False Technological Miracles

Vision of Apocalypse

As time goes by trough the end-times, the greater the deception will be. One goal of Satan is to pass himself and his followers as gods with the Antichrist on the top of the pyramid. He will perform false miracles to achieve this and he will deceive many into believing his lies.

Serge Monast bravely exposed the project bluebeam and I advice anyone to read about it to know what are some of the NWO's plan to deceive humanity. It is a four-step base operation set up by the US government by way of NASA with the help of the United Nations. This operation or program was to implement a New Age religion with the Antichrist at its head who will publically ridicule and denounce all of the four major religions. This will help usher in the New World Order. In his publication, Serge mentions how these entities will further fool the people by projecting a technologically simulated Second Coming of Christ. The lukewarm believers might let themselves be tricked by those false miracles as they didn't study enough the scriptures and the end-times revelations or did any research into conspiracy theories. To know more about the end-times, you may read the post 'Apocalypse Now'.

While the one true God can perform absolutely any miracle, Satan is the great deceiver and will perform multiple false miracles using either his demons (commonly called magic but I prefer to call it demonic) or using hidden technology. Those false miracles (mere tricks) are limited in power compared to what God is capable of doing.

From my information gathering, I will try to list what the NWO is capable to do so that readers can be aware and prepared. Some patents that I linked might be from 40 years ago and the technology was already present and operating. If you consider that the hidden military technology is at least 60 years in advance of what we have currently, you can be really sure this technology has been perfected, miniaturized if possible and scaled globally. Robert Duncan did a great job exposing those techniques in the book 'The Matrix Deciphered' and 'Project: Soul Catcher'.

Here is a list of what technology is currently capable of doing to most of the world population :

False Technological Miracles

Detailed explanation of how they can do those in most cities on earth, Using 5G/OTH and Graphene, HAARP and Chemtrails and hidden technology.

With 5G technology, OTH radars and Graphene

5G Directed-energy weapon

Many of the technological false miracles will be made using 5G antennas or OTH radars, those are the backbone of the NWO's smart cities and a point of failure. The 5G technology is phase-beam antenna which can target on a specific area of our body. Over-the-horizon (OTH) radar are large-scale radar using a similar technology. The NWO might be predominant where 5G is present and under OTH coverage but with Starlink, all earth should have 5G and none might escape from their reach (Although I seriously doubt satellites pack enough power to do this, they might still rely on OTH radar to give 5G worlwide and disguise it as made by satellites).

In the USA or other western countries it is very probable people will be targeted by a combination of both OTH and 5G. I am not certain OTH cover all countries in the world so there might be emerging countries where people could espace its grip. A microwave oven uses a frequency band of 2.45 GHz (500 to 1100 W), 4G uses 2.6 GHz which is almost the same (a 4G base station consumes one average 6,877 W), 5G goes up to 54 GHz (a 5G base station consumes one average 11,577 W). A 5G antenna is in reality a military weapon. 4G and 5G use similar and much higher frequency range than a microwave, we wouldn't put our head in a microwave oven yet countless people suffer similar long-term exposure of microwave radiations living nearby (those are athermal radiations but still as dangerous). The Covid symptoms are similar to EMF radiation exposure symptoms. 5G antennas have a long range of 5+ km and it doesn't matter if you are close or far from the antenna, the beaming technology can deliver energy accurately at long distances (imagine a laser beam) however the EM waves still become weaker with distance due to the inverse-square law but the safe distance are much longer than the ones from an isotropic radiator like 4G. You can read the posts made Jay, a targeted individual since 1999 to understand how direct-energy weapon works and how to protect yourself against it.

Graphene is a metallic nano-particules with astonishing properties which would be great in itself if it wasn't principally used against humanity. Our environment has been polluted with Graphene and other metals (in the food / water / vaccine / air with chemtrails etc...) and we are filled with it without our knowledge. According to the carbon expert Andreas Noack, the vaccines are full of Graphene Hydroxide which cannot be removed from the body (See link). Metals in general are strong reflectors of electromagnetic waves and allow for increased detection from 5G. Mark Steele, a brilliant British engineer, inventor, patent writer and weapons research scientist made an Expert Report on the relation between 5G / Graphene kill grid. Other patents on mind control can be found here.

Dr Eldon Byrd, U.S. Navy, 2001 link
“Is Mind Control Possible? Absolutely. There is a mountain of evidence... Today we know there are technologies that can induce sound into the brain at a distance, can monitor and alter brainwaves at a distance, can alter behavior at a distance, can induce images into the brain at a distance, can target individual organs at a distance. Can disrupt the calcium ions binding on individual cell surfaces at a distance, creating pain and other effects anywhere in the body. Mind control technology exists, without a question.”

Isaac Asimov
“Any sufficiently advanced technology will appear like magic to a lesser technologically advanced civilization.”

False Technological Miracles Description
Put voice in someone's head / Voice 2 Skull V2K V2K is a technology that was discovered in 1962 by Dr Allan H. Frey, and it is called the "Frey Effect". The technology can put voices in your head, that no one else can hear. Using 5G/OTH antennas, it is technologically possible to put voices into someone's head. By sending radio-waves to the victim's skull, he/she might have the illusion of hearing voices from either relatives [which is easy to do with AI] or even God himself. This method was used previously by the governments to make innocent activists go mad and to destroy him/her psychologically. It is very easy and effective for them to do it. It can place sounds in any location in space as perceived by a listener.

In the end-times scenario, it will be used to broadcast the voice of Satan to the population and deceive them. The voice will communicate to anyone directly in their heads and in their own language -> See 3rd step of project bluebeam for more info.

V2K can also be used to trigger religious extremists into killing others or to lay down their arms (Muslim extremists are the most receptive to this, this technology was used during the Iraq war). The chatbots are also developed to work in conjunction with V2K, in the NWO everyone might listen constantly to a chatbot called ALICE, many will talk to it thinking it is a real person. One of its flaws is that it rarely make error in grammar or spelling as we human do: if its too perfect then it's probably a bot. Also this chatbot might only talk in languages which can be automatically translated and many languages today were not studied by the Big Tech/DARPA machine like the Bhojpuri, Fula, Sylheti, Quechua, Kirundi and many others, they might be spared from those type of voice of God attacks. V2K or synthetic telepathy are strangely often high pitch (like on Helium) and often located behind the head no matter the head position.

If you can block the radiations to your head, you might normally be able to stop hearing the voices. Lead rubber might do the trick and block EMF radiations as they are in the lower range [or put your head a fridge for several minutes to observe if the voices continue].

Patents and sources: patent, patent, patent, patent, link, link
Put thoughts in someone's head In a similar fashion than the previous point. Using 5G/OTH antennas, it is technologically possible to put thoughts into someone's head. The message won't have to pass by the ears and can be broadcast right away to the skull in radiowave form.

Even Sony has filed a US patent describing a technique for aiming ultrasonic pulses at specific areas of the brain to induce "sensory experiences" such as smells, sounds and images, all 5 senses can be tricked by stimulating the correct area of the brain.

For 50+ years, the CIA/NSA/DOD have done brain mapping and collected brain imprints of innocent victims. By stimulating certain part of the brain, they can create a thought in their victims.

Synthetic telepathy is a real thing, when the victim's brain is mapped, it is possible to communicate with the mind only. One will always have to guess if the thoughts are his own or if they have been implanted.
Blind someone In a similar fashion than the previous point. Using 5G/OTH antennas, it is technologically possible to blind someone by irradiating the optic nerve of the victim with the same signal that is sent to the brain by this nerve. It causes the nerve tissue to overload. This way, the victim can be blinded without knowing what has occurred. link
Provoke heart attack It is possible to provoke heart attack on a global scale today and they are actually doing it at this moment for the depopulation agenda as many vaccinated (even young people) are dying of it. They use Graphene and 5G to do so. They can provoke heart attack in 2 ways: by beaming the heart and synchronizing the pulses of a microwave signals with the heartbeat and lead it to dysfunctional beating patterns or by beaming the head directly where a runaway adrenal process can be started, simulating a faster heartbeat and causing some vasoconstriction that could lead to a heart attack.

After the Covid-19 vaccine technology is injected into the body, the target acquisition of any victim is far more precise and they can gather our biometric data. To make it even faster, they use the Graphene present in our body which principally aggregate in the heart, brain and gonads. Graphene oxide has what’s called an electron absorption band, that’s a particular frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum at which Graphene oxide receives a very weak radio frequency signal and it gets excited, proliferates, and oxidizes rapidly. The 5G technology is able to send those signals at this particular frequency (5.1GHz and 10.8GHz). When a 5G antenna send a strong beam to a victim's heart filled with Graphene (like someone vaccinated), the heart cells located close to the Graphene will get destroyed and instantly provoke a heart attack.

Sources: link, link, link, link
Destroy neurons in brain In a similar fashion than the previous point, except the 5G beam will target the brain and perform a remote lobotomy (menticide). I believe what they call Covid brain fog are just radiations targeted at the brain, slowly killing the neurons of the victim. People with fried brains have no capacity to think and might rely solely on primal instincts which is exactly what the NWO wants for its citizens, just mere animals. Same as the previous point, Graphene make the 5G weapon 10x more efficient on the victim. Neurons can regenerate, the Rockfeller institute is now pushing the narrative that they can't but the medical consensus as of this date have not been corrupted and almost all agree that neurons do regenerate.
Sterilize someone In a similar fashion than the previous point, except the 5G beam will target the gonads to destroy them. It is part of their depopulation agenda and we should expect a large increase of sterility in the coming years. Same as the previous point, Graphene make the 5G weapon 10x more efficient on the victim.
Read someone's mind It seems possible to read people's mind on a global scale today thanks to 5G. Our thoughts are brain waves which can be recorded by a radar and decoded by an AI. In 1976, Robert G. Malech already demonstrated the feasibility of this method. He invented a fairly simple radar device that could read whole brain electrical activity at a large distance.He discovered and perfected a way to use some simple electromagnetic oscillations to read brainwaves by "illuminating" the brain and its electrical conductance then reading the return signal (paper). Since then, every similar research on the subject has gone dark meaning it is all DoD/DARPA funded and top secret). The EEG probes used by the medical field are already outdated, the same can be done accurately using EMF radiations (See paper, paper). For more than 50 years, the CIA/NSA created a database of brain waves from many Targeted individuals. The way our brain function is roughly similar to the one of others and with this database they can decode our thoughts in real time.

Recent public domain discoveries (link, link) prove that AI can decode brainwave activity and read our thoughts or see what we see, combine this with the Malech patent and Using 5G/OTH you have a mass mind reading surveillance technology.

On top of that, our environment has been polluted with Graphene and it has accumulated in our brain. The Graphene in the Covid vaccine are nanotubes compatible with the neurons. When our neurons activates, so does their associated Graphene that then emit a small EMF signal. A 5G antenna could then intercept this signal and map our brain activity with high precision. A machine learning algorithm could then decode our brain activity.

When a neural connection was made with another handler, many TIs heard a tinitus of above 10 Khz at some point, they also had a difficult time to keep their eyes steady. The thought police might have the tremendous power to know what is in our mind in the NWO.

Patents and sources: link, article, paper, paper, Charles Lieber's research papers, paper, paper paper
Mood control In a similar fashion than the previous point, except the 5G beam will target specific area of the brain to activate them. Also certain radio-frequency broadcasted to the brain can alter the mood of the victim. EMF pulses can coincide with the end of neuron's depolarization and amplify brain waves. This can lead him/her to experience almost any emotion like : pleasure, pain, depression, anger, lust, sleep, loss of appetite, loss of maternal instincts. Dr. Jose Delgado found that he could not only elicit emotions sending EMF radiations but he could also elicit specific physical reactions in animals and humans. In this YT video, he tested his invention on a charging bull, we can observe than when he pressed a remote control button, the bull stopped its charge. The EMF radiations has also been proved to mess with the endocrine system which can be used to reduce or encrease the amount of testosterone or progesterone in the victims. The soviets developed a device called the Lida which broadcast ELF pulsing field in order to put prisoner into trance and extract their secrets.

This method can only be used to alter personalities and create deviant behaviours. The brainwaves of a psychopath or terrorist might be broadcasted on the entire population using TAMI (Thought amplifier and mind interface) and they will start to exhibit similar traits. Also the effects of all drugs an poisons can be induced this way (As stated by Paul Tyler, ex-director of US Navy's Electromagnetic Radiation project, in a 1985 Omni article): they often create addictions in their victims leading them to a self-destructive behavior.

They can make the whole population sleep deprived by beaming them once they enter the REM sleep phase and provoke a type of sleep apnea. It can be used to paralyze the will of the population turning them into obedient slaves which is their plan, they believe guns are now obsolete as humanity will be so mind-controlled they won't even have the will to pull the trigger. In the end-times scenario, they could create uncontrollable angry mobs, lustful orgies, worshiping mobs, suicidal crowds in an instant on command when applied to large crowds. It will really become a Satanic society where people are just mere animals incapable of controlling themselves.

Sources: link, link
Erase short-term memories Using 5G/OTH and by broadcasting microwave beams at the target which carry the signals used for memory retention, it is possible to clear all short-term memories from a victim. When you remember something, it is first stored in your short-term memory, after approximately 12 hours, this short-term memory is converted in the brain to long term memory, after which you remember this information for the rest of your life. If this conversion from short-term memory to long term memory does not occur, the data is lost. By interfering with the connections between brain cells, memory of people can by disrupted on a large scale.

Sources: link
Track wherever you are and whatever you do or sayAgain using metals, Graphene and 5G, we can map and track anybody in an antenna area (Vaccinated or not).

Using EMF radiowaves alone, Mark Steele in the documentary '5G APOCALYPSE - The Extinction Event' (YT video link) explains that the frequency 868 Mhz (which 5G uses) allow the signal to travel through concrete and is perfect for mapping the environment and tracking each individuals in real-time.

Also, the anatomical distribution of Graphene and metals in our body is unique and it is almost impossible for 2 person to have the same mapping. The Graphene emit an electro-magnetic signal when activated that can be recorded by the 5G antenna. The antenna will therefore record your unique signature at all time. Also our heartbeat rate is unique and so does our brain signature, our heartbeat can be tracked with Graphene located in the heart and 5G. As long as you remain in 5G antenna range (Long range of 5~10 km), they can know where you are and if you are around multiple 5G antennas, they can pinpoint your exact location using triangulation. They put Bluetooth macro-chip in the Covid vaccine but they don't need that to identify you, they are already doing it with the Graphene or other metals present in your body.

Whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei go even farther than that and state that NSA can detect any subject’s bioelectric field and 'NSA personnel can dial up any individual in the country on the Signals lntelligence EMF scanning network and the NSA’s computers will then pinpoint and track that person 24 hours-a-day.'.

They are also able to know what you are doing as the mapping of your body will show what action you are performing. Because you have Graphene in your mouth and tongue, they are also able to know what you are saying by looking at the position of your tongue and mouth and guess the sound you make (this can be done using machine learning).

Once a victim's brain has been mapped, they are able to listen and see through the subject's eyes and ears.
Deform people Again Using 5G/OTH and Graphene (Morgellon too), they have the ability to deform people at will although a large quantity of Graphene might be needed in the body to do so. The Graphene (Using 5G/OTH) can be moved to the desired location and be assembled in order to take any shape wanted. It is part of their transhumanism agenda to modify the human body with technology. Satanists are demented, everything is inverted with them. They hate beauty and perfection and love deformity. In the NWO, they have the power to make their horrors dreams a reality.

Sources: link
Give any kind of disease It might be doables Using 5G/OTH antenna only. Disease induction such as diabetes, cardiovascular, and cancer can all be triggered by cell signaling mechanisms controlled by electromagnetics. Diabete can be given by destroyingsome of the pancreas or altering the sugar metabolism in the cells. Cancer can be induced by beaming a particular region overtime and breaking weak hydrogens bonds in the DNA. EMF can also create blood clots as they go into the Rouleaux formation or cataracts by beaming the crystalline lens of the eye.

Dr. Luc Montagnier (now deceased in strange conditions) found something interesting if true. All DNA or mRNA have a specific frequency and by broadcasting this frequency to an organism, this organism will obtain copies of this DNA or mRNA. This was coined DNA teleportation. In the end-times scenario, it is possible to broadcast diseases like AIDS, EBOLA, COVID virus (if it exists) to the population in the vicinity of 5G antennas. But it sounds like a New Age BS.

Patents and sources: link, paper, paper
Healing ailments The same methods found by Luc Montagnier in the previous point could in theory have great benefits for healing people as it can successfully cure Cancer cells by broadcasting a sane DNA cell frequency to our body. Cancer cells have mutated DNAs different from the original DNA of the patient: by broadcasting a sane DNA cell frequency to the cells of the patient, it was shown to kill the Cancer cells and leave the healthy cells intact. This technology could be used to heal all disease developing from broken or mutated DNA and restore our cells to origins. Similar scientists like Pjotr Garajajev found similar results.

I personnally have doubts that it really work as they say it work and it might be another New Age deception of healing by radiowave type meanwhile it is in truth demonic healing work. New Agers believe some miraculous Medical Beds that can heal anything and make us younger will be available to everyone in the NWO, if it really work I wont be surprised that a demon might do the healing once the user commit an abomination (drink young bloods etc...).
Control mind & body Using 5G/OTH antenna only. Some leaked documents from the military showed us that certain radiowave frequency applied to certain parts of the body can ensure contraction of the muscle. Therefore a series of contraction and relaxation of specific muscles using radio-waves and coordinated by a machine could in theory force someone to accomplish an act he/she has no control of. Also using this method, it is possible to paralyze anyone at will. However, the technology doesn't seem good enough to allow full control of the human body according to Duncan, so it might just be simple muscle spams for now.

According to the book of Jose MR Delgado 'Physical Control of the Mind', the human brain is too complex to be totally controlled by electrical impulses. Some impulses in the motor area might induce a motor movement like a simple flexion but nothing could be made like a series of complex skillful motor movements. The simplest method to reach this type of advanced mind control is too simply reward a victim with EMF impulses to the brain area responsible for pleasure when they perform the correct action and punish them if they don't. In few days, many can be conditioned like this to behave as their masters want.

In the end, I would say total mind and body control is not possible with EMF alone (I don't know about those that will receive the mark of the beast). However the NWO can strongly affect our decision patterns with mood control, synthetic telepathy (similar to demonic suggestion), V2K, pain as punishment and pleasure as a reward. Also in the end-times, Satan and his demons will be unleashed on the world and strongly tempt people to commit sins and abominations. The ones with weak will (aka the large majority) will be easily manipulated by the NWO and shaped into obedient satanic slaves. Those with a strong will and a strong Christian moral codes could fight those impulses: born-again Christians should already take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5).

Sources : book, diagram
Torture anyone In a similar fashion than the previous point. Using 5G/OTH antenna only. The same leaked documents explain to us what are the pain provoked when certain radio-wave frequency are targeted to certain area of the body. The outcomes might be : sleep deprivation, all-body pain, intense pain in the gonads like hot needle etc...diagram.

Another torture method using EMF radiations is made by broadcasting in a victim's brain a recorded brain wave pattern of someone previously being tortured. The pain felt by the victim will be the same as being physically tortured, all kind of torture can be made remotely like this.

Sadly they are already using this technology on many innocent victims who for most have no clues that it comes from radiations. link.
Pyrokinesis Using 5G/6G antennas. A 5G antenna can beam a victim at full power and the victim will literally feel the sensation to have his/her skin on fire due to the radiations. Some antennas are now equipped with infrared radiowave which could make the result worse. Many people were physically burned by DEW in deployed against the Canberra Freedom Convoy recently. The weapons used were Active Denial of Service (ADS) that use a pulsed 95 Ghz microwave frequency to make the skin feel like on fire. 5G can not reach this frequency but 6G might reach up to 300Ghz. .

The good thing (if there is one) is that to burn someone, they need short radio-waves so their effect should only be in a short range of the antenna (in theory).
Strike by lightning It is possible to control lightning by ionizing the path you wish for it to go. It is mostly done with lasers today (link and link) but in theory it might also be possible to do the same with 5G. With enough power and thanks to the beam-forming antenna acting as a laser, 5G can ionize due to the process of multi-photon ionization.

If in the future the NWO could call lightning on unsuspected individuals. The majority of the people who are scientifically illiterate would truly beleive that this an act of god.
Destroy IT equipment Using 5G/OTH EMF radiations in a similar fashion to an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and provoke a brief burst of electromagnetic energy which can damage electronic equipment. They can fry any piece of IT (laptop, computers, anything relying on electronics like cars etc..). Batteries can also be burned this way. External Hard Drive can also be fried this way and should be correctly shielded.

With HAARP technology and Chemtrails

HAARP beam

GeoEngineering is attainable nowadays as this extensive list of patents on weather modification prove it. HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a not so secret military project developed for decades with the power of provoking cataclysms on earth at a small-to-medium scale. Its versatility allow it to geoengineer many different outcomes at will.

Basically, HAARP is a reversal of a radio receiver: the antennas send out signals instead of receiving them. It is a super-powerful radio wave beaming technology using enormous amount of electricity that lifts areas of the ionosphere by focusing a beam and heating those areas. It is possible to charge up a particular area of the ionosphere and release its energy at a specific point on earth. Electromagnetic waves bounce back onto Earth and penetrate everything-living and dead. The addition of a small amount of energy in the ionosphere can release vastly greater amounts of energy on earth. Some have reported seeing a giant hole in the clouds, sometimes the ring was multicolored before HAARP would strike their area.

Patents and sources: link, link, original HAARP paper, paper, paper, paper

The Chemtrails are a spreading of toxic heavy metals in the atmosphere (Barium, Lead, Aluminium, Graphene etc..). It is partly done for the depopulation agenda as it does increase the risk of cancer of the population and it also improve the HAARP efficiency by helping the radio-wave transmission in the air which become more conductive.

Patents and sources: paper zip file, link

False Technological Miracles Description
Control weather HAARP is able to cause or inhibit changes in the atmospheric moisture by disturbing the electrical charges in the atmosphere and/or changing the atmospheric temperature. Therefore it is capable to produce extended period of drought or rain flood on wanted areas. It has been used in the past to destroy farmlands across the world and it will be used extensively in the future and especially when we reach the 3rd seal of the Apocalypse: Famine.
Control hurricane Hurricanes can be created, controlled and destroyed using HAARP. This is done by warming the temperature in the upper atmosphere in order to create an updraft, the lower atmosphere will have low pressure while the upper atmosphere will have high pressure and this will create a hurricane. Hurricanes can also be increased or decreased in power at will and guided to a specific path of destruction using HAARP. It is strongly believed that many devastating hurricanes were powered and their path was guided by HAARP. link

Destruction by climate warfare is made for the depopulation agenda but also to push the climate change hoax and empower the ecological movement, an important plan of the NWO: In order to save the planet, they will justify the reduction and control of the population into smart cities.
Create earthquake Earthquake can be created using HAARP, this is done by sending powerful electro-magnetic waves to the earth's crust. Many earthquakes might have been made by HAARP such as the disastrous ones in Haiti, Fukushima and the extremely improbable one in Melbourne. link video
Create volcanic eruption In a similar fashion to the upper point, HAARP can create multiple earthquakes directly below a volcano to trigger it. It is therefore possible to awaken any dormant volcano or make an existing one even stronger. I suspect the 'La Palma volcano' recent eruptions to be the result of HAARP. By awakening multiple volcanoes, it is possible create clouds of ashes on earth that will dim the sunlight and result in catastrophic outcomes for humanity and the biosphere.
Create forest fire Forest fire can be started with HAARP on forests which have been sprayed with Chemtrails. HAARP would create first high temperature and drought on the targeted forest, then the aluminium present in the trees could be radiowaved and huge sparks will start the multiple fires (similar to putting aluminium in a microwave oven). This is made to move population out of the countryside to the cities where they can be controlled easily, to push the climate change hoax and to destroy farmlands. link
Increase solar radiation The ozone layer filter the sun's radiations and protect us from deadly radiations. HAARP can alter an area of the ozone layer in order to reduce its size, therefore the UVs below the area will be unfiltered and extremely dangerous to any living forms unlucky enough to be below.
Disturb communications HAARP can disturb the radiowave propagation of other emitters around a certain area. This was previously done in the last Irak War to block all enemies communication and render their army totally useless on the field. In an end-times scenario, it can be used to create chaos and mass confusion among the population.
Mood control Working in a similar fashion a the mood control point Using 5G/OTH. HAARP can broadcast radiowave of specific low frequency to alter the moods of a population in specific area and create anger, rage, depression, lust etc... link
Create humming sounds HAARP seems to be able to create a long persistent humming sound over a specific area. It has been often reported to be heard around cities. The song sounds quite similar to the low frequency humming sounds that can be heard during Satanic rituals. It might be part of the setup for the big show coming in called 'The night of the thousand stars' as described by Serge Monast.See 2nd step of project bluebeam. It also affect negatively the population living in the area that can hardly tolerate it.

Sources: link, link,
Create false fire in the sky Nick Begich Jr. has claimed that the HAARP facility could turn the upper atmosphere into a giant lens so that "the sky would literally appear to burn.". Like in the previous point, it might be used for the setup for the big show coming in called 'The night of the thousand stars' as described by Serge Monast. It will seem like Hell on earth.

A phenomenon known to scientists that work with high energy physics is "air sparking" or atmospheric excitation. When the energy density becomes great enough, the Nitrogen and other molecules will begin to glow. So an uneducated observer will see a bright bluish ball in the sky, zipping around at improbable velocities.

With 'Alien' technology

Hologram of Divinity

Many abductions did really occur except that it is usually the military doing it for some mind-control experiments on countless victims. Trough hypnosis, some false memories can be implanted in the victim's mind to make believe it was an alien abduction.

Sadly many of those victims are MK Ultra and have been programmed with a specific task for the end-times. Using technology, they are now able to program a victim in less than 12 hours. The Americans who claimed to have been abducted (probably 2 millions) may have the Janus end-times programming embedded: with one specific trigger from the authorities, they will become uncontrollable and programmed to riot and destroy everything. The chaos created will help destroy their governments and make way to the future Luciferian one world government, people will accept anything to put an end to this chaos.

False Technological Miracles Description
Create hologram in the sky Holograms are nothing new, what is hidden is that they can be created on a large scale in the sky and look almost real to us. This technology will be used during 'The night of the thousand stars' as described by Serge Monast when multiple images of divinities (Jesus, Buddha, Allah ...) will be shown around the world and will be merged into one to form Satan (who might be called Maitreya at this time), this will deceive countless number of people into Satanism. Some subliminal message might be sent by the holograms so it is recommended not to watch them. Subliminal messages can already be used to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV. See 2nd step of project bluebeam, link
Create false memories Trough hypnosis, it is quite easy to implant false memories into someone's mind. It is often done to victims of satanic ritual abuse to erase their short-term memories of what happened and replace the void created by false unrelated memories. This is systematically done to 'Alien' abducted victims. As of now, it might be possible to do it on a global scale with 5G. The EMF radiations might put a victim in hypnotic state and using repetition and brainwashing, they might create false memories into someone (The method is far from perfect).
Levitate any object Recently non-military scientists discovered it was possible to levitate small object using only light link. Military scientists are much more advanced and are already able to levitate much heavier things. There are reports of victims levitating to some spaceship in many case of 'Alien' abductions, this part might have happened. In the end-times scenario, this technology could be used to create a fake rapture where many Christians would be tricked believing it is the real one, levitated up high in the sky and thrown down to their deaths.

Pentagram in the sky

Almost all of the technological weapons use electro-magnetic radiations, if possible one should shield himself and his family from radiations at all time. Lead gears or equivalent used by the medical/dental sector to stop x-ray seems good for the job. The full-wrap lead apron and lead hat should protect against heavy attacks like the knock-out ones or the kill shot to the heart ones (in the range of 20 Ghz +). 0.175mm/0.175mm might be sufficient, 0.5mm/0.25mm is a bit heavy to wear all day. For the lighter attacks like V2K that might operate in the less than 20 Ghz band, silver clothing might be sufficient. I would recommend to wear a silver clothing on top of lead rubber. You can also buy some lead rubber material and sew them to your clothes as to hide the protection. Better read the posts of Jay on the subject before to start a buying spree. A simple test to know if you are getting heavily radiated by a nearby 5G antenna : put an induction pan between your heart or head and the 5G antenna, after a few minutes the pan should get hot as the radiowaves are converted by the pan into heat, its only if they continously radiate you, not when they send single pulse once in a while. You can also do the same test with fluorescent light tubes (sadly being phased out in favor of LED). Your lack of sleep might comes from radiations, many people improve their sleep after being shielded. After a long-time exposure to radiations, you might develop a radiation hyper-sensitivity which will make you feel when unhealthy level of radiations are in the environment. Radiations are the silent killer and main weapon of choice of the NWO due to its high versatility and invisibility.

The stage is set for Satan's wrath to unleash an apocalypse and deceive the world using the available technology at this time. A way to reprogram an individual or a population is to make them experience a huge traumatic event that will leave them like a blank slate ready to accept anything. The Jesuits have become expert of this method over the years. When 'The night of the thousand stars' happen, the majority of the unprepared population will be confused and looking for answers and the NWO will happily provide its own. No-one or nothing can truly protect us against Satan's wrath except God, One should always turn to the one true God all the time. The worst thing you could do to their plan is to turn into a Born-Again Christian.

Another part of the deception is still needed to convert billions of people to Satanism: a full blown demonstration of demonic powers by the elect. I hope you are ready for what is about to come. If you haven't read it, here are also the demonic false miracles which are equally as important for the deception ==> The false Demonical Miracles