What is the New World Order?

UN goals
Smart cities

What is this famous New World Order all the politicians talk about?

It is a plan in motion for a very long time, it is the key to understand where we are right now and where we are going.
This New World Order was painted in the books ‘1984’ and the book ‘Brave new world’ (Both are must read). Those book describe a dystopian society in endless tyranny and this is exactly where we are going now.
What people rarely know is that both authors were insiders and knew very well about the NWO plan. Aldous Huxley was part of the infamous Fabian Society whose main goal is to bring a one world socialist eugenicist government (link and link) and George Orwell was connected to the Astor Illuminati family (link). Those books might have been made for predictive programming or as a blueprint for the Illuminati (like the book 'Atlas Shrugged' which none talk about). The 'Shaping the future of the fourth industrial revolution' by Klaus Schwab is a recent blueprint where it is actually stated : 'The fourth industrial revolution has the potential to robotize humanity, and thus compromise our traditional sources of meaning - work, community, family, identity' (p105).

We are entering the start of the NWO with the help of the Covid plandemic. The Covid response from the governments is not the product of corruption or stupidity, it is one of the founding stone of the NWO:

Aaron Russo was a smart and righteous man who got close contact with the Rockefellers. In the video interview above. in the video, Aaron Russo relates to some discussions he had with Nick Rockefeller and the plan of his family to chip everyone with a RFID in order to enslave humanity. The Rockefellers are Satanist from father to son, cursed to the core and part of the powerful American Illuminati families (council of 13).

Now you can link this information with countless recent report of vaccinated people who suddenly emit a Bluetooth mac address (link and link) as they are now chipped and you understand that the Covid scam is a evil genius plan made to enslave humanity.

How do they deal with people that fight back against the NWO :

NWO rules
NWO rules against dissident

Now you know where you stand with them. They don't like free-thinkers, conspiracy theorists, people that look for answers by themselves, you are not supposed to think on your own but swallow everything the education & media tell you to believe. A slave that think on is own is a defective slave. Every opinion that differ from the mainstream one is labeled a conspiracy theory nowadays instead on simply being considered as an alternative perspective on a situation.
In the picture, FEMA re-education camps might mean MK-Ultra brainwashing. In all cases don’t be afraid and seek God, only him can protect you from such evil.

Matthew 10:39
Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.

The Apocalypse and the NWO is a wake-up call to separate the wheat from the chaff (Matthew 3:12). People will show their true colors in the end-times as you either resist or submit. You are either with God fully or with Satan, there is no in-between as no sins can enter Heaven (Revelation 21:27). The NWO won’t last long until the Armageddon put an end to it but those would be very difficult times for everyone. The best strategy for Satan was to make believe he didn't exist, this bold move to reveal himself and follow the Revelation prophecy to the letter is not his own call. He is forced do so by the only real authority on Earth and in Heaven, the lord our God.

How will the New World Order truly be?

This picture sum everything pretty well:

UN goals
UN mission goals

Let’s go in all of those points in more details.

NWO goals Description
1. One World Government Global riots are programmed to happen so that the population destroy the own governments that betrayed them (maybe by revealing the Covid vaccine is in fact a poison). The global population will be bled dry and the Christians will be a prime target. The most rebellious ones might be executed after they served their purpose leaving only the most submissive ones. After this, the one-world-government will pass as a savior to the world and will rule with an iron fist. This government will be divided in 10 regions ruled by 10 kings all under the authority of the Anti-Christ. Switzerland or Israel may be designated as the headquarter of the NWO.
2. One World cashless Currency People might loose all their savings in the bank due to a fake global hack. All individual debts will be forgiven as none will be able to pay them anymore. A controlled economic crash can also be created to reduce the number of banks and put up this new electronic currency. All original currency and cash will be outlawed and only a digital currency will be available for all the world (They are using bills swap from old to new in order to reduce the cash availability). The one-world-central bank will control it and will decide of the life or death of anyone on Earth by allowing them access to their money or no.
3. One World Central Bank All the central banks in the world today deliberately took enormous amount of loans with great interest that they knew they will never reimburse. It was made to reach a breaking point where a new solution must be proposed like a one world central bank. All the current central banks are already controlled by the Rothschilds anyway so this will make things more official. Any government always had the possibility to create money at zero interest rate without the help of any banks, but all governments are extremely corrupt and accepted the central bank scam.
4. One World Military The one world military is already present today with NATO and the US army which has military bases in more than 80 countries over the 195 countries in the world. They will send soldiers of one country do the dirty job in another country with a different culture like the Russians soldiers sent to execute in Canada or the Chinese ones in USA. The language barrier must be present so that the soldiers cannot bond with the victims. The one world military will also have armies of drones and robots to do mass killings.
5. The end of national sovereignty As explained previously, all nations will be a thing of the past. As long there is nations and cultures, there will be revolution. Only will remain the NWO and its one-world-government.
6. The end of All privately owned property All properties of all nations will be seized in order to reimburse the global debt (link). People will be forced by the military to live in the cities. According to the Toronto Protocols, all nations will be forced to exchange their "Internal Debt" for the loss of 33 % of all their territories been left to the wild state. The country side will become a no man’s land where none is allowed. They even plan to add tracking chips in the wildlife and add super-predators to make the country side Hell on earth. People will become totally dependent on the NWO to survive.
7. The end of the family unit All children will be taken from their parents after birth to stop them from bonding. I personally believe they will suffer MK Ultra programming right after. The parents won’t educate and raise their kids anymore, only the government will be allowed to do so. Very strong brainwashing will be applied to the kids. Everyone will become an isolated individual. It is also possible, people would need a license to procreate and the birthing process won't be natural but artificial.
8. Depopulation, control of population growth and population density The climate change hoax put in the minds of many that the planet is in danger and that we must do drastic changes like global depopulation in order to save it. With the Covid vaccine, we have already started the depopulation agenda and countless people are dying of Cancer or heart attack (even the healthy young ones). The NWO will do gene selection for reproduction, that might become an eugenicist dystopia like 'Brave New World' or 'Gattaca'. Chimeras might even be present.
9. Mandatory multiple vaccines Vaccines are useless and harmful to the population and it is one of the main tool used to reduce drastically the global population. The Covid vaccines are all full of Graphene and will help the depopulation agenda and the trans-humanism agenda. With 5G, vaccines are the backbones of the NWO. With it, they can easily kill anyone vaccinated at will.
10. Universal basic income (austerity) The government will provide its citizens with free money although not much, just what to survive. Again it is a cursed gift as it makes you totally dependent of them and they will cut your allowances at will. It is a total loss of freedom.
11. Microchipped society for purchasing, travel, tracking and controlling Many report that the Covid vaccine made them emit a Bluetooth mac address. That would be the tracking id that will be scanned before any purchase is made. As your expenses are tracked, it will automatically calculate your carbon footprint. If it gets too low, you will be punished. People without the mark won't be able to buy or sell like in the Revelation prophecy. Also the internet is closely monitored, they will be (and already are) knowing whatever you do and wherever you go on the Internet.
12. Implementation of a world Social Credit System (like China has) The social credit system is already present but not publicly disclosed. We all have a grade given to us based on multiples factors. Your activity on internet is monitored and going to Christian or Conspiracy websites (like this one) will definitely lower your grade. If they deem you a potential threat, they will make you a targeted individual and do their best to fry your brain and silently kill you or send you to re-education camp. They have to use radiations for now as the NWO is not fully in power, but in the future they might really execute people in public to make an example.
13. Trillions of appliances hooked into the 5G monitoring system (internet of things) All appliances will be connected to 5G so they can calculate your carbon footprint and the NWO can also shut down some appliances if needed. Vaccinated people who emit a Bluetooth ID will also be connected to the grid. The NWO don’t really need a micro-chip as the Graphene in your body makes you unique and they can track you easily with the antennas. It might play a bigger role for the trans-human agenda.
14. Government raised children The government will take the children right after birth so that no bonding can be made between the mother and the child. I believe many will suffer MK-Ultra programming in order to become perfect slaves. In general the new education might be focused on ecology, witchcraft and Satanism as to create the perfect NWO citizen.
15. Government owned and controlled schools, Colleges, Universities In perfect communism style, everything will be owned by the one-world-government. The Soviet union was the testing ground for what will happen worldwide. In the new education system, anything related to Christian culture or values will be eradicated. Satanism and witchcraft will be openly taught at school.
16. The end of private transportation, owning cars, etc. Only public transportation will be allowed like electric bus or electric cars. Electric cars like Tesla might be able to drive anyone at their required destination without the need of driving. Going to this destination must be approved by the system first and will increase your carbon footprint and therefore reduce your social credit score.
17. All businesses owned by government/corporations Private ownership means freedom and that is not allowed in the NWO. The few remaining corporations will be totally controlled by the state. They will produce standardized products send to all the Smart cities in the world as they will all operate in the same manner.
18. The restriction of nonessential air travel Air travel having a high carbon footprint, it will be stopped for the masses (oc not for the ‘elites’). People will become prisoners of their own cities with no possibility to fly away.
19. Human beings concentrated into human settlement zones, cities The Smart cities are high-tech human settlement zones where everyone and everything will be monitored by AI (S.M.A.R.T. is the acronym of Secret Military Armament in Residential Technology). All humans living outside will be forced to live inside under persuasion at first, then force or simply death. Agenda 2050 discuss of releasing super-predators in the wild to hunt the remaining humans, it might be robots (drones, robot-dogs).
20. The end of irrigation The depopulation will greatly reduce the food needs and industrial agriculture will be stopped. The idea is for the Smart cities to be self-sufficient and grow their own foods.
21. The end of private farms and grazing livestock No more meat industry will exist as most of the land outside the Smart cities cannot be used for the grazing livestock. Insect might be a replacement for the defunct meat industry. All food and water will be supplied by the NWO and filled with poison like Fluoride, Graphene or drugs to make people compliant.
22. The end of single family homes All bonds between individuals will be broken so that they become molded more easily. Normal families transmit love, affection and values to their kids while Satanist families transmit quite the opposite. Kids will receive an education based on hatred, lack of affection, loneliness, competition.
23. Restricted land use that serves human needs The few lands outside of the cities that can be used will be the exclusivity of the one-world-government. The Satanic 'elites' will be free to do whatever they want.
24. The ban of natural non synthetic drugs and naturopathic medicine All medicine will be made the big pharma killers. The only truly healthy cures comes from nature and will be outlawed. The medicine will be the poison like today and kill even faster.
25. End of fossil fuels (missing) All ‘fossil’ fuels use will be outlawed for ecological purpose. The Smart cities might run only solar or other renewable sources of energy (despite those energies might even contribute more to pollution with the ecological cost of their building materials). The energy generated will be low and that will be one of the reason why people would need to self-restrict in order not to consume too much.

UN goals
The End Result

All of the social changes from the past decades all go into the sense of this New World Order and it is not by mistake, powerful financial forces are hidden behind all of those movements.

Don’t we say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions?
Additionally, here is an analysis made by the website humansbefree on the 17 goals of the agenda 2030 that is worth reading : link

Bonus :
The video below is about Jacob Rothschild showing support for the ecological movement and David de Rothschild deeply 'concerned' about climate change.


Finally, Alice Bailey introduced a 10 Point Plan which is also part of a larger strategy to introduce the NWO system. Those 10 points seems to have been adopted by the United Nations:

Alice Bailey
Alice Bailey's 10 points

Bailey admit that all her books were channeled by a demon that like to call himself ‘Djwhal Khul’, those 10 points surely come from him also. Most of those points are totally anti-Christian and abominations to the one true God (this is not surprising as they originated from a demon). Here is a more in-depth study of those points.

Alice Bailey created the ‘Lucifer Publishing’ company (now renamed ‘Lucis Trust’). ‘Lucis Trust’ is a powerful institution that enjoys "Consultative Status" with the United Nations and give it a close working relationship, including a seat on the weekly sessions, but most importantly, influence with powerful business and national leaders throughout the world. (link).

To know where you are going look where you have been. If we exclude wars, the life in Western society in the past years 1930-1970 was indeed much better than now as the society was more Christian: The husband was able to provide for the whole family with a stable job, easily own a house and a car, music and movies were better, relations between people were natural and healthier, violence and drugs were not widespread, there was not much no-go zone like there is now.

The years 1970-2020 are years of transition and the years of progressive fall of society into Satanism: Even with 2 salaries a family cannot own a house, music slowly became garbage and movies became ultra-violent and sinful, relations between people are often based on superficiality and materialism, violence and drugs has become widespread in the streets.

The years 2020+ will be even worse than the previous ones with the implantation of the New World Order and its full-blow Satanic society as described above. It all happened because we have rejected God and allowed Satanism to grow but the bill is coming soon and the price to pay will be huge.