Hoax - Theory of Evolution

The modern science religion hold to the belief of evolution. Science is knowledge that which can be demonstrated and observed and repeated. Evolution cannot be proved, or even tested; it can only be believed. The 'proofs' of the theory of evolution are from being enough : most fossils used to prove the theory are forged and the theory can easily be scientifically debunked. Nevertheless this unproven theory is seen as the absolute truth nowadays and is taught in school at an early age (brainwashing).

The modern-day scientists hold on to their dogmatism like a drowning man will clutch at a straw and reject any contradictory views. Opposite views are seen as an attack on their core beliefs and, if they were true, it could shatter their whole worldview. Their behaviors are more of a defense mechanism than a scientific one.

This article will debunk the theory of evolution and all so-called 'proofs of it' widely accepted by the atheist community. The following book and this book were full of useful information on the topic. The theory of evolution is one of the hoaxes that deceive people into believing they were not created by God but are just the result of chance as they are straight descendant from monkeys. This is another successful lie from the freemasons made to turn people away from God.

Scientific flaws

Micro Vs Macro evolution

Magical transformation of a cold blood reptile into a warm blood avian

The theory of evolution mixes two things together, one real, one imaginary. The micro evolution and the macro evolution. The micro evolutions are real, animals can adapt to to their environment by means of natural selection. Those are minor variations of an existing phenotype like for example : the types of bird beaks, the colors of moths or frogs, the leg sizes etc...

However there are strict limits to the variations that are never crossed. Whenever variation is pushed to extremes by selective breeding (to get the most milk from cows, sugar from beets, bristles on fruit flies, or any other characteristic), the line becomes sterile and dies out. And as one characteristic increases, others diminish. Evolution theory puts no limit on what mutation/natural selection can invent, saying that everything in nature was invented by it.

Evolutionists want you to believe that changes continue, merging gradually into new kinds of creatures (macro evolutions). This is where the imaginary part of the theory of evolution comes in. It says that new information is added to the gene pool by mutation and natural selection to create frogs from fish, reptiles from frogs, and mammals from reptiles etc... Those intermediary species should be observed today in transitional fossils (fossil remains of groups that exhibit both "primitive" and derived traits e.g. half-fish/half-reptile or half-bird/half-reptile creature). Those macro evolutions are supposed to happen over tens of thousands of generations. Needless to say it has never been observed in real life.

A recent gene survey found that the overwhelming majority of species in existence today emerged at about the same time. Only micro-evolutions were made untill now.

Charles Darwin
"If my theory be true, numberless intermediate varieties, linking most closely all of the species of the same group together must assuredly have existed … Consequently evidence of their former existence could be found only amongst fossil remains."

Darwin himself knew no such transitional forms had been discovered and hoped that they would be found in the future. He even admitted that these missing intermediate forms were the biggest stumbling-block for his theory. He called it "the most obvious and gravest objection which can be urged against my theory.".
The world should be filled with millions, even billions, of those transitional fossils. According to the highly biased wikipedia 'List of transitional fossils', there is around 200 of those transitional species found, many are not transitional at all and most of them are fake as we will see in the following chapters.

Thermodynamics laws Vs Evolution

The theory of evolution is proven false by entropy, the second law of thermodynamics. It is a fact that systems left to their own devices tend to become corrupted, disordered and dispersed over time. All things, living or not, wear out, deteriorate and decay. They do NOT spontaneously come together over time, in incredibly implausible combinations creating diverse, complex and beautiful living forms. Evolution supposes things become more ordered, more structured and more complex over time, but from rust to mold to rotting corpses, nature is everywhere at odds with such a notion.

(From link) Evolutionists still may insist that the law of increasing entropy does not preclude evolution since biological systems are “open” systems and can draw enough energy from the sun to support an upward evolution. That is nonsense, however, since the equations of thermodynamics clearly show that an influx of raw heat energy (as from the sun) into any open system (say, like the earth) will increase the entropy (or decay) of that system more rapidly than if it were an isolated system.

Fred Hoyle compared the odds that all the multi-faceted and multi-functional parts of a cell could coincidentally come together and create life analogous to "a tornado sweeping through a junk-yard and assembling a Boeing 747 from the materials therein!". The likelihood of life forming from inanimate matter is one to a number with 40,000 zeros after it power which is basically impossible to any sound mind. Any odds are good for those that wish to reject God.

Carbon dating flaws

All fossils are dated using carbon dating or using a similar methodology. Carbon dating is entirely ineffective in measuring time. It is ineffective with relatively short periods of time, but the maximum amount of years it can be used for is 40,000 years. So we have 'experts' that tell us that dinosaurs supposedly existed 65 to 245 million years ago according to a method that is totally unreliable after for predicting after 40,000 years.

Many tests have proved the flaws of carbon dating. In the 1980s, a rusted-out tool identified as a hammer from the 1920s was found in a Texas riverbed, it was carbon dated to be around 20,000 years old. Some living Snails were dated as being 27,000 years old.

Dinosaurs defy physics & logic

Many of the dinosaurs that have been invented couldn't even have existed as their existence go against the laws of physics. The extinction-level event that is supposed to be an asteroid that wiped the dinosaurs of the surface of the Earth is also bogus. Many of those contradictions were found in this link.

Blatant forgeries

Haeckel postulated that human and animal embryos experience a miniature form of the entire evolutionary impulse during their development in the womb, displaying first characteristics of fish, then reptile, and lastly mammalian or human. It has long been eliminated from scientific literature, but many people and popular sources still unknowingly quote and believe in Haeckel’s fraudulent work. This was still taught in my biology class at school.

Haeckel was charged with fraud by 5 professors and convicted by a university court at Jena where he admitted that several of his drawings were forgeries, that he was merely filling in missing links where evidence was thin, and that hundreds of his contemporaries were guilty of the same charge.

Fake fossils

The overwhelming majority of skeletons found are incomplete in one way or another. The only complete 'dinosaur skeleton' ever discovered is one of Scelidosaurus. Scientists have to piece together parts from various specimens to get the full picture of what dinosaurs or ape-men looked like. Some paleontologists had a very wild imagination when they invented an entire dinosaur out of a random femur bone or teeth (maybe drugs were involved, who knows). Needless to say that it is impossible to reconstruct an entire hypothetical ancient animal based on a few teeth. It is most probable that the few bones that have been found belonged to other animals.

There is pressure for academics to publish papers (many created forged fossils to advance the evolution theory). Museums are in the business of producing displays that are popular and appealing. Movie producers and the media need to produce material to sell to stay in business. Hollywood is Illuminati controlled and made many movies to reinforce the deception in the public's mind.

Most of the dinosaur fossils are "in storage" for safe keeping and may be accessed only by qualified personnel. All the museum displays, models, mannequins, cartoons, and movies of prehistoric monsters are all imaginative reconstructions based on incomplete skeletons arranged in a manner paleontologists believe to be most realistic. Furthermore, the skeletons exhibited in museums are all admittedly intricate fabrications made of plaster, fiberglass, various epoxies, and other animal bones, not original fossils.

"Dinosaur bones" sell for a lot of money at auctions. In 2020, a T. Rex fossil sold for 31.8 million USD, many supposed dinosaur specimens sold at auction with prices generally much higher than 100,000 USD each. Many online website are specialized in the dinosaur fossil sale with high price tags. It is a profitable business and most (if not all) of the fossils are forged. There are strong incentives to create fake fossils and sell it for a huge sum of money, all it take is stone, plastic, bones or plasters and good craftsman skills. Fake fossils have plagued paleontology for decades. Carbon dating is so unreliable that a forgery could easily pass to be 100 millions old.


Dinosaur fossils were never found before 1842 and were found only after the concept of dinosaur was invented. Only around 2100 dinosaur bones sets have been discovered worldwide, only 15 incomplete Tyrannosaurus Rex bone sets have been found. These dinosaur bone sets have never formed a complete skeleton, but from these incomplete bones sets, paleontologists have constructed a hypothesis about the appearance of the whole skeleton. If thousands of longnecks and large carnivorous reptiles had really roamed Earth, we wouldn't only have found 2100 dinosaur bone sets, but millions of bones, with ordinary people tripping over them when digging in their vegetable patches.

Most dinosaur fossils have been found by just a handful of professionals, nearly all in a few select locations around the world, such as Argentina and Utah. Whatever destination these establishment-funded archaeologists and paleontologists set, it seemed they found incredible numbers of fossils in tiny areas. In one of the largest dinosaur excavation sites, called the Ruth Mason Quarry, over 2,000 fossils were allegedly discovered.

China, the country with the most counterfeit production in the world, has become the hub for fake fossil production. One of the largest and most-renowned suppliers of fake dinosaurs is the Zigong Dino Ocean Art Company in Sichuan, China which provides natural history museums worldwide with ultra-realistic dinosaur skeletons made from real bones. They even created their own museum showcasing their forgeries. Alan Feduccia, University of North Carolina Paleontology Professor also stated : "I have heard there is a fake-fossil factory in northeast China, in Liaoning Province, near the deposits where many of these recent alleged feather dinosaurs were found.".

No authentic feathers have ever been found with dinosaur fossils, though a few exposed hoaxes certainly attempted to fake it. Dr. Olson, a Smithsonian Institute Scientist, called the adding of feathers to their findings "hype, wishful thinking, propaganda, nonsense fantasia, and a hoax.".
Dr. Storrs Olson also wrote : "The idea of feathered dinosaurs and the theropod origin of birds is being actively promulgated by a cadre of zealous scientists acting in concert with certain editors at Nature and National Geographic who themselves have become outspoken and highly biased proselytizers of the faith. Truth and careful scientific weighing of evidence have been among the first casualties in their program, which is now fast becoming one of the grander scientific hoaxes or our age."

In the 1990s many fossils with feathers were supposedly discovered in China (suspiciously close to the Zigong Dino Ocean Art Company), but when examined by Dr. Timothy Rowe, he found that the so-called "Confuciusornis" was an elaborate hoax.
He also found the "Archeoraptor" supposedly discovered in the 90s was composed of bones from 5 different animals (His findings are similar to the ones made by Dr. Xu Xing). When Dr. Rowe presented his findings to National Geographic, the head scientist reportedly remarked "well all of these have been fiddled with!". National Geographic then proceeded with their news conferences and media stories about the "Archeoraptor" fossils being genuine and having found the missing link in evolution.
The "Archeopteryx" is also suspected to be a simple extinct bird, its fossil is suspected of being a forgery.


There is no fossil evidence to support the "ape-man" image, which is unceasingly promulgated by the media and evolutionist academic circles and their drawings correspond to no matching fossils. Due to lack of evidence, many crooked scientists make fraudulent attempts to justify the theory of evolution with those invented ape-men. It is sadly believed by an unsuspecting public that blindly trust the 'experts' and are often too busy to dig into the question.
The coming list of debunked ape-men comes from this link and link.


This fossil, discovered in Africa in 1974, was widely esteemed by evolutionists and was the subject of some of the most intensive speculation.
Recently it has been revealed that Lucy (A. afarensis) had an anatomy ideally suited to climbing trees and was no different from other apes we are familiar with.
Yet Lucy has been Evolutionism's poster child. Very creatively designed sculptures of Lucy appear in museums, and these sculptures are hoaxes, not following the obvious ape-like bone structures, but rather dishonestly presenting Lucy as if she had human-like bone structures

Taung Child

A fossil skull discovered by Raymond Dart in South Africa in 1924 was initially depicted as a supposed ancestor of man.
However, contemporary evolutionists can no longer maintain that it represents such an ancestor because it subsequently transpired that the skull belonged to a young gorilla. The famous anatomist Bernard Wood stated that this fossil constitutes no evidence in favor of evolution in an article published in New Scientist magazine.


A partial jawbone, consisting of two parts, was discovered by G.E. Lewis in India in the 1930s. Based on these two jaw bone fragments, claimed to be 14 million years old, evolutionists reconstructed Ramapithecus’s family and supposed natural habitat.
For fifty years, the fossil was portrayed as an ancestor of Man but following the results of a 1981 anatomical comparison with a baboon skeleton, evolutionists were forced to quietly set it aside.


Australopithecines are a group of extinct apes closely related to modern chimpanzees and orangutans. Although many evolutionists use the remains of these extinct apes to try to prove human evolution, the weight of scientific evidence indicates clearly that australopithecines, such as Ardipithecus (ARDI) and Australopithecus Afarensis (LUCY), were only primeval apes and not the evolutionary ancestors of humankind.

Orce Man hominid

On May 14, 1984, a single skull was found near the village of Orce in Spain. Based on this one bone some over eager scientists again took artistic freedom and reconstructed an entire man from this single bone, and promoted it as the oldest example of man in Eurasia. It was later identified as that of a young donkey.

Heidelberg Man

In spite of the jawbone’s strong similarity to a human jawbone, Hartmann decided to give its owner a special name and put him in "a species of his own". Hartmann created a new human species out a normal jawbone.

Nebraska Man

A single tooth was all it took for evolutionists to come up with this drawing picture.
The pig it belonged to is a species of pig called "prosthennops serus", this pig was found still alive in Paraguay in 1972 (though it was alleged to be 6 million years old!).

Piltdown Man

In 1912, a well-known doctor and amateur paleoanthropologist named Charles Dawson came out with the assertion that he had found a jawbone and a cranial fragment in a pit in Piltdown, England. Even though the jawbone was more ape-like, the teeth and the skull were like a man’s. The fossils became known as Piltdown Man. These specimens were labeled the “Piltdown man”. Alleged to be 500,000 years old, they were displayed as an absolute proof of human evolution in several museums.

After almost 40 years later, in 1953, Piltdown Man was exposed as a forgery. One man discovered that the skull was actually from a modern human and that the jawbone and teeth were from an orangutan. The teeth had been filed down to make them look human. The bones and teeth had been chemically treated (and sometimes even painted) to give them the appearance of being ancient.

Java Man – Pekin Man

Fossils discovered on the islands of Java in 1891 and 1892 were given the name Java Man (Pithecanthropus erectus). Fossils discovered near Peking (Beijing) in 1923-1927 were given the name Pekin Man (Sinanthropus pekinensis).
In 1939, however, two experts, Ralph von Koenigswald and Franz Weidenreich, revealed that both were actually normal human beings. And Ernst Mayr from Harvard University had classified both as human in 1944.

Neanderthal Man

After a skull was discovered in the Neander Valley in 1856 by Prof. Protsch, evolutionists suggested that Neanderthals were primitive ape-men. To make matters worst, the skull was dated at 36,000 years old, allowing it to fall neatly into the evolutionists’ timeline between Neanderthals and modern man.
Later it was found that the fossil was actually the remains of a modern man afflicted with rickets and osteoporosis.

Masonic Deception

Darwin's Vow of Silence

Again, the only ones with the will and power to launch successfully a worldwide hoax of this size are the illuminatis and the freemasons.

Freemasonic records state that Charles Darwin’s grandfather Erasmus Darwin was a philosopher, scientist and physician who advanced ideas on evolution back in the 18th century. Before coming to Derby in 1788, Dr. Darwin had been made a mason in the famous Time Immemorial Lodge of Cannongate Kilwinning No. 2 of Scotland. He also maintained close connections to the jacobin masons in France and Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminati. His grandson Charles Darwin was certainly also initiated into freemasonry as advertised by the masons themselves on one of their website. From the moment his theory was proposed, he received the support that came from the social classes and groups whose nucleus was made up of masons.

At last here was a "scientific" justification to support the Hindu belief in evolution. Some transcendentalists, who had looked to Eastern religious thought, had already adopted evolution, before Darwin. But it had been a mystical notion, now evolution had the blessings of the scientific community. Co-discover of the evolutionary theory with Charles Darwin was Sir William Crookes of the Theosophical Society. Anyone familiar with the Theosophical Society knows they believe in Hinduism. Another co-creator of the theory of evolution, Alfred Russel Wallace was a spiritist and admirer of the medium Daniel Dunglas Home.

The group of scientists who claimed to have discovered the dinosaurs were almost all from the same community : the English Oxbridge Anglicans. The Anglicans, through their avowed unitarianism and deism, were strongly biased in favor of any theory of the natural world that disproved the Bible. All of them hate Christianity and were determined to destroy it. Freemasonry already infiltrated and directed the Anglican church in England, Scotland and Ireland. Richard Owen, the man who inventor the dinosaur, was also a despicable human being who alienated almost everyone around him and used his power to take credit for anything he could (See link and link). It's interesting to see how much dirt the 'modern-day heroes' like Owen, Pasteur or Jenner have on them when you start digging a little.

Fossil fuel hoax

The illuminatis are also directly involved in the deception. The illuminati Carnegie family nowadays heavily push for the theory of evolution in their museums. In 1892, a convention in Geneva discussed and defined what an organic substance actually was. The Rockefellers (major oil producer) sent over a group of scientists to convince the convention to accept oil as an organic substance. From this deception the oil cartel could present oil as a scarce resource to inflate and control the price of oil and at the same time reinforce the dinosaur / evolution hoax. Col Fletcher Prouty explains how the con happened in the video below :

It is not common knowledge but Darwin was heavily influenced by the eugenicist Thomas Malthus. Malthus’ Principle of Population caused Darwin to rethink many issues while coming up with his theory of natural selection and the importance of overpopulation. Malthusianism advocates for the death of the unfit (the poor) and the survival of the fittest (the rich). Neo-Malthusianism (which is what the New World Order is about) is 'the advocacy of human population planning to ensure resources and environmental integrities for current and future human populations as well as for other species' aka a full-blown dictatorship to save the Earth by reducing humanity (That's were the man-made climate change hoax is necessary to advance the agenda).

It was social darwinism (and satanism) that inspired the brutal murder of 100 millions people during the 20th century. Dictators like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao and PolPot were all devout followers of Charles Darwin's evolutionary theories because they lowered human beings to the mere level of animals to be taken and destroyed on a whim. The thoery of evolution teaches us that only the fit survive, that one is superior if he survives by any means (even if it is going full satanic).
There is nowadays a strong push by the establishment to humanize animals (Disney movies with talking animals) and give animals the same rights as humans (PETA, Animal advocacy parties), while at the same time another push to animalize humans (Darwin's theory make us mere monkeys, the furry madness, the media push for this narrative and also the music industry)

Anything is made to deceive people and lead them astray as far away from God as possible. The New World Order see people as animals and slaves ready to be used, abused and discarded at will. Sadly, many people will accept this condition and become mere beasts and their fate will be sealed when they receive the mark of the beast. The others might understand that they are God's creation and not animals, human beings made in the image of God and here on Earth for a purpose. We all have 'animalistic impulses' but being human and walking with God is controlling oneself and living holy.