Illuminati Philanthropy

Some illuminatis believe they must counter-balance their bad deeds with good deeds as they have a strong belief in duality. Between 2 ritual sacrifice, they often parade as giving money for a good cause and get labeled as philanthropists by the mainstream media they own. Philanthropy is the effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind, as by charitable aid or donations. However their philanthropy is so destructive to society that it might be renamed 'philentropy'. Even when doing 'good deeds' they are doing bad deeds, can't help it.

Money is the nerve of this war against humanity so let's follow the money when possible. They are experts at hiding their wealth behind shell company and foundations, they have hidden trusts within secret trusts (It is estimated that they have 3000+ trusts and foundations). The finances of the Rockefellers are so well covered that Nelson Rockefeller did not pay once cent in income tax in 1970. Due to the strong privacy they use, the following grant lists won't be exhaustive. This list also won't include the direct and indirect philanthropy made by companies owned by the illuminatis like BlackRock and Vanguard (that owns with State Street 90% of all S&P 500 firms). Those funds force the companies they invest into to follow strict Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) (link) and promote the New World Order agenda under threat of withdrawing their invested funds if they don't comply. In short, this article is only about the visible part of the iceberg.

Some of those illuminati foundations are the Reynolds Foundations (Z. Smith Reynolds (ZSR), Kate B. Reynolds (KBR), Richard S. Reynolds (RRF), Mary Reynolds Babcock (MRBF)), Duke Endowment, Turner foundation, Carnegie foundation (CF), Rockefeller foundation (RF) (.csv file), Rothschild foundation, Guggenheim foundation, George Soros' Open Society (OSF) (2nd link), the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation (BMGF) (.csv file) to cite a few. All have almost the same goals (officially promote 'equality', ecology etc...). They will be referred by their initials in the coming non-exhaustive selection of 'Grants made by 7 illuminati charities'. We might also have added the Bloomberg Family Foundation which support abortion and gun control.

The illuminatis have shaped our present world to suit their needs by investing in many areas and we can see how it fit their agenda. Any area invested by them have been corrupted and are functioning differently from their intended purposes. The ex-president of the Ford Foundation, Rowan Gaither, revealed that those foundations altered life in the United States so the US can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union aka create a One World Order. All of their philanthropic goals are similar to the UN agenda 30 goals forced on the global population. It might look good on paper but the end-goal is always evil (the road to Hell is paved with good intentions). Many points are copied directly from the book 'Bloodlines of the Illuminati' by Fritz Springmeier.


Education is one the most important area invested by the illuminatis over the years. They have been showering universities and schools with money for decades as long as they brainwashed their students in the desired way. The main goal have always been to remove God from school. Since 1962 and later years, any teaching in school about the Bible have been prohibited, this silent war has been named the 'Separation of church and state in the United States'. Education influences the religious values of its students and needless to say they have been very successful in rising an army of brainwashed nihilists rejecting God and the Bible. It won't have been possible without the official teaching as truth of the Theory of Evolution hoax and the Globe Earth Theory hoax. It won't be surprising if the pseudo-scientific New Age teachings (Which is disguised witchcraft) start to be brought to schools as the next step to children's indoctrination to satanism which is the ultimate goal.


Notice the pentagram on the I

Catholic institutions have been large recipients of grants from foundations connected to the New World Order, recently, Pope Francis directly called for its establishment. It is estimated that as much as 6% of all catholic priests are pedophiles, the Catholic Church sexual abuse cases have always appeared in the news and the Vatican is fully aware of it and never truly condemned it or the priests. The Catholic Church is a mix of paganism and Christianity so it should not surprise anyone. However there are many good people and priests in the Catholic Church but if they truly understood the Bible, they would have quit this sect long ago.
Nowadays, the Catholic Church, the Episcopalian Church, and the Unitarian-Universalist Church are all playing big roles in the New World Order for the satanists. The mormons and jehovah's witnesses are also satanic institutions linked to the illuminatis as proven by Fritz Springmeier and many others.

The goal is the same as for education, lead people away from God and trap them into false religions in order to damn their souls. Modern science taught by the education has become its own false religion that people blindly follow. According to Texe Marrs in his book 'Dark secret of the New Age', in 1988 a survey found than half of 500 corporate presidents and CEO had sponsored some type of New Age 'consciousness raising technique' for their employees. Nowadays meditation and yoga have become widespread in the work culture.
The New Age religion is planned to become the future world-wide religion trough the United Nations. New Age is satanism in disguise sprinkled with messages of peace and love for the wide acceptance to the masses, they worship the god of this world Satan (See 'The Externalization of the Hierarchy' by Alice Bailey).


The illuminatis have successfully shaped the medical sector to suit their needs. The medical industry is very profitable (people would pay anything for health) but it has become the death industry, vaccines are administered early on the children in order to maim them and make them customers for life. History has been re-written as to make people believe vaccines are a miracle from the modern-world. Most modern medicines only treat the symptoms of the disease rather than the root cause of the disease. The health sector is important for the illuminati eugenics goals to reduce and maim the global population. Every injury or death caused by modern medicine is counted as a sacrifice to their false god Satan.


Today's justice is corrupted in favor of the powerful. In USA, it has been corrupted since the beginning as the founders copied the English legal system where anyone with enough money could avoid being charged by settling the case and paying large sums of money to the victims. In other terms, the richest people can do whatever they want as long as they have a full bank account.

But a shift happened recently, modern justice have been corrupted in favor of the identity politic agenda. This create a state of chaos and lawlessness where the victims are punished by the law for defending themselves or their properties while the culprits are free to go with a slap on the wrist and a kiss on the forehead. This create a fertile ground for the planned future riots.


All mainstream media are controlled by the illuminatis (that means Fox News too), simply look how they all blow out of proportion the Covid pandemic for 2 years now and how they will soon do the same with climate change. They squabble on details like the right-left / pro-against Russia / fake opposition but they all agree on the major topics : vaccine, 5G, ecology, man-made climate change, blindly trust the science etc...
Most alternative media are also controlled by the illuminatis (called controlled opposition). They will often denounce the New World Order to gain the trust of their readers but push them to the new age trap (like David Icke) or a false religion (like Archbishop Viganò). It's really a full-blown silent war for the souls out there, that's why they wage such a strong information warfare online.


Prominent politicians are almost all controlled directly by the illuminatis. They won't be in this position if they couldn't be blackmailed and controlled and they would get erased like JFK if they tried. Those include both democrats and republicans so voting for any of those 2 party is totally useless. Many politicians are high-level satanists and pedophiles as Cathie O'brien related in her book 'Trance-Formation of America'. Many voters would puke if they saw who truly are the people they voted for. The illuminatis are moving the political field to the far-let extremism which embrace more the absence of Christian values that characterize satanism.

Identity Politics

"Divide and Conquer", the same old strategy that worked for centuries is still actively applied today and always relying on people's differences. In the case of identity politics, it is the division of humanity itself made in order to control and destroy it. The nazis found a scapegoat in the Jewish people, now the scapegoats have changed. The false enemy created are always at an horizontal level : men vs women, black versus white, liberals vs conservatives, migrants vs non-migrants, straights vs LGBT+, religious vs atheists, ethnicity vs other ethnicity. It is almost never at a vertical level like 99% vs 1% richest. The true Christian message is not a message of division but unity in the body of Christ. Those that fight each others based on their social groups are pawns in the illuminatis and ultimately Satan's hands.


You could Photoshop the head of Soros on her, they support the same things

Modern culture has also been shaped by the illuminatis. Rock & roll was created by the satanic Tavistock institute. Modern music trends like rap, R&B have been engineered by the intelligence community agencies. Hollywood and the movie industry is almost totally under illuminati control and used as a tool to brainwash the masses.

An even darker side of the illuminati involvement in society is related to human and child trafficking with UNICEF and Oxfam for example. Those organizations are front for child trafficking that prey on children from third-world countries and bring some to the western world for prostitution, slavery or ritual sacrifice. The satanists prey on the defenseless and invest in places that could supply them with victims, that is why they invest in foster homes, orphanages, rape crisis center, council on drug abuse etc... If one of their victims escape, they would often go to one of those places for help and get caught again.


Many believe that globalization is a natural process happening by itself but it is wrong. Globalization was engineered by the illuminatis in order to maximize profits (multinational companies benefit mostly from it) and increase their control over the world. Before, countries had to be autonomous and self-sufficient to survive but now they rely on other countries for critical resources. One incident in the well-greased worldwide economic motor is enough to put every countries in a critical survival condition that could only be fixed with a One-World Government taking complete control.


Eugenics has always been of prime importance to the illuminatis. Officially the stated goal is to improve the genetic quality of a human population. It is in reality altering God's creation to become God-like which is practically impossible and forbidden by God since the fall of Adam & Eve. Satan and his demons know this very well and play on human's lust for power to make them fall into this trap. Eugenics also involve the destruction of the weakest human beings which is considered a sacrifice to their false god Satan by them. Eugenics is inherently satanic and part of the New World Order, illuminatis have financed eugenicist organizations like planned parenthood or pro-abortion movement for decades. They have now take it up a notch with the Covid vaccine which is an extermination weapon of mass depopulation.

Technological enslavement

The enslavement of humanity by a minority of wealthy satanists can only be done by the use of military technology and the tacit consent of the masses. Few millions extremely evil humans cannot take control of 8 billions humans without those 2 factors in place. 5G is a military technology that can and is used against the general population as described in the article 'False Technological Miracles'. Their end goal is total mind control and transhumanism (both are linked).

New World Order

All those foundations are pushing the green agenda. They are actively pushing anything related to ecology and low-carbon emission such as renewable energy (which are far more pollutant and inefficient than nuclear energy for example). Our current agriculture emit carbon to produce goods and making it low-carbon emission is equivalent to signing its death sentence and the ones of the billions of people that rely on it to survive. The illuminatis created the man-made climate change hoax in order to legitimize their destructive policies and push for the suicidal net zero carbon emissions goal.

The Rockefeller foundation is funding a project called: 100 Resilient Cities "to help more cities build resilience to the physical, social, and economic challenges". In other terms, they know a Great Crisis is coming (as they orchestrate it) and they coach many cities to survive it and become smart cities of the New World Order network.

It is not like they didn't tell us about it.
Our world have been shaped by the illuminatis who are nothing more than Satan's pawns. The areas discussed above have all been inverted for nefarious purposes, this is classic to satanism that cannot create like God but only pervert God's creation. All areas above are controlled and inverted, preparing the ground for the satanic New World Order takeover as prophesied by Daniel and John in the Bible. We are about to observe this takeover in a matter of years so better be prepared as it will be really tough times.