Hoax - Globe Earth

Modern science has become more of a religion that anything else even if it doesn't want to admit it. It rarely question itself and attack everyone that doesn’t accept its core beliefs. Try stating that you have an alternative view of the world like Flat Earth and you will quickly see the zealots spew insults at you as a Pavlovian reflex. This is similar to a defense mechanism that protect the 'attacked' zealots from an alternative view that could shatter their worldview.
It reminds me of a Matrix quote from Morpheus : "You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it."

The Globe Earth hoax have been taught in school since 1834 until now. The Royal Institute of Astronomy, in partnership with the Society of Jesus (jesuits) began to sell the heliocentric theory as the mass public education system was being rolled out in Europe and America. Undoing around 200 years of massive brainwashing, started in early childhood, with this very complex and sophisticated hoax supported by the powerful NASA propaganda war machine, is not an easy task but it is not impossible.

One of the common lie that have been circulating lately is that most of our ancestors knew the Earth was round. That is a complete falsehood as most of the past civilizations knew the Earth was flat and only our civilization believe in the Globe Earth theory (And those past civilizations were far to be a bunch of retarded people as they might be portrayed nowadays).

Find the intruder
Genesis 1:6-8
And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.
And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.
And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.

The world we live in is the Biblical World and it is flat. There is more than 60 Bible verses describing a Flat Earth inside a dome. The Flat Earth movement should be renamed the Biblical Earth movement; by just calling it Flat Earth, they remove the essential Christian part of it that can help people understand the truth of the world they live in.

A lot of information were retrieved and copied (rephrased) from 'Flat Earth; Investigations Into a Massive 500-Year Heliocentric Lie' by (James Lee) and 'The Flat Earth Conspiracy' by (Eric Dubay). (JL) or (ED) will be present before a copied paragraph to give them rightful credit.

Globe Earth Anomalies

Here is a short list of some of the many Globe Earth theory anomalies. Much more points are present in the books listed above or in the serious False Earth websites like this one and this one.

No curvature spotted at 121,000 feet

Here is a video of Earth at 121,000 feet of altitude taken by a high altitude balloon cam. Those nice shots are taken by amateurs (other similar ones can be found on the web). Amateur videos are more reliable that the NASA ones because NASA systematically use tricks like the fisheye lens in order to create a fake curve.

Now we cannot physically observe a curve if the Earth is round with a radius of 3,963 miles when we are on the ground, so watching the sea at ground level is pointless. But at 121,000 feet of altitude, there is a curve that should appear and as you can see there is no curve observable in the picture.
A Globe-Earther made a nice open-source app that allow us to see on a model what we should see at this height if Earth was a Globe (The demonstrations in the app are bogus, it doesn't account for the optical illusion of the images and put refraction on the Globe Earth model and not on the Flat Earth model).

Original picture + Globe Earth grid

So the expected globe curve was not spotted this height (even in the full video). At higher altitude than this we have the bogus ISS Earth shots and the bogus Earth shots from the Moon. Everything made by NASA is fake and cannot reasonably be trusted by any sound mind. Another nice shot comes from a V-2 rocket in 1946 at 65 miles and still no curve is observed. At this altitude it should have been clearly visible according to the previous app.

Even at 65 miles (343,200 feet) no curve is observed

Magical atmospheric refraction

One anomaly bothering heliocentrists is that we are constantly able to see objects that should be hidden behind the Globe Earth curve. For example: the lights which are exhibited in lighthouses are seen by navigators at distances at which, according to the scale of the supposed curvature, should be hundreds of feet down below the line of sight. Many islands could be seen by navigators way past 100 miles. This YT video show some of those observations.

In the picture above, you can observe the famous Chicago skylines from 52 miles away while it should have been hidden behind the curve.

As you can see on the curvature calculation diagram above: 50 miles away result in a drop of around 1700 feet. The Willis Tower is the highest tower of Chicago with a height of 1,450 feet so all the towers should have been totally invisible at that distance, yet we can see it.

How did Globe-Earther found a way to keep face in front of this ? They called atmospheric refraction to the rescue. In simpler term we are all seen a mirage.

This works on the same principle as what we observe when a spoon seems 'broken' in a glass of water. While refraction can be made to show hidden things in a laboratory experiment (Using air and liquid butane for example), it is not that common in nature. A mirage revealing hidden things happens in very rare cases when there is extreme temperature or density difference between 2 mediums. In our case, the temperature and the medium (air) are quite constant over the 52 miles of lake Chicago so the refraction argument is bogus. We might see small distortions in the skyline due to uneven temperature along the way but not a full mirage. Those towers should not have been visible if the Earth was a globe, yet they are. We are only able see the top of the towers due to the law of perspective.

Optical illusions

Globe-Earthers also use optical illusions as 'proofs' that the Earth is a globe. Some of those illusions are explained in the following YT video.

(ED) A "proof" of Globe-Earthers that the Earth is round is when a ship’s hull disappear before their masthead because the ship is beginning its declination around the convex curvature of the Globe-Earth. However this is due to the law of perspective.

For example a girl wearing a dress walking away towards the horizon will appear to sink into the Earth the farther away she walks. Her feet will disappear from view first and the distance between the ground and the bottom of her dress will gradually diminish until after about half a mile it seems like her dress is touching the ground as she walks on invisible legs. (/ED)
The exact same phenomenon happens to the ships when they sail away, however a powerful telescope or camera zoom will restore the hull back to sight. This experiment can easily be made by anyone as some did in this YT video.

Polaris - North Star

(ED) Polaris, the North Star, sits straight over the North Pole and like a slowly rotating planetarium dome all the celestial bodies revolve around Polaris and over the Earth once per day [As you can see in the picture above on the left]. Polaris was used by explorers since the beginning of time in order to guide them and this star never changed position once.

If the Globe-Earth was really spinning West-East 1,000 mph, orbiting the Sun counter-clockwise at 67,000 mph, spiraling around the outer-arms of the Milky Way at 500,000 mph, while shooting through the Universe at 670,000,000 mph [and have an irregular wobble along the way], how is it even conceptually possible that Polaris, 2 quadrillion miles away, day after day, year after year, always maintains its alignment straight above the North Pole? That would mean that from 2 quadrillion miles away, Polaris would have to be perfectly mirroring Earth’s several simultaneous wobbling, spinning, spiraling, and shooting motions. [This is clearly impossible and this single star disprove the Globe Earth theory.]

Also for Polaris to be seen from the Southern Hemisphere of a Globe Earth, the observer would have to be somehow looking "through the globe" and miles of land and sea would have to be transparent. But in fact, Polaris can be seen up to approximately 23.5 degrees South latitude. Another proof that the Earth is not a globe. (/ED)

No constant day & night time

(ED) Common sense also says if the Earth was actually a ball spinning daily with uniform speed around the Sun, there should be exactly 12 hour days and 12 hour nights everywhere all year round! The great variety in length of days and nights throughout the year all over Earth testifies to the fact that we do not live on a spinning ball-planet. (/ED)

Season anomaly

"If the Sun’s heat travels over 90 million miles to reach the ball-Earth, how could a slight tilt, a mere few 1000 miles maximum, negate the Sun’s 90 million mile journey, giving us simultaneous tropical summers and Antarctic winters? [There must be greater variation to obtain those seasonal differences]

It is said that summer is caused by the Earth being nearest the Sun, and winter by its being farthest from the Sun. But if the reader will follow the argument in any text book he will see that according to the theory, when the Earth is nearest the Sun there must be summer in both northern and southern latitudes; and in like manner when it is farthest from the Sun, it must be winter all over the earth at the same time, because the whole of the Globe-Earth would then be farthest from the Sun!

In short, it is impossible to account for the recurrence of the seasons on the assumption that the earth is a globe and that it revolves in an orbit around the Sun."
From Thomas Winship, "Zetetic Cosmogeny" (124-125)

Moon tide anomaly

(ED) The tides are supposed to exist due to the attraction of the Moon to the Earth. the Earth is 87 times more massive and therefore the larger object should attract the smaller to it, and not the other way around. If the Earth’s greater gravity is what keeps the Moon in orbit, it is impossible for the Moon’s lesser gravity to supersede the Earth’s gravity.

The Moon has 1/6 the gravitational pull of the Earth, yet it moves our oceans up and down, twice each day and actually changes the shape of a mass 4X greater than itself from 238,000 miles away. This is achieved despite the greater Earth’s pull and the even greater gravitational pull by the Sun some 93 million miles away that locks in both the Earth and Moon in his orbit. (/ED)

Eclipse anomaly

(ED) The fact that NASA can predict eclipses is not a proof of anything. The Chaldeans used to predict the eclipses 3000 years ago as those happen on regular basis and can be easily forecast. The idea of an eclipse is that the Sun, Earth, and Moon spheres perfectly align like three billiard balls in a row so that the Sun’s light casts the Earth’s shadow onto the Moon. Unfortunately for heliocentrists, this explanation is rendered completely invalid due to the fact that lunar eclipses have happened and continue to happen regularly when both the Sun and Moon are still visible together above the horizon.

F.H. Cook in "The Terrestrial Plane"
"According to the globular theory, a lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, earth, and Moon are in a direct line; but it is on record that since about the 15th century over 50 eclipses have occurred while both Sun and Moon have been visible above the horizon."

As early as the time of Pliny, there are records of lunar eclipses happening while both the Sun and Moon are visible in the sky. The Greenwich Royal Observatory recorded that "during the lunar eclipses of July 17th, 1590, November 3rd, 1648, June 16th, 1666, and May 26th, 1668 the Moon rose eclipsed whilst the Sun was still above the horizon." McCulluch’s Geography recorded that "on September 20th, 1717 and April 20th, 1837 the Moon appeared to rise eclipsed before the Sun had set.". (/ED)

Again, heliocentrists brought up the magical refraction argument to 'explain' why it happens, twisting themselves in knots to find bogus reasons that only them believe. Eclipse doesn't come from the shadow of one planet over another.

Antarctica anomaly

(ED) North and South of the equator should share similar conditions and characteristics such as comparable temperatures, seasonal changes, length of daylight, plant and animal life. In reality, however, the Arctic/Antarctic regions and areas of comparable latitude North/South of the equator differ greatly in many ways. Antarctica is by far the coldest place on Earth with an average annual temperature of approximately -57 degrees Fahrenheit, and a record low of -135.8. The average annual temperature at the North Pole, however, is a comparatively warm 4 degrees.

Captain Cook wrote that, when traveling around Antarctica, he was unable to find a single shrub large enough to make a toothpick :
"Not a tree was to be seen. The lands which lie to the south are doomed by nature to perpetual frigidness - never to feel the warmth of the Sun's rays; whose horrible and savage aspect I have not words to describe. Even marine life is sparse in certain tracts of vast extent, and the sea-bird is seldom observed flying over such lonely wastes. The contrasts between the limits of organic life in Arctic and Antarctic zones is very remarkable and significant.". (/ED)

Professionals never factor the curve

(ED) Surveyors, engineers and architects are never required to factor the supposed curvature of the Earth into their projects, providing another proof the world is a plane, not a planet. Canals and railways, for example, are always cut and laid horizontally, often over hundreds of miles, without any allowance for curvature. [Many professionals actually acknowledge the Earth is flat].

Plane Sailing is navigating a ship making all mathematical calculations on the assumption that the Earth is perfectly flat. If the Earth were in fact a sphere, such an errant assumption would lead to constant glaring inaccuracies, and the necessity for using spherical trigonometry would become obvious. Plane Sailing has worked perfectly fine in both theory and practice for thousands of years, however, and plane trigonometry has time and again proven more accurate than spherical trigonometry in determining distances across the oceans.

If the Earth was a sphere, airplane pilots would have to constantly correct their altitudes downwards so as to not fly straight off into "outer space". [The flight instruments used for navigation doesn't factor any curvature in their calculations]. Airplane pilots and sea navigators fly and sail as though the Earth was a plane.(/ED)

Direct flight anomaly

There are no direct flights between South America, South Africa and Australia. The flights must often go north before going south. They would save huge amount of time and fuel costs if they used this direct route over the round globe. Airlines companies are experts in reducing costs and this straight route should be a blessing for them. They could just fly around or across the Arctic and Antarctic.

In fact, the common airlines are not allowed to fly over the Arctic and Antarctic. Both of those areas are restricted to civilians. One of the bogus reason given to justify this ban is that if a plane crashed it would take too long to get to the victims.

Satellite anomaly

(JL) The average satellite allegedly in space is made up of carbon fiber, aluminum-beryllium alloy, graphite, titanium, Kevlar, glass, and sheet metal. Inside are batteries, computers, cameras and highly integrated electronic circuitry that operate the satellite. Extended off the satellite are photo-voltaic solar panels that capture Sunlight to keep continuous power that protrude and extend up to 50 feet connected by extension rods. Solar panels are made of glass, silicon, rare Earth materials, gold reflecting metal and special bonding cement.

Temperatures in the Thermosphere reach over 3500 degrees Fahrenheit (2000 Celsius). The chart above shows the actual melting/degradation temperatures of different metals. The only elements in the periodic table that can withstand 2000°C are carbon, niobium, molybdenum, tantalum, tungsten, rhenium, and osmium. Many parts of the satellite would have melted long ago if they were truly in space. (/JL)

No parallax observed

The parallax is a change in the apparent position of an object relative to more distant objects, caused by a change in the observer's line of sight towards the object.

(ED) Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe famously argued against the heliocentric theory in his time, positing that if the Earth revolved in an orbit round the Sun, the change in relative position of the stars after 6 months of orbital motion could not fail to be seen. He argued that the stars should seem to separate as we approach and come together as we recede. In actual fact, however, after almost 200 million miles of supposed orbit around the Sun, not a single inch of parallax can be detected in the stars. (/ED)

Analemma Paradox

(JL) If you photographed the Sun's position in the sky at the same time every day for a year, you would observe a shape called the 'Analemma' shown in the picture above. This shape cannot be explained on the globe. Globe-Earthers say that the figure eight is created by the earth's tilt. Buy they cannot explain why the Analemma is wider on the bottom and smaller on top if Earth is a round nearly uniform ball.

The Flat Earth model explains this phenomenon perfectly. The Sun circulates around Flat Earth along the Tropic of Cancer in the summer and then moves south to the Tropic of Capricorn in the winter months. The Sun also circles the earth along a much wider path in the winter as it is moved farther south. You can see this in the chart above because the Analemma is wider in the lower part of the figure eight. The Sun circles above the Earth closer to the North Pole in the summer and therefore has a much tighter circulation. This is represented by the smaller section of the figure eight at the top of the Analemma. (/JL)

Scientific Experiments

Multiple scientific experiments proved that the Earth was flat but they rarely get the publicity they deserve. Many of the experiments supposedly proving the Globe Earth are bogus.

Mark Wyatt
"Every experiment ever designed to detect the motion of the Earth has failed to detect Earth’s motion and/or distinguish it from relative counter motion of the universe."

Foucault pendulum

(ED) In the mid 19th century a Frenchman named Léon Foucault became famous for swinging pendulums and claiming their consequent motions were proof of the Earth’s rotation. Since then "Foucault Pendulums" have regularly been swinging at museums and exposition halls worldwide purporting to provide everlasting perpetual proof of the heliocentric spinning ball-Earth theory.

The truth is, however, that Foucault’s pendulum is a failed experiment which proves nothing but how easy it is for pseudo-science to deceive the malleable masses. Foucault’s pendulums do not uniformly swing in any one direction. Sometimes they rotate clockwise and sometimes counter-clockwise, sometimes they fail to rotate and sometimes they rotate far too much. Scientists who have repeated variations of the experiment have conceded time and again that "it was difficult to avoid giving the pendulum some slight lateral bias at starting." (/ED)

Coriolis effect

(ED) The “Coriolis Effect” is often said to cause sinks and toilet bowls in the Northern Hemisphere to drain spinning in one direction while in the Southern Hemisphere causing them to spin the opposite way, thus providing proof of the spinning ball-Earth. However the issue is that it do not consistently spin in any one direction.

The force and speed at which the water enters and leaves the receptacle is much too great to be influenced by something as minuscule as a single, 360-degree turn over the span of a day. When all is said and done, the Coriolis effect plays no larger role in flushes.

The Coriolis Effect is also said to affect bullet trajectories and weather patterns as well, however the same problems remain. Not every bullet and not every storm consistently displays the behavior and therefore cannot reasonably be used as proof of anything. (/ED)

Eratosthenes experiment

Carl Sagan's demonstration of the Eratosthenes experiment

The Eratosthenes experiment works by considering two cities along the same meridian and measuring both the distance between them and the difference in angles of the shadows cast by the Sun on a vertical rod, this will supposedly give us the curvature of the Earth.

However this experiment is flawed as it made the assumption that the Sun is a distant object. If the Sun is local as on a Flat Earth, his method and globe curvature calculation are rendered useless and don't prove anything.

Gravity Vs Buoyancy & Density

Gravity for heliocentrists is sort of a magic Velcro that glue everything together. It is still a theory, as it cannot be reproduced even in a lab, and can be found nowhere in the natural world. There is no example in nature of a massive sphere or any other shaped-object which by virtue of its mass alone causes smaller objects to stick to or orbit around it. If you look at the spinning tennis ball in the picture above (let's grossly say it could represent Earth), the mass and rotation of the tennis ball doesn't make the water (with smaller mass) stick to the ball like glue but instead get scattered everywhere.

Like the evolution theory, gravity cannot be proven and we are supposed to take it as a fact. Gravity is a magical argument for heliocentrists (like refraction), it is used to 'explain' many anomalies of the Globe Earth theory. It 'explains' how the atmosphere of Earth is not sucked up in the vacuum of space, how the atmosphere is constantly and uniformly moving with Earth rotation etc...

There is not gravity on a Flat Earth. Density, weight and buoyancy are enough to replace the concept of gravity. Simply, the weight, the size and how dense and buoyant something is determines if something falls or elevates. Objects will seek its own equilibrium and balance as in Nature. A rock in a pond will sink while a beach ball will float.

Morley and Michelson experiments

The goal of the Michelson–Morley experiment was to compare the speed of light in perpendicular horizontal directions at various times of the day, in an attempt to detect the relative motion of matter through the stationary luminiferous aether by using the earth's motion around the Sun to create interference bands of light for the study. Morley wrote to his father that the purpose of the experiment was "to see if light travels with the same velocity in all directions."

The shocking result of this experiment is that light did travel with the same velocity in the various horizontal directions tested. The Earth did not measurably move around the Sun at all, in contradiction to all expectations and the accepted astronomical model. Michelson and Morley found that a light beam discharged horizontally in the direction of the Earth’s assumed motion showed virtually no difference in speed from a light beam discharged north to south or south to north. In other words, the experiment failed to detect the Earth moving in or against space, of whatever space was understood to consist.

Airy's failure

The experiment called Airy’s Failure was a test conducted by Astronomer Royal Sir George Biddell Airy in 1871, in which Airy failed to detect the motion of the earth. The experiment showed that the stars move relative to a fixed Earth.

By first filling a telescope with water to slow down the speed of light inside, then calculating the tilt necessary to get the starlight directly down the tube, Airy unintentionally demonstrated that the earth was fixed horizontally since the starlight came in at the correct angle without needing to change the tilt of the telescope.

(ED) Usually telescopes must be slightly tilted to get starlight down the axis of the tube supposedly due to "Earth's speed around the Sun." Airy discovered that actually the starlight was already coming in at the correct angle so no change was necessary. This demonstrated that the stars move relative to a stationary Earth and not the other way around, because if it was the telescope moving he would have to change the angle. (/ED)

Biblical Earth Reality

Real Earth = Biblical Earth

The Globe Earth theory is like Frankenstein's monster, it should have died 500 years ago but remains alive due to some mad scientists. It has been patched many time over the years with 'proofs' that only few 'experts' can provide in order to keep the monster alive: Stars and Sun are millions of miles away just trust us, everything is relative, Earth bends the space-time continuum, gravity explain everything, refraction explain what you see and so on and so forth. Once the beast is a bit presentable, NASA apply the final makeup for the wide acceptance to the masses.

The Flat Earth model is far from perfect, it doesn't have the answers to every questions (It might have if it received the trillions of USD that received the Globe Earth proponents). However it responds to all of the Globe Earth anomalies listed above and provide a coherent framework to understand our world. It is not the Godless world of modern science promoted by the illuminatis, it is a world created by God (YHWH) as it is described in the Bible. It seems far-fetched for anyone that have lived in a lie all his/her life but it is the closest true representation of Earth.


The Flat Earth is set on a flat non-moving stationary foundation. All the continents center around the North Pole and are surrounded by oceans. Antarctica is surrounding the Flat Earth disk 360 degrees on all sides.

Isaiah 40:22
It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in.
1 Chronicles 16:30
Fear before him, all the earth: the world also shall be stable, that it be not moved.

Antarctica Ice Wall, gif made from this YT video

On a Flat Earth model, the outer edge of the Earth is bounded all around by an Ice Wall said to be anywhere from 150 to 300 feet in height. This wall prevents the oceans from spilling over the side of Earth.

Job 26:10
He hath compassed the waters with bounds, until the day and night come to an end.

Seamlessly infinite miles upon miles of a vertical wall made of Ice or Earth, flat and level at the top doesn't really seem like a natural formation. Globe Earthers will say that those footage come from the Ross Ice Shelf but all Antarctica is like this and sadly we are not allowed to visit the continent freely.

In 1957, the United Nations created the Antarctica Treaty System which made it nearly impossible for anyone to travel to Antarctica. the bogus reason they found was supposedly to protect the area (like if they care about this). Since then, the Antarctic has been off limits to civilians except for small controlled peninsulas and islands which are used as tourist traps (Most tourists visiting Antarctica went there and believe they really visited it).
Luckily for us past expeditions were made in the area and we have traveler's testimonies :

(ED) In 1773, Captain Cook became the first modern explorer known to have breached the Antarctic Circle and reached the ice barrier. During 3 voyages, lasting 3 years and 8 days, Captain Cook and crew sailed a total of 60,000 miles along the Antarctic coastline never once finding an inlet or path through or beyond the massive glacial wall.
Captain Cook wrote: 'The ice extended east and west far beyond the reach of our sight, while the southern half of the horizon was illuminated by rays of light which were reflected from the ice to a considerable height. It was indeed my opinion that this ice extends quite to the pole, or perhaps joins some land to which it has been fixed since creation.'

On October 5th, 1839, another explorer, James Clark Ross began a series of Antarctic voyages lasting a total of 4 years and 5 months. Ross and his crew sailed 2 heavily armored warships thousands of miles, losing many men from hurricanes and icebergs, looking for an entry point beyond the southern glacial wall.
Upon first confronting the massive barrier Captain Ross wrote of the wall: 'extending from its eastern extreme point as far as the eye could discern to the eastward. It presented an extraordinary appearance, gradually increasing in height, as we got nearer to it, and proving at length to be a perpendicular cliff of ice, between 150 feet and 200 feet above the level of the sea, perfectly flat and level at the top, and without any fissures or promontories on its even seaward face. We might with equal chance of success try to sail through the cliffs of Dover, as to penetrate such a mass'. (/ED)


A dome made of glass separate us from the water above. The water below Earth are called the Great Deep. The tides are caused by the gentle and gradual rise and fall of the Earth on the bosom of the mighty deep (Only the oceans are connected to the Great Deep). There is no outer space, what is commonly called the Van Allen belt is in reality the Firmament dome. The radio-waves don't bounce back to the ionosphere but to the solid Firmament dome.

Genesis 6:8
And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.
And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.
And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.
Job 37:18
Hast thou with him spread out the sky, which is strong, and as a molten looking glass?

Edwin Hubble admitted in his book ('The Observational Approach to Cosmology'') the presence of a dome and that the observable universe was small and curved all around us like a sky dome.

Nothing has ever been sent through the Firmament. No rockets, no astronots, no satellites (None could have withstand the extreme temperatures or radiations). What is used instead of satellite are high-altitude ballon (See Google project Loon, NASA is the world’s largest consumer of helium), high altitude UAV or ground based towers. Underwater fiber optic cable are much more cost-efficient to transport data globally than satellites. Satellite TV can use ground based towers and GPS can use Over-the-Horizon (OTH) based radar systems.


The Sun, the Moon, the planets and the stars are all luminaries. They probably don't have a physical form and follow a specific path inside the Firmament. The planets have their own path compared to the stars but both are stuck to the Firmament dome. The Sun and Moon are close, small and located inside the dome. They circle around and above the Flat Earth creating day and night and the seasons. The eclipses are not due to any shadow but are made by the luminaries themselves.

Genesis 1:14-18
And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:
And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so.
And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.
And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth,
And to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness: and God saw that it was good.


The Sun is not 93 millions miles away but it is very close. A hotspot can sometimes be observed below it, this could not appear if the Sun was light-years away as all the sunrays would arrive uniformly and evenly on Earth. The Sun travel in circular motion around Flat Earth and deviate further to the tropic of Cancer or the tropic of Capricorn in order to alternate the seasons.

The Sun appear to go down at sunset and go up at sunrise but this is an optical illusion due to the law of perspective. The Sun is at the same altitude all the time but as it is leaving our field of view, the Sun will appear smaller and smaller and the light we receive will be lower and lower until it cannot be seen anymore.

(From link) The 4 seasons and weather on a flat earth can be easily explained and understood, and it perfectly explains what we actually see and experience.

The Sun is close and small and circles around and above the Flat Earth in a spiral pattern on the tropic of Cancer in the northern summer months, and then down to the tropic of Capricorn in the northern winter months. So when the Sun is further away from the North Pole, it is winter in the north and summer in the south.

In the winter months as the Sun circles on the tropic of Capricorn, it moves faster because it has farther to go in a 24 hour period. So that is why in winter the days are shorter and the sun is farther down in the sky, because it is father away on the tropic of Capricorn.


Stars are often seen in the shadow of the Moon as the Moon is not a physical object

The Moon, like the Sun, is a luminary providing lights to Earth. By itself, the Moon should have cast many doubts on people's beliefs of Globe Earth.

To put it simply, the Moon's existence due to random process is a statistical impossibility and only God could have created this luminary.

Jesuit and Catholic Deception

(ED) Nicolas Copernicus, Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei, and Isaac Newton, the 4 fore-fathers of the globalist heliocentric doctrine, all posed for Masonic portraits highlighting various symbols and hand-signs denoting their affiliation with the brotherhood. Galileo poses on a Masonic checkerboard floor, Kepler with the "hidden hand" sign, and all 4 of them pose with a Masonic compass while flashing the Masonic "M" hand-sign. Isaac Newton was even knighted by Queen Anne at Trinity College’s Masonic Masters Lodge. (/ED)

(JL) Copernicus became a priest in his later years during the reign of Pope Clement VII (1523-1534). Pope Clement VIII reacted so favorably to Copernicus’ newly published book that he rewarded the mathematician turned priest’s heirs with a rare manuscript from the immense Vatican archives. Thus, in 1600, there was no official Catholic position on the Copernican system, and it was certainly not a heresy.
Sir Isaac Newton was a a high-ranking member of the secret society of the Priory of Scion, achieving the high-level rank of Grand Master from 1691–1727.
It was Father Lemaitre, admitted by all jesuits today, not Albert Einstein, who in 1922 created the scientific 'provable' science of Earth moving around the Sun theory.

From Copernicus, all the way to the creation of the Big Bang Theory by jesuit priest, Father George Lemaitre, the Vatican, and the Society of Jesus have had to this day, a huge influence in astronomy and space observation.
The jesuit scientists were the first in Latin America to spread the gospel of astronomy as well as to Far East. By 1750, 30 of the world’s 130 astronomical observatories were run by jesuit astronomers. Jesuits were often highly trained in languages and the sciences and were expected to use their technical knowledge, especially in the realm of astronomy, to win over rulers and elites around the world and convince them, by extension, of the superiority of the Catholic message. (/JL)

Now why would catholics and jesuits (both supposedly Christians) promote a theory that discredit the Bible ? Isn't it like shooting oneself in the foot ?
In reality, those 2 institutions are only Christians in name and more inclined to satanism.
The jesuits are the military branch of the Vatican mafia. The Vatican is part of the New World Order, Vatican's assets are fully managed by the Rothschilds (Researcher Eustice Mullins writes that the Rothschilds took over all the financial operations of the worldwide Catholic Church in 1823). The jesuits recruits are often brainwashed using MK Ultra methods. The jesuits often carry on murders and assassinations for the Vatican (See Alberto Rivera's testimonies).

J.E.C. Shepherd (Canadian historian)
"Between 1555 and 1931 the Society of Jesus [i.e., the Jesuit Order] was expelled from at least 83 countries, city states and cities, for engaging in political intrigue and subversion plots against the welfare of the State, according to the records of a Jesuit priest of repute [i.e., Thomas J. Campbell]. Practically every instance of expulsion was for political intrigue, political infiltration, political subversion, and inciting to political insurrection." (1987)

The famous Illuminati of Bavaria were created at the Jesuit College at Ingolstadt, Bavaria. Adam Weishaupt, who founded this branch of Illuminati was a Jewish Jesuit professor. According to Dr. Alberto R. Rivera, who claims he was a Jesuit Priest, he was shocked when he learned in the early 1960's that his Jesuit Master General, head of all Jesuits, was a Freemason and had close ties to the Illuminati in London.
The jesuit and the masonic order are connected and both use very similar methods. Here is one of the oath that the jesuits must take and it looks similar to the masonic oath. Both are diametrically opposed to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Freemasonry has ancient pagan roots and practice sun-worshiping (The sun is in reality Satan). They actively push for heliocentrism because it put the Sun at the center of our universe. It also discredit the word of God from the Bible and push many to think that the world is not God's creation but just the lucky result of a random process. Charles Johnson summarized it very well in this sentence.

Charles Johnson
"The whole point of the Copernican theory is to get rid of Jesus by saying there is no up and no down, the spinning ball thing just makes the whole Bible a big joke."

The media and the Big Tech are on war against Flat Earthers. They are depicted as brain-dead idiots by the media, Youtube censor FE videos and put a warning against FE theory on each video relating to the subject. Stating that you are a Flat Earther at work is risky, you will surely be ostracized and in the worst case you will loose your job (specially if you work in education). Everything today is made to program people and train them to reject anything related to Flat Earth. Illuminatis are more scared of Flat Earthers than people exposing the New World Order because many Flat Earthers turned to God and were saved once they understood the Earth was God's creation.

In the end this is a battle for the souls, all those deceptions are made to win souls over to Satan. Globe Earthers have been deceived by this hoax and are often atheists and nihilists. They have rejected God and many will probably end up in Hell unless they awaken to the deception before it's too late and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.