Hidden Messages in Movies / TV Shows

Hidden in plain sight

Movies have a strong suggestive power to the masses and have been proved countless time to influence the public. Movies often have hidden message or goals and were produced for another purpose than just make money (When you own trillions and create money out of thin air, making money is not your priority). Their most important goal is to shape the population's world view.

For example when we think about dinosaurs, we might have an image of a dinosaur straight from Jurassic park. When we think of UFOs, we might think of E.T. When we think of a witch, we might think of Harry Potter.
Despite we never saw any of those in the real-world, our conceptions of it have already been shaped by Hollywood. None will dare try to disprove that the conceptions are wrong by fear of others reactions (brainwashed masses).

How could the evolution theory be wrong if Hollywood makes constant Jurassic Park movies about it ?
Witches are just friendly people like you and I as seen in Harry Potter or Bewitched. It is impossible to imagine they partake in animal to human sacrifices, drugs, whipping and sex magic.
Of course outer-space exist, haven't you seen the movie Gravity and the NASA CGI footages ?
Of course UFOs are real, the probability that other life forms exist in the entire galaxy is huge. Many movies like Aliens, E.T., war of the world showed us that some are good and some are bad.
If we all think the same thing then we must be right, no?

The main goal of this giant propaganda machine is first and foremost to make people reject God (YHWH) and damn many to Hell. It is also done for predictive programming using movies as a mass mind control tool to make the population enclined to believe in planned future events like a fake UFO invasion or accept a slow but steady fall into Satanic society.
How many ideas or beliefs that you have now came for or were reinforced after watching movies?


Monarch mind control

Many of the movie's hidden meanings refer to MK Ultra programming (mostly Monarch) so here is a simple definition:

Mk Ultra programming are a set of horrible Satanic methods used by the military to create mind-controlled slaves, they continue the past work of Mengele. Despite what is officially written, it hasn't stopped and it is still actively practiced nowadays to program countless victims as slaves such as sex-slaves, Manchurian candidates for murder, messengers, illegal pornography, propaganda etc... This is done mostly in US military bases. One should read 'Thanks for the memories' by Brice Taylor, 'Trance-Formation of America' by Cathie O'brien or Cisco Wheeler Interview to understand how it works but it is not for the faint of heart. It involves to repetitively traumatize young children (2 year old+), mostly women, so that they develop multiple personality disorders that can be programmed at will by the handler e.g. 1 personality to be a sex-slave, 1 personality to be a messenger, 1 personality to perform Satanic rituals etc... A demon of mind control is summoned in the victim to facilitate the process. One can read more about it in the book 'The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Controlled Slave' by Fritz Springmeier.

Here is a list of what some famous movies and their hidden message :

List of movies / TV Shows

Movie Hidden meaning
Metropolis (1927)
An interesting movie made by and for the Illuminatis. It portray the apocalypse but according to their own views. The elements are Hel (the robot), the Messiah as Freder, the Antichrist as the mad doctor bringing Hel on Earth, the mother of Harlots as the virgin Maria (she might also represent the Catholic church), the tower of Babel, Moloch feeding on the workers etc... The city Metropolis represents their view of the New World Order, a highly futuristic city where the parasitic elites spend their time in leisure while the rest of the working population are seen as primitive gruff killing themselves at work. A utopia for them is a dystopia for you.

In the end the self-appointed Messiah fight the Antichrist and win, he will then create the dialogue between the Satanic elites and the population and restore peace. So in their own views, the Babel tower and the Satanic elites remains while what will truly happen in real-life is the destruction of the NWO & Satanic elites by God's wrath and the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ that will rule earth for 1000 years.

The movie is filled with masonic/satanic symbols like compass, hidden hands, pentagram and inverted pentagram, one eye sign etc...
Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland (1951)
In MK Ultra programming, they usually trick the victims into believing they live in an alternate reality and they use famous Disney movies like Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz for it (Although now they might use more recent ones). They force the kids to watch the same movies multiples times everyday in order for them to assimilate every single concept of it as truth.

They often drug the kids with hallucinogens to create the feeling of being constantly dreaming and to blur the lines of reality. Alice in Wonderland is one of those movies and relates in truth to the story of a poor MK Ultra slave constantly under drugs living in Wonderland, a world without logic like the one he/she is trapped in (where pain is pleasure and pleasure is pain, where spin torture is often made and you can be punished for no reasons).
The Day the Earth Stood Still
The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)
The movie push for the Human are destructive by nature hoax which is totally bogus :
  • Climate warming is an hoax (the true non-biased scientists opinions are always censored)
  • Many destructive wars or genocides would never have happened if it wasn't for the Rothschild's will (Satan's proxies)
  • The US government is behind most illegal traffic (human, drugs, guns etc..) in their own country as discovered by John McAfee and Gary Webb before getting 'suicided' (Remember Contra ?)
  • 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emission
  • The entire world population could all fit in Alaska and living with still large habitable space.
The truth is Satanists have gained almost total control of the world and are the ones responsible for the majority of the destruction seen today. The huge majority of the population never shown in the media simply aspire to a peaceful life.

The movie also push for the future Alien deception coming. In the movie, aliens want to destroy humanity for their own good which sound very familiar and similar to the actual Illuminati plan of reducing world population of 70% by 2030.
Star Wars
Star Wars (1977)
Star Wars push for the alien deception, the outer space hoax, the fake notion of duality of Good vs Evil as if they were balanced (In the real-world they are not, God is almighty and Satan is nothing compared to him). It also normalize witchcraft: the force is the name given by witches to the magic powers.

Apparently after watching this movie, millions of children and teens tried to practice witchcraft according to Lance Collins. If you just try it once, you become automatically written in Satan's book of death.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)
The movie push the alien deception, here coming friendly to study and communicate with us. In the real-world those are demons and are quite the opposite of friendly.
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
Push for the alien deception, this time being friendly to humans but in the real-world those would be evil demons. In the poster we can see the hand of E.T. touching the finger of a man. It is a parody of the chapel Sixtine ceilings where God touches the hand of Adam. Despite the fact that it is strictly forbidden to make any image of God (another heresy of the Catholic church), this parody symbolically mean that God is an E.T. and that he created humanity. This lie will be part of project blue-beam to deceive humanity.
Labyrinth (1986)
The young girl in the movie is suffering MK Ultra programming all through the movie. The baby is used against her in order to hurt her emotionally and force her to do things she would have never normally done to protect him (They often threaten a mother to kill her baby if she doesn't comply with their orders). The labyrinth shows the various torture she has to suffer in order to shatter her mind and become a slave. sexual abuse, torture, eating feces, drugs etc... Here is more in-depth explanation : link.
Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park (1993)
The movie push for the dinosaurs hoax and at the same time the unproven evolution theory but it also promotes that humans can become creators like God. This book explains very well the evolution Satanic deception. We can't even find a decent Australopithecus fossil like Lucy without missing part which we lived supposedly 3.2 millions years ago, but they expect us to believe that there are still perfectly preserved dinosaur fossils like the Archaeopteryx one from 150 millions years ago. Many of those recent fake dinosaurs created are transitional species that conveniently push for the evolution theory that dinosaurs moved to birds.
Independance Day
Independence Day (1996)
The movie push for the future alien deception coming. In it, humanity win because it is united and thank to the sacrifice of one brave Jewish man. In other words, when facing an external threat like UFOs, a one-world-government (NWO) will be the solution in order to repel the enemy. This idea has been planed for a long time as Reagan already made numerous references about it : video YT.
Fight Club
Fight Club (1999)
Edward Norton is in fact a MK Ultra victim programmed with the Janus end-times programming.
He is programmed to create anarchy and chaos once triggered by the handlers.
Brad Pitt is the alter created in order to carry on the destruction.
The ending of the movie represents the destruction of the original society as orchestrated by the Illuminatis in order to 6uild 6back 6etter and replace it with their Luciferian Brave New World Order ('order out of chaos'). Countless people in the US have been programmed like the main protagonist (the victims of Alien abductions) and might get triggered and giving commands silently using the radio-waves Voice2Skull technology with the 5G antennas.
The Matrix
The Matrix (1999)
The 1st Matrix movie serve multiple purpose but it is principally about the initiation of a newcomer to Freemasonry:

The red & blue pills represent the red & blue masonic lodges.
Once he took the pill he wakes up to the horrible reality of the world, in reality the Freemason initiate will understand that we live in a Satanic world and we are prey for demons.
Right after he is awaken a machine strangle him, it corresponds to the masonic rite when the initiate is blindfolded with a noose around his neck signifying he will be killed if he ether reveal the secrets told to him.
Trough the movie, Neo will gain supernatural powers given to him by demons.
At the end of the movie, he die and is resurrected which represent the mason rebirth rite.
He becomes God-like at the end which one of the goal promised to the initiates by the lodges.

There is also a strong inspiration of the Gnostic texts with a Neo representing the Messiah, agent Smith is the Antichrist, Cypher is Judas, Zion is a imagined representation of Hell (Some Satanists believe they will party in Hell for an eternity once the Apocalypse has passed instead of being tortured for an eternity).

The movie also serve the new age deception by putting seeds of the idea into people's mind that we live in a fake holographic world (also pushed by David Icke). The Wachowsky brothers turned sisters and changed their genders to ascend in Satanism by becoming male and female like their false god Baphomet as explained in the post: The Truth about Transgenderism.
Fantasia 2000
Fantasia 2000 (2000)
The Fantasia movie is nothing more than the MK Ultra programming of Mickey mouse as very well explained in this page. There are reference to spin torture, Monarch programming (seen with the butterflies), dissociation, going over the rainbow (Wizard of Oz reference when one's mind dissociate from his/her body), astral projection, electro-shocks, water torture etc... It also push for evolution theory with the dinosaur sequence.
A.I. Artificial Intelligence
A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)
The movie is a push for transhumanism. In it, AI robots can be seen as more human than most humans of the movie with complex feeling and a strong determination. As you get attached to the little boy trough the story, the difference between robots and humans are blurred in the end which is exactly one of the Illuminati goals in order to robotize humanity, the technology is already there, they just need to apply their plans. Also in the end, the robot child is rescued by UFOs so that also push for the alien deception.
Monsters, Inc.
Monsters, Inc. (2001)
Analysis taken from 'Angel of Light'. The Holy Spirit talked to Scott Boyd after he watched this movie and warned him that this movie shouldn't be watched by children. Fallen angels (demons) can disguise as monsters and enter in contact with the kids (Apparently demons often target children, an easy target, naive and that hardly control themselves, and more importantly that is pure and innocent). The kids will bond with them thinking they are friendly creatures like the one seen in the movie. This movie kind of give demons the good role which they don't have in real life.

There is also an even darker side related to Adenochrome harvesting which I let you discover by yourself (sadly it exists), an analysis of the movie regarding this theme was made here.
Harry Potter
Harry Potter (2001)
Harry Potter is obviously normalizing witchcraft. Old times witches have always been considered as evil and for very good reasons (witch come from wicked), one can read Wicca Satans Little White Lie to understand it better.

Those movies and TV shows about witchcraft are a PR exercise to make witchcraft seems cool and innocent. It will push many kids and teens to try practice it once, trying even once will put you straight into Satan's book of the dead and you might get cursed and attacked by demons.
Freaky Friday
Freaky Friday (2003)
The main message of most feel-good comedies like this one involving conflicts in a family between children and parents are that in the end, parents should comply to their children's demands and adapt because society is changing and so should they.

Of course, the movie doesn't mention that the society is becoming more and more Satanic by the day and that it is better for your family to be more conservative or that kids are easily brainwashed, don't really know right from wrong and their personality are easily molded by the same Satanic society.

The Old Testament's commandment from God of respecting your parents isn't respected anymore and the old ones submit to the young ones.
Bewitched (2005)
This movie is another PR exercise at normalizing witchcraft, Samantha being the kind little witch you could present to your parents. The real-world witches are more into animal to human sacrifices, idolatry, drugs, whipping and sex magic but those parts didn't make it into the show weirdly. Must read on the subject: Wicca Satans Little White Lie.
War of the Worlds
War of the Worlds (2005)
This movie foreshadow the coming alien deception as explained in project blue-beam by Serge Monast. It consist of a fake alien invasion orchestrated by the military with the addition of special effects made in order to scare the global population, create traumatic experiences (it is easier to reprogram the masses after a trauma), create chaos and unite the global population against a common enemy which the NWO will fight.
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)
Movie pushing for the alien deception. In the end of this movie, it is explained that aliens are the creators of humanity and that they helped us technologically develop into what we are today. This foreshadow the coming alien deception and the coming lie of good aliens coming to Earth to rescue us (the new agers call them Pleiadians and Nordics).
WALL-E (2008)
This movie push for the lie that humanity is destructive by nature (which is wrong as explained for the movie 'The Day the Earth Stood Still') and that Earth will be destroyed by humans if they don't change. The movie pushed for the ecology hoax, the climate change hoax, the outer space hoax and the idea that technology is the solution to all our problems with the robots cleaning Earth. It also show robots experiencing human emotions which is a push for the transhumanism agenda.
Twilight (2008)
The movie is normalizing demons, werewolves and vampires by passing them as cute & conflicted teenagers (In sharp contrast with the old movies like Dracula from 1931 and 1992). Similar thing are done with Hotel Transylvania, Dracula Untold, Monster Inc etc... There is a strong push from Hollywood to normalize monsters specially to kids. That might be laughable for some until you realize that vampires and werewolves might actually exist in the real-world as explained by Elaine Lee in He Came to Set the Captives Free. Some legends might have a basis of truth. Demons and some witches have the capacity to shape-shift into anything just like those monsters.
Race to Witch Mountain
Race to Witch Mountain (2009)
This movie foreshadow the coming alien deception and the lie that there is a fight between good and bad UFOs (Pleiadians and Nordics vs Reptilians and Greys in new age terms, in real all UFOs are evil demons). There are multiple reports of alien abduction stopped by Born-Again Christians that called Jesus Christ for help.
Knowing (2009)
The movie foreshadow the coming alien deception and the lie that they could save humanity from the Apocalypse. At the end of the movie, the childrens are taken away in an interstellar ark to another planet looking like Paradise where the Tree of Life can be seen. That pushes for the deception that God the creator is in fact an alien and that the upcoming rapture will be done using spaceships to save the worthy. There are also reference to numerology, astrology and demonic voices (signs of possession).
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010)
This movie bring back the old Arthurian legends to our present day. Those are cherished by witches who sincerely believe in it (From 'Lucifer Dethroned'). The movie obviously normalize witchcraft and once again when there is witchcraft or other deception, Nicolas Cage is present.
Inception (2010)
This movie also refer to MK ultra programming. The group of the main protagonist will drug and implement ideas in the subconscious level of the victim's head (In the real world they would use hypnosis, it is very effective and sometimes used against activists to make them stop the fight). Also the concept of dream is always used to blur the reality in the victim's mind who never know if they are dreaming or awake.
Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch (2011)
A very sad movie also about MK Ultra programming.
The main protagonist Babydoll is traumatized and abused by her father.
Her sister is abused too and that further Babydoll's trauma due to her emotional bonds with her.
Babydoll get sold to become a sex-kitten slave. In reality, the MK Ultra victims often come from monstrous family like this (See 'Trance-Formation of America' by Cathie O'brien)
Babydoll will enter in alternate reality to shield herself from the brutality of the real-world as her handlers abuse her. Babydoll is not dancing but she is sexually abused. Entering alternate reality like this is a defence mechanism made by the victim in order to cope with reality.
In the end, the ultimate mind control technique is applied when she has a lobotomy.

There are many reference to butterflies (Monarch programming), broken mirrors (shattered personality). Here is another description of the movie.

This movie is sold as having a feminist empowering woman message but is in fact the exact opposite. Also Vanessa Hudgens (like many Disney young stars) is very probably a real-life sex kitten like Babydoll (Notice her butterfly tattoo that could mean she had the MK Ultra Monarch programming).
The Hunt (2012)
The message of the movie is basically that you should doubt the children testimonies in pedophilia investigation. The kids are often telling the truth like in Outreau but the Freemason 'justice' will do anything it can to protect the Satanist pedophiles. The fraud Freud (whose grandson is a pedophile) also made the same work by inventing that innocent kids are basically sexual pervert (Polymorphous perversity) that only dream of sleeping with their moms and killing their dads (Oedipus complex).
Frozen (2013)
The movie has a strong rebellion message as often present in Disney movies. The message is that you should be yourself no matter what or in other words that you don't need to conform to society social norms & rules. The song 'Let it go' is adored by the gays and might have inspired many in coming out, you have to let go of everything society will think about you.

But in the end, those rules which Disney gladly suggest your kids to transgress are often social norms coming from the Bible made by God in order to protect us. The movie also contains the classic feminist message that no husband is needed to be happy, by extension you don't need a real family either.
Her (2013)
A story about a man falling in love with an AI talking with a woman's voice. The man even become jealous at the end when everyone is allowed to download the same AI that he was beta-testing. That is pushing for the transhumanism agenda and blurring the lines between men and machines. One of their goals is to robotize humanity but first they need to change the mentalities by making us believe that human are just simple biological machine and that robot are capable to develop emotions and human feelings. That is an insult to God's much more complex creation and a push for the deception that humans can become God-like and create life too.
Maleficent (2014)
The movie has a strong Satanic and paganic message.
Maleficient is the protector of the forest which is a direct reference to Druidism.
Maleficient has her wings clawed just like Lucifer after falling from Heaven (supposedly God removed Lucifer's wings in the Satanist's belief).
Her 2 horns refer to the horned false god Baphomet.
In the end of the movie, she end up killing by accident the one that removed her wings

The word maleficia means 'evil misfortune caused by witches'
The movie basically make you sympathize for her and explain to you how she became evil because she suffered a lot during her life. This is an obvious direct reference to Lucifer/Satan, who often portray himself as the poor victim of God's wrath that only wished to bring the light of knowledge to humanity. This version of the story is sadly believed by many Satanists (The truth is always inverted by Satan). Without Satan's deception, we would still live happily in Eden.
Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)
The movie foreshadow the riots and insanity that will take place once technology and demons are unleashed on the masses (possibly at the end or after we reach the 4th Seal of the Apocalypse). At the end of the movie, people become insane because of 'neurological waves' from satellites and start to riot or kill anyone. Riots are planned to happen by the Illuminati so that people destroy their own government/society. Like a rising Phoenix from the ashes of the old system, the NWO will then take full control of the Earth (There won't be any real opposition anymore). For more details about how demons and technology work in pairs, you can see this point.

We can also see a glimpse of the Martyr phase (5th Seal of the Apocalypse) when Hart kill all of the parishioners present in a church once he had been triggered.
Tomorrowland (2015)
This movie is another dream of the Illuminati that will never happen and thank God for that It is similar to the movie Metropolis in the themes.

Tomorrowland represent the New World Order as an utopia, very advanced technology-wise.
The Plus Ultra society are the Illuminatis that wish to create the NWO.
The elect who received the lapel pin and that will build the NWO are the high-degree Freemason (think Masonic ring instead).
God is symbolized by David (As a Kind David reference) that warned the population many times that they must change their ways or the Apocalypse will come.
Because the population didn't change their ways, David decided to let the Apocalypse happen.
David is killed at the end by the character named Athena (a pagan deitiy so it is another name for Satan).
The Apocalypse foretold by David/God is avoided and the Satanic NWO persist.

This movie is basically Disney telling you right to your face that Satan will win against God in the end times, that the wicked of the world will avoid God's wrath and that Satan will reign on Earth unmatched.
Inside Out
Inside Out (2015)
This movie depicts humans as robot-like controlled by few basic emotions (5). That depiction surely help the transhumanism agenda and its goal to robotize humanity by changing our perception of humanity as quite basic biological robots.
Zootopia (2016)
This movie foreshadow of future epidemic attacks (Covid and else).
Zootopia could refer to the NWO, a technologically advanced society in caste system.
The victim of the night howlers toxins might be MK Ultra Janus end-times programmed victims or poisoned victims that will turn savage once triggered.
The main villain can be characterized as a wolf in sheep clothing, this is a direct reference to the Fabian society (a Satanic society whose goal is to push for the NWO).
Split (2016)
Yet another MK Ultra movie.
McAvoy is a MK Ultra victim that developed Multiple Personalty Disorder trough years of abuse as a child. The 23 different personalities are all alters created by the handlers and some of those personalities (if not all) might be demons taking successive control of him.
The most interesting alter is called the Beast which is clearly a powerful demon. In the end, when McAvoy is controlled by it, he displays enhanced strength, animalistic tendencies and invulnerability to gun shots. The beast decide not to kill the young girl because she also was abused as a child and might also be heavily possessed like him.

Mc Avoy tell the following about the beast : "The Beast is a sentient creature who represents the highest form of humans' evolution. He believes the time of ordinary humanity is over.". The psychologist also believe people with MDP are the next step of evolution.

This movie try to make the MK Ultra programming as a benefit to humanity and the next step in evolution. Having Schizophrenia and being heavily possessed might be trendy in the NWO.
Moana (2016)
A movie pushing for the ecology hoax, a strong feminist message and that human's greed is destroying the planet.
The goddess Te Fiti represent the pagan mother Gaia, she decided to destroy earth because of the demi-god Maui that stole her heart.
The woman Moana save earth by giving back the heart of Gaia.

So in conclusion the real message is: men destroyed the Earth because of their greed but women will save the Earth by correcting men's mistakes and take the lead. Straight men have no place in the NWO.
Ready Player One
Ready Player One (2018)
In this movie, all humanity can be seen living their life in an alternate reality called Oasis despite living in dumps. In our world, you can replace Oasis by Meta from FB even if it is still at its beginning.

In the NWO smart cities, people will be parked and live like cattle in very small rooms, they will be sedated either by drugs or by living in an alternate reality like the one portrayed here.

This movie is a failed attempt by the Illuminati Spielberg (again him) to make this dystopia looks nice to the masses and serve mostly to prepare them mentally for what is coming (Predictive programming).
Incredibles 2
Incredibles 2 (2018)
In the movie, the father is seen as a dysfunctional element that can't properly take care of his family. This is a push for the feminist agenda (anti-patriarchal message) and its goal to exclude males from families. Straight men have no place in the NWO (not submissive enough).
Avengers: Infinity War
Avengers: Infinity War (2018)
This block-buster is filled with propaganda message but the most important one is that they succeeded to create a likeable villain who make lengthy explanations of his eugenicist goals and in the end successfully killed 50% of population.

Many viewers like his arguments and believe that the same should be done to Earth (although hypocritically none of them wish to be in the 50% killed). Coincidentally this goal is similar to the plans of the Illuminati that want to reduce by 70% of the entire population by 2030 (Using vaccines, epidemics, war, famine etc...). Thanos is the spokesperson of the Illuminati in this movie.

Also all Marvel movies, DC movies, all movies where the protagonists have super-powers are also a way to make the viewers lust for super-natural powers in real-life (and he might get some with witchcraft). Super-hero movies are really a recent trend in history, the super-hero genre only really took off in the 80s (with Donner's Superman and Burton's Batman) and now it's almost all the masses watch.
Locke and Key
Locke and Key (2020)
The show simply normalize witchcraft: all the keys are demonic powers that a witch could use. We see powers of astral projection, mind control, summoning, superhuman strength, shapeshift, curse etc... There is the classic good girl gone bad theme with the female witch killing her own fears (In real-life, it would be the white magic witch turning to a black magic witch). There are also reference of the Locke family being part of a witch covenant said as a joke by a protagonist. The show also push for the homo-sexual agenda with an interracial gay couple.
Don't Look Up
Don't Look Up (2021)
This movie is an allegory for the climate change hoax but I personally believe it might foreshadow a false asteroid threat broadcast on the controlled medias. That false threat will be avoided thanks to the NWO one-world-government. In the end of the movie, they also meet alien life form so it also push for the alien deception.
Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan (2022)
Major spoiler alert: In the end of the manga (coming soon to the TV show), the hero Eren (who people got attached to along the show) decided to destroy over 80% of humanity using titans that he control. His best friend Armin (2nd most beloved character) thank him for 'becoming a mass murderer for them' (source & source). Most of the surviving protagonists seem enjoying the new world and lived happily ever after.

This manga is one of the most read nowadays and the final message is clearly pro-genocidal (What's next? thanking Mao & Stalin?). The final solution of Eren is also very similar to the plan of the Illuminati to reduce by 70% the entire population by 2030 which is already on its way. It seems like predictive programming, putting the ideas in the minds of the masses that killing them is for their own good in the end.

Mark 4:22-23
For everything that is hidden will eventually be brought into the open, and every secret will be brought to light. Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand.

In every mainstream recent movie, there is propaganda at every scenes. And as we advance trough the end-times, the propaganda is getting louder and clearer.

Individual can make use of reason & logic, but masses are governed by emotions : Hitler and others proved that the best way to control the masses is to play on their emotions. The mass medias also push for the same emotional narrative : fear, guilt, envy, hate. Those emotions short circuit the brain and make people react by instinct like animals in a herd. Countless Hollywood movies use emotions to transmit the wrong kind message to the masses.

Personally it has been many years since I rarely watch anything mainstream (sometimes just to see how low we have fallen). I prefer to watch the amazing old movies from the 50s, 60s, 70s like Sunset Blvd., The apartment, Ben Hur, Lawrence of Arabia and many others. No propaganda, no brainwashing, no predictive programming, great story, great actors, great dialogue, historical knowledge, a sense of morality... Everything that is missing in movies nowadays.