also we can observe that Hollywood is making its best to show monsters in a positive light specially to kids : Monster Inc, Twilight, Hotel Transylvania, True Blood, Buffy, Dracula untold and countless other movies. The old monster in movies were scary and terrifying while the new monster in movies are either cute and adorable or ugly with a big heart. It might be by design and as we are advancing more and more into the NWO, some horrors might reveal themselves to the world who will have been made ready to accept them.
Mind Control Normally a demon is unable to take control of you thank to the God's given right of free-will however in some cases the demon are able to do so: if you willfully sin and make abominations to God or that your mind dissociate (by drugs, meditation, trauma). Cisco Wheeler reported that demons of mind control are usually summoned in MK Ultra programming and Scott Boyd also discussed of a powerful demon called Mind Control. What is commonly called a Bad Trip when doing drugs is in reality a demon takeover of a victim. William Schnoebelen in 'Lucifer Dethroned' recalled of a teacher that made a successful hypnotic spell on someone. Also in the same book is mentioned the topic of love potions that arose the sexual desires of the 2 witches that took it (both were performing the abomination of practicing witchcraft). In the end, it might be strong demonic suggestion or possession of the victim that will be made to perform the wanted actions.
Protection from external damages Some demons can shield the witch from damages. Elaine Lee in 'He Came to Set the Captive Free' recalled how she was able to stop bullets shot at close range by placing spirit demon in the bullet's trajectory. A bullet is nothing and can only hurt those made of flesh like us. The fallen angel can position itself between the bullet/explosion and the witch to stop the damages that would normally hurt him/her.
Superhuman strength Elaine Lee in 'He Came to Set the Captive Free' recalled how she was given superhuman strength at childhood due to a demonic curse. The demon can interact with the object at the same time as the witch to make it seems he/she has great strength.
Send demons through Music, TV and others means of communication Lance Collins and Elaine Lee recalled some very interesting and relatively unknown facts about witchcraft in the music industry. In some case, some incantations to call demons were recorded inside songs and couldn't be heard by the listener but it appeared in the sound background. Therefore when the song was played, some demons were then invoked into the room unknowingly to the listeners. For the physical objects, a curse was put on the original disc record by a group of witches and they requested that for every copy of this record sold (the ones you might usually buy in stores) a demon must be attached to it. Music is one of Satan's favorite way to spread his messages and trick the youth into sin, Lucifer before his fall was the head of the ministry of music. Nowadays many rock, metal, rap, hip-hop musics are cursed and will either carry or call demons once played. Some recommend to burn those CDs in order to clean the place out of the demons.

Serge Monast also made an interesting remarks about the project bluebeam that suggest that demons are simply able to travel through any cable:
"The third orientation in the fourth step is a mixture of electronic and supernatural forces. The waves used at that time will allow supernatural forces to travel through optical fiber, coaxial cable... the one used for cable TV, electric and phone lines in order to penetrate everywhere on electronic equipment, appliances will be already installed with microchips. The goal of this one deals with global Satanic ghosts - spector - all around the world in order to push all population on the edge to drown into a wave of suicide, killing and permanent psychological disorders."
Personally, I believe legion of demons will be unleashed on Earth through this way at the 4th seal of the Apocalypse called Death or after (With the war in Ukraine, we might be the 2nd seal called War). At the end of the 4th Seal, the global population will be starved, exhausted and traumatized by the epidemics, wars and famine. People will be in trance-like state which open them for demonic possession (Voodoo practitioners are constantly in trance mode to receive demons). Then it will be Hell on Earth for the ones not protected by God, Holly-wood foreshadow this at the end of the movie 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' when people become insane because of 'neurological waves' from satellites and start to riot or kill anyone.
Guide angry mob to people hiding Lance Collins in his interviews (All interviews zip file) pointed out an important aspect of what the demons will do in the end-times. As they can travel anywhere on earth and as there will be legions of them when the gates of hell open. They will swarm and search for anyone in hiding and guide the angry mob of possessed people to them (think World War Z). There might be nowhere to hide and we will only be able to survive with God's protection. Some prophetic visions if real showed us that communities of true believers might be spared from the tribulation and the angry mob with God's help.
Remote viewing/Astral projection Someone doing astral projection might have the possibility to visit any place he/she choose. Astral projection is possible and practiced by a witch because his/her spirit is linked to a demon which can travel in the spirit realm freely. Remote viewing has been used for decades by the military (See 'Assassinations: The Plots, Politics, and Powers behind History-Changing Murders' by Nick Redfern).
Pyrokinesis Lance Collins in 'Spellbound' explained the horrible origins of some current Halloween's tradition and the reality of druidism. The druids in England burned their victims alive by a elfin fire coming out of the earth with the help of a demon named Kernos. Also Elijah in the old testament (from 1 Kings 18:25-39) challenged Baal worshipers to put an altar on fire which they normally could have done but God didn't allowed the demons to do it. The Baal worshipers failed while Elijah succeeded to put the altar on fire thanks to God. As God is the supreme authority on earth, demons passing themselves as false gods must submit to him at all time.
Teleportation/Ubiquity From 'Le diable au 19eme siecle' (Which I believe is 99% true despite the lies of Leo Taxil and the Catholic bias of the author), Charles Hacks refer to multiple satanic phenomena he experienced or heard from other initiates. The possessed Sophie Walder was able to pass through a wall when the conditions were right. Her father Phileas Walder showed some signs of ubiquity by appearing at places he couldn't have been physically present. Alessandro Cagliostro also used ubiquity to appear to his followers in Lyon,France while he was located in Paris,France. Lady Sandhurst could perform the same tricks. The famous medium Ingersoll from Saint-Louis had demons creating portals through a wall. Shalom Girl also recalled of passing through a portal invoked by none other than Elon Musk.
Resurrection Demons cannot bring back to life but they can fake a resurrection by animating a corpse or taking the appearance of a deceased individual. As they know all about the life of the dead person, they can talk and act like him/her. Manly P Hall in 'The secret teachings of all ages' refer to some case of necromancy using black magic to animate a corpse. Dr. Bataille in 'Le diable au 19eme Siecle' saw multiple demonic apparitions that often portray themselves as dead people during luciferian rituals but something was off and he could notice that it was not the real person.

One of the best book on the subject is 'He Came to Set the Captives Free'
Most Born-Again Christians are protected against demonic curses as God might not give the demons the authorization to attack the believers unless they willfully sin or God wants to test their faith (See Job's suffering in the scripture). God can perform any of those miracles if needed and it is expected for his true followers to perform numerous miracles in his name during the end-times.

Whatever false miracles they make, God and his army can make similar and much more powerful ones. A simple sign of the cross can totally stop all their tricks. The 10 plagues of Egypt were large scale miracles made by God against the Egyptians. Pharaoh and his magicians could only replicate them on a small scale using their demons up to a point where they couldn't replicate God's miracles anymore:

Exodus 7:14-24
Moses and Aaron did just what the LORD had commanded. Aaron raised his staff and struck the water in the Nile River in front of Pharaoh and his officials, and all the water in the Nile River turned to blood. The fish in the Nile River died and the river stank. The Egyptians were not able to drink water from the Nile River, and blood was throughout the land of Egypt. But the Egyptian magicians did the same thing with their secret arts. Pharaoh’s heart was stubborn, and he did not listen to them, just as the LORD had said.

Other examples of miracles happening to or made by believers :

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Extract taken from Curt Landry :
Born-Again Christian may receive some gifts given by the Holy Spirit which are not for them to use how we want. They have specific purposes for God’s Kingdom. They are intended to glorify God by revealing more of who He is and displaying His sovereignty and power over all things.

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit Description
The Word of KnowledgeThis gift of the Holy Spirit is having knowledge about something that you have no ability or means of knowing based on your human intelligence.
The Word of WisdomThis gift of the Holy Spirit works with the word of knowledge. It gives you the ability and understanding of how to apply the word of knowledge.
The Gift of ProphecyThis gift of the Holy Spirit is one that the scripture says, “to especially desire.” This gift is a direct Word from the Lord that is to be given to someone else to edify and build them up.
The Gift of FaithThis gift of the Holy Spirit grows as we walk with the Lord. You are saved by faith. The gift of faith is knowing full well that you cannot accomplish something on your own, but that Lord has empowered you to move into new levels to do miracles and wonders in His name.
The Gifts of HealingsThere are actually different kinds of healings that the Spirit will do. Notice that the scripture says “gifts,” plural. These gifts equip you in various ways to access healing for yourself or be an anointed vessel that will heal others.
The Working of MiraclesThis gift of the Holy Spirit is depicted throughout the Bible, from Moses parting the Red Sea to Jesus feeding 5000 people. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Therefore, He is still in the business of working miracles. Similar to the word of knowledge, this spiritual gift is manifested not by human efforts, but by the Holy Spirit. The work is unexplainable by nature. It edifies and delivers others.
The Discerning of SpiritsThis gift of the Holy Spirit equips the discerner to see evil spirits that are operating in someone’s life. The Holy Spirit pulls back the curtains, exposing the evil spirits so that the person can experience a breakthrough from their bondage.
Different Kinds of TonguesThis gift of the Holy Spirit is simply a supernatural ability to speak and pray in a tongue that you do not naturally know. This can be spoken forth in prayer direct to God, or in an assembly where God anoints another Believer, with the gift of interpretation, to interpret the word spoken in the native tongue of the congregation (1 Corinthians 14:2, 13-14).
The Interpretation of TonguesThis gift of the Holy Spirit is to interpret the tongue that was spoken. This can either be for yourself (see 1 Corinthians 14:13-14) or for the Church (see 1 Corinthians 14:27-28).

Having powers is not the exclusivity of witches and the powers of Born-Again Christians are much more powerful than what they could ever obtain as the one true God is with them. Born-Again Christians have the ability to cast demons away in Jesus Christ name. That is why they want to get rid of Christians at all cost as they are the only ones that that can expose and counter their deceptions (WWI and WWII's biggest casualties were Christians and WWIII might be similar).

If one can make a miracle happen by their own will, it is probably demonic. God's children cannot control God's miracles as it is up to God's will alone. Witches see themselves as little God on earth but the reality is quite the opposite: because they continued to knowingly and willfully sin, the real God have allowed demons to take more and more control of them to punish them. They take pride in being cursed to the core. Sadly if they don't repent in time, they are destined for a painful eternity in Hell. Satan successfully deceived Eve when she chose to eat the forbidden apple with the lie that she could become like God if she did so. Trying to become a God (using either magic or technology) is a straight one-way ticket to Hell if one don't repent. All movements that advocate for the creation of superior God-like humans are in fact another Satanic deception:
Kabbalism, Rosicrucian, Freemason, Wicca, New Age, Transhumanism, Eugenicist, Nazi...

Matthew 7:16
By their fruit you will recognize them.

The story of the magician Simon de Gitta also called Simon Magus (The founder or Gnosticism) is very interesting. While he was levitating, carried by two demons in the air, Simon Magus hovers above the city of Rome while Saint Peter prayed below. Simon fell as the demons were forced to leave, having no choice but to respect God's authority.

The Fall of Simon Magus
The Fall of Simon Magus - 2

Satan is unable to create any cataclysm on a global scale like what God might do in the end-times: (Asteroids smashing the earth, Global giant tsunami, Global earthquake, All volcanos erupting worldwide, Great floods, Stars falling from the sky, Oceans turning to blood, Shorter days etc...). However he might still deceive people into believing he is the one that made them.

I hope you are ready for what is about to come and remember to stay strong in the faith. If you haven't read it, here are also the technological false miracles which are equally as important for the deception ==> The false Technological Miracles