Targeted Individual Findings

The idea of this article is simply to report some findings made by others TI and other experiments. The goal is to have a better understanding of how the system work.

1 - I use EMF Meter GQ EMF-390. This EMF Meter can only record up to a frequency of 10 GHz, 5G frequency goes to up 54 GHz so most of the 5G radiations won't be recorded. According to Jay posts, 87% of the DEW EMF is coming from the higher RF frequency range (6–50 GHz). The best tool to measure 5G is the NARD-EF5091 that can measure up to 50GHz but it is way too expensive and costs several thousands of USD.

This EMF-390 go haywire when low battery and seems to record highly improbable measurements sometimes. This meter can record EMF readings every second and give a good understanding of when attacks are scheduled. What matter here is the Radio Frequency (RF) and especially the peak RF in mW/m2 as the 5G pulses are sent to the victims similar to a jackhammer. Each pulse will be very powerful once in a while, there might also exist the continuous attack. The EMF meter will record only the power of the radiations in the low frequency range missing the 5G high frequency range. The higher the frequency and the more damage is done to the victim. The safe recommended level of RF frequency is 0.01 mW/m2 according to Patrick van der Burght, an authority on radiation assessment and international speaker (See video). Another safe level is 1 mW/m² according to the BioInitiative Report (See summary here).

Peak EMF readings : 667.5 & 274.3 mW/m2

I left the 5G area I used to live in and am now staying in a 4G area. Even in this safer area, the EMF Meter record RF peaks higher than the safety limit, however those high peaks are rare. The EMF readings can generally show us that we live in a toxic environment filled with harmful radiations. Living in a city is taking a huge risk just in term of radiation exposure. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is often diagnosed for TIs but in reality it is not really hypersensitivity. They have been radiated for so long that they have learned to recognize the source of the radiations. The average person is suffering from radiations everyday but is not aware of the source of his problems. The NWO was planned to begin around 2000 (29 September 1999 exactly) but it was postponed to 2020, this means they already had the ming control technology to beam people at this time on a large scale [so no 4G/5G]. The most probable way they would have done that is using Over-the-horizon radar (OTH) which were deployed around the 1950s, the first TIs appeared around the 1960s. It is very probable the NWO will use a combination of 5G and OTH when it is present. There might be some emerging countries which are not covered by OTH [or too far from the source] where people could be safer.

Lead rubber vest + hoodie on top or large shirt made of silver clothing + Hat made of silver materials with lead rubber sewed on the inside = Invisible full protection of the heart and the head

2 - For protection, I would recommend to buy silver EMF shielding clothes (there are many sellers online) and a X-RAY protection apron (front and back) if you live in a 5G area. I especially recommend this to anyone who have been Covid vaccinated as they might be killed in one pulse at anytime by an antenna. I personally bought the apron from Attenutech online. It is in 2 parts but I mostly use only the vest. This apron (0.5mmPb lead rubber) is heavy (7~9 pounds / 3~4 kilos) so I would recommend to buy a lighter one (0.25~0.35mmPb) or ones made of lighter materials. An apron can be hidden behind a jacket but might still look a bit bulky. I also recommend to use a X-RAY protection cap when inside but nobody will go outside wearing this, so what I did was to sew some lead rubber into a hat and it works the same. It is still quite heavy for the neck (1~2 pounds / 0.5~1 kilo). I would recommend to wear a mix of silver clothing and lead rubber clothing for further protection but I suspect even this is not failproof as they adapt their torture methods to bypass this protection. I can basically go out in a major city with 5G coverage while being fully protected and with nobody noticing anything abnormal. Lead blankets or arm protections can be cut and sewed into everyday clothes like shirts, jackets or hats (They will get heavy). Lead glasses are a bit heavy but might be an effective way to protect the eyes from harmful radiations. In theory, 5G radiations can be weaponized to develop cataracts in targets by beaming their eyes.

There are also lighter materials than lead rubber that might be better, a local dentist or X-Ray technician might know of some local suppliers of X-Ray protection (No need to say you are a TI if that's the case, just can just say you suffer from hypersensitivity to radiations). The most important is to protect your heart and your head (Heart cells and brain cells are the slowest to repair in the body, both targeting to the heart and brain can provoke a heart attack).

The dream would be to create a hoodie made with one layer of lead rubber (0.25mmPb) on the inside and several layer of conductive metal sheets like silver, copper or even mylar. A vest made of superconductors at room temperature like the promising LK-99 would do wonders as it could potentially block all EMF radiations making their weapons useless. Another idea is to create a piece of clothing that change color when targeted by microwaves a bit like an induction pan is turning red as it absorb radiations or as a tungsten filament of an incandescent light bulb start to light when radiated in a microwave oven. Using fluorescent light tubes and Neon bulbs was proved successful in detecting microwaves from a microwave oven by Tech Ingredients in their YT video, those materials might be the most promising for now. If some piece of clothes like this exists, it will be possible to pinpoint where we are targeted and show this as proof to others.
Interestingly, the science is now waging war on X-ray protections and are now enforcing people not to wear lead rubber to protect their genitals during X-ray.

However those protections are temporary, as discussed in the CAHRA report :
"The famous "Faraday cage" and other forms of electromagnetic shielding can provide some protection against EP weapons, especially if the characteristics of the EP signal are known in advance and countermeasures are devised accordingly. Unfortunately, a sophisticated weapon can "tailor" its pulse to get through nearly any given kind of shielding utilizing non-linear, inverse-scattering techniques and a process known as "self-induced transparency." A Faraday cage under certain conditions can be transformed into an antenna, focusing the signal on the inside and even enhancing the effect for the unfortunate persons inside."

3 - Getting rid of the metals in our body is also important especially the Graphene. The metal interact with the emitted 5G radiations and allow them to track who we are and where we are, this digital mapping is certainly done using AI. Chelation, NAC and anti-oxidants seems useful to get rid of the metals in our body (I never did chelation before, it would be great if it was able to remove Graphene from the body).

4 - A summary of the frequencies used in the available patents related to the False Technological Miracle page and 5G. Some patents can be found here. Military technology is at least 60 years in advance from what we have today so many information are outdated compared to what they can do. This information might still be relevant for shielding or signal jamming (More patents can be found here, more frequency list here).


Frequency DescriptionSource
2.45 GHz Microwave oven - isotropic thermal radiationslink
2.6~3.8 GHz 4G - isotropic athermallink
up to 54 GHz 5G - non-isotropic athermallink
30 to 300 GHz 6G - non-isotropic athermal - not installed yet (some even speculate it will be 300 to 3000 GHz)link,link

Frequency DescriptionSource
3 to 30 Hz ELF - brain wave frequenciesbook
3 to 30 KHz VLF - brain wave frequenciesbook
3 to 30 MHz HF - operating within body resonance frequenciesbook
30 to 300 MHz VHF - operating within brain resonance frequenciesbook
300 to 3000 MHz UHF - operating within head resonance frequenciesbook

Frequency DescriptionSource
4.5 Hz Paranoialink
6.66 Hz Depressionlink
11.3Hz Manic Ragelink
4.2 Hz RF noise band that exactly match with several government projectlink
< 8 Hz Produce a general agitation or uneasinesslink
8.6 to 10 Hz Produce a general feeling of relaxationlink
10 Hz Russian woodpecker - a psycho active signal of 10 pulse per second / 40 million watts per pulse - A signal broacasted by Russian OTH radar for over 10 years as an electronic war on the US citizenslink
16 Hz Similar to Russian woodpecker but emitted by the USlink
1~20 Hz Some of HAARP frequency ranges according to John Heckscherlink

Frequency DescriptionSource
100 Hz Dr. Jose Delgado could control the behaviours of monkeys at this frequency. One frequency caused the animals to fall asleep, and another triggered aggressionlink
147 MHz Dr. Ross Adey demonstrated how a 147 MHz signal caused an efflux or release of calcium ions from the irradiated brain tissue in a
100 MHz up to 40 GHz Dr. Robert Malech discovered that using signals from 100Mhz to 40 GHz, he was able to read brainwaves (aka read the mind).link
450 MHz Dr. Ross Adey bragged that he "can control every aspect of human mental function at 450MHz"link,book
450 to 800 MHz The brain resonates at roughly 450-800 MHz in adults depending on many

Frequency DescriptionSource
868 MHz Mark Steele told us that this frequency allow the signal to travel through concrete making it perfect for 3D mapping the environmentYT video link

V2K - Voice 2 Skull (VLF to UHF)
Frequency DescriptionSource
50 Hz to 1.245 GHz Frey effectpaper,link
2 KHz Hearing Device - Stocklin - 2 Khz is the most sensitive region of the earpaper
18 to 36 KHz Hearing Systems - Puharichpaper
1 GHz Hearing System - Brunkanpaper
1.245 GHz Science magazine volume 181, page 356paper

Frequency DescriptionSource
5.1 GHz & 10.8 GHz Graphene absorption bandlink
16~18 GHz According to late Dr. Rashid Buttar, the vaccines could contain in its hydrogel 3 payloads diseases (including Marburg) that could get released following a 5G EMF sequence of 3 bursts in the 16~18 Ghz range lasting in total 1 minute
30 GHz Graphene absorption bandlink
6 to 50 GHz+ Remote torture & Kill shot - According to the TI Jaycoin, 87% of the DEW EMF are coming from this range link
95 GHz Active Denial of Service (ADS) use this frequency to burn the skin of citizenslink

5 - Not a very well-known fact but low-frequency EMF radiations can be ionizing. When the intensity is high enough, even low frequencies will cause ionization. This phenomenon, called multi-photon ionization, occurs when the atom absorbs more than one photon. High power and a beam-forming radar like 5G can in theory become ionizing. The term non-ionizing radiations is by itself misleading.

6 - It is possible to control lightning by ionizing the path you wish for it to go. It is mostly done with lasers today (link and link) but in theory it might also be possible to do the same with 5G/6G and a lot of power. As written previously 5G can be ionizing with enough power and therefore be used to do air ionization. Imagine a future where the NWO can call lightning on unsuspected individuals, that would literally and figuratively blow people's minds.

7 - The recent Maui fire (2023) was extremely similar to the Paradise fire that happened in California last 2008 or the Marshall fire in Colorado last 2021.
In both fires, we see a similar pattern of car melting at temperatures that forest fire cannot normally attain. Surrounding trees left intact while houses and cars seems to be the prime target of this ravenous fire. On the contrary, some trees are literally burning from the inside. Obvious negligence of the protecting authorities. All fires happening in locations of interest for the satanic elites.

An interesting observation with the Maui fire is that things of a certain color of blue seems to be spared by the DEW attack (Probably coming from HAARP). Some blue umbrellas and blue car remained mysteriously untouched. Some satanic celebrities also paint their roof in blue like Ophra.

DEWs (Direct Energy Weapons) lasers programmed at different wavelengths might not burn blue. Let’s see if this pattern repeat itself whit their next planned fires. If true, that could be life-saving information.


SADS - Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) (or its other name 'Repentinitis') are exploding today. This characterize healthy young people dying suddenly of heart attacks which was something extremely rare untill the Covid mass vaccination. Here are some videos of people experiencing SADS on camera :


(video, video, video, video). The athletes were the first to die from the vaccine due to the Graphene intoxication. The Graphene nanoparticles are like mini razor blades that cut and destroy the cells it come into contact, the athletes have great blood circulation and one Graphene particle will travel the body more time in an athlete than the average person. The damage done by the Covid vaccine in the body is higher when the vaccinated practice a sport.

Many blood clots are observed in the vaccinated also due to the Graphene properties that aggregate the blood cells around it. The Graphene get accumulated the most in the brain, the heart and the gonads. The SADS in the videos above are happening because of a strong radiation pulse to the heart and brain of the vaccinated, the Graphene razor blades goes haywire and destroy the heart and brain of the victim provoking an unnatural heart attack that kill almost instantly (People suffering from normal heart attack can still be reanimated in the next minutes). They are able to kill unvaccinated people in a different manner with EMF radiations: they can target part of the body and create blood clots due to the rouleaux effect, this might be how Brandy Vaughan died.

Those SADS happen after a strong pulse is made by the 5G antenna to the victim, those pulses create a surge in power that could in theory be observed in the detailed electrical consumption of the antenna. In theory, those SADS might happen at time when the number of users connected to the antenna are low, the antenna might need its power to service other users. There could be some interesting statistics to make with the time of the SADS death, the SADS proximity to the closest tower and the numbers of users in the area at this time.

The video above show us a camera glitch at 00:23 at the exact same time and place when a pulse might have been shot to kill the person with a heart attack. It might be possible that strong pulses can be recorded as camera glitch. During a severe directed energy attack, CCD (charge coupled devices) cameras become somewhat disabled due to the (charge build-up).
The vaccinated genocide might be based on a semi-random selection, I suppose they target conservatives people first as to keep the most liberals in the end for the riot phase. I also suppose that for sending a killshot to a TI, a decision must be made by a human. I only received one so far, certainly out of exasperation when leaving the city. I passed several time for a short period of time in 5G coverage of small cities without lead protection on and without being shot again, but I could feel the radiations when traveling in a large city (there are more antenas).


The 2 videos of SADS above deserve particular attention: (video and video). May the victims rest in peace, their sacrifices was not in vain as it might teach us something important. What is interesting in those videos is that, before getting the heart attack, it looks like they were both hearing voices in their right ear and tried to find where the sound came from in the upper right side. It might possible that the NWO is currently experimenting with the Voice 2 Skull (V2K) technology before killing their victims. V2K might be used during the Project Bluebeam, a fake god voice might be broadcast in the head of anyone in the 5G coverage. The victim's members remain rigid at the time of the death which might indicate neurological damages and not a simple heart attack. Also both the victims had a phone in their hands (although not sure that is relevant here).

The last video above show an indian man dying in similar conditions, he seems to hear or see something on its right-top side and try to fight it before getting the heart attack. They might be able to show images to their victims but I suspect it might just be a voice as they are not startled at first.

While reading 'Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Societys' by Jose Delgado, I came into a possible explanation for the turn the victims make before dying. Delgado observed a similar reaction on monkeys that received electric current to the midbrain area (specifically the tectum). He didn't use EMF radiations at this time but electrodes. Later on in his carrer, he stated he could impact the brain with non-invasive EMF radiations in a similar fashion.

The midbrain serves important functions in motor movement, particularly movements of the eye, and in auditory and visual processing. It might be a potential target for V2K, killshots and provoking hallucinations. A proper autopsy of the midbrains of the victims should be made to assess if heavy EMF radiations (thermal and athermal) were beamed to this area.