My Story

Here is a more personal post that will explain how I arrived to the conclusions presented on this site. At least my story will be there in the open. Everything happened in the last 2 years (since the start of Covid). My life took a drastic turn which totally changed my worldview. My name, nationality, status, profession won't be disclosed as I have already enough problem like that. In white is the original story, in red is what it confirmed me or that I suspect, in green is my insight from now.
This is my story:

Picture me a Caucasian male living a comfortable life in a somewhat big city not that famous worldwide (All major cities in the world will be smart cities part of the NWO). My house was located approximately 300 meters from a 5G antenna. Well educated, heavy reader, hardcore Atheist that base all of his worldview on facts and logic. Not religious but born in a Christian family that was not practicing, I had respect for Christian society and values even if I was not a believer. I thought God was an invention created by people to make other people accept rules easier. A form of deception but a good one as a Christian society were the most peaceful and liveable ones for the general population (the 99%) that you could find on Earth. I accepted people's religious beliefs in a God even if I didn't believe it myself. I didn't believe in Flat-Earth and used to make fun of them. I would swear by the evolution theory, outer-space etc... UFOs could have existed due to statistics, the probability that there were other life than the one on Earth was huge (I knew absolutely all of the arguments that people could throw at my face today because I was one of them not long ago )

I have always been a very curious person and always looked for truth and answers. I might have been regularly on Conspiracy websites for the past 10~15 years (using TOR for privacy but that didn't do me any good). I knew the basics of MK Ultra, Illuminati, satanic society, government, media and corporate evil. I have heard of the powerful grip the Illuminati had over the world but thought that might have been too far fetched like it couldn't be possible.

When Covid came I almost immediately understood something was not normal. The way the media screamed at people's ears to be afraid for a flu that you have 99.95% chance of surviving should already ring the bell for anyone. The quarantine were also another big alarm, never in history did a government ever quarantine an entire country, not even an entire city, even for the black plague they would only quarantine by city district. That all the countries in the world did the same stupid and destructive policy is a big red flag. After 1 year of media brainwashing the masses, they start to roll-out the vaccines. I also had 0 trust in the Big Pharma and still didn't find the need to subject myself to an experimental vaccine for such low level of threat.

For few months I couldn't sleep at night, if I was lucky maybe only 3 hours of sleep at night. I thought it was because of environmental factors or else, I wasn't worried too much. Then I started to show some Covid symptoms, previous cicatrized scars started to swell for no reason (sign of low immune system), I had a constant runny nose, I was really not feeling well at all. Out of nowhere, 3 bumps on my head appear (Warm a cheese in a micro-wave oven and you will start to see bubble on it, 2 bumps were positioned similar to horns and 1 bump in the back of the head). Now I really started to panic a bit. I knew from internet search that Ivermectin could cure me if it was Covid. I ordered it online and took some when it arrived. The next day I was totally cured, all went back to normal and the bumps disappeared (Confirmation that Ivermectin work and the government was letting people die by not allowing it)

Then I started to dig deeper into the Covid story, I understood the vaccines were filled with Graphene and that it might be used with 5G antenna to kill a person instantly (Luckily I was not vaccinated or I would already have be dead meat at the time ). That Covid was due to 5G radiations. I saw reports that people emitted Bluetooth address and remember that the NWO wish to chip people to control their life. There it was, all of those plandemic was made to usher the NWO (Now they openly admit it). Then I started to understand that I was actively radio-waved since several months (when I stopped sleeping normally). The only possible source was the closest 5G antenna (Confirmation that 5G is a weapon killing people used by the NWO). One of my neighbor was a young military men that seemed to be retired, the fact that he could retire that young was doubtful. He still seemed to be on duty despite dressing as a civilizan. His behavior was extremely suspicious in general (Suspicion that NWO already has its pawns into place to monitor the victims of their experimentations. He left his rented house the month after I escaped). I was still feeling the radiations and it got worse and worse over time (like if they knew that I knew). Then there was no other choices, if I wished to survived I must leave asap but had still to stay 2 days in the house.

I confirmed again that I was radiated by using an induction plate (made of aluminium and magnetic stainless steel) placed between my heart and the antenna, the plate was warming by itself due to the radiations (This work when you are continously radiated, not receive a single pulse once in a while). Another testing and confirmation came when the pain to my head immediately stopped once I put my head in the fridge and immediately started again once my head was out of the fridge (The fridge acted as a Faraday cage that greatly reduced the radio-waves I received). It seemed they targeted my heart and my brain, either to make me have a heart-attack or become a vegetable by remote lobotomy. Your head temperature is constantly high while they beam it (100.4°F/37.5°C and higher) and you can hardly hear your own thoughts. I didn't know why they chose me as I was not a treat to them at this time and just looked into conspiracy websites by curiosity (Confirmation that they track everyone's online activities) (Now I know I am a Target Individual (TI). There are countless other TI testimonies online, one word of advice to the future TIs : Don't Panic ). I put a pillow in a big pot made of aluminium and stainless steel, put my head in it and got my first sleeping night in months (The pot also acted as a Faraday cage but it was far less effective as a fridge could be). Everywhere I traveled in the city by car I could feel being fried by the radiations (The whole global 5G network is used by the NWO, that can track wherever you go as long as you are in range. They can also do the same with OTH radar.). The intensity really got stronger over the time (They fry people slowly and increase the intensity gradually so they don't notice it) but now they didn't hide anymore and it was a bit painful but bearable (The brain has no pain receptors), it is like your brain get hammered by an invisible hammer continuously. You loose capacity to think normally and become quite passive, almost accepting the fate you will become a vegetable. You need strong mental strength to fight this.

Then is the day of departure and somewhat they knew it as they fry me with full power and my head felt like on fire (Confirmation they know everything you do or say in your house. Maybe using phones, TV or the 5G antenna). I could survive this by taking the car and going in a spot without good 5G coverage (like a valley), also being in movement driving in a car seemed to lessen the intensity. Then I drove out of town and the car audio seems to go haywire changing radio stations on his own (EMP weapons can stall a car or change radio stations. DEW alter the radio frequency modulations and can have this effect.). I was still fried all the way. After leaving the city, but still on the main road under 5G coverage, I receive 3 strong radio-waves impulses, one to the gonads, one to the heart and one to the brain. (Confirmation they have control over any 5G antennas) You feel fire on those parts for a very short time and I could feel a small part of my heart crushed (with the crushing sound). I could still drive for a while but had to rest for hours after and really thought I was dying and turning cold. Outside of the 5G coverage, I didn't feel any harmful radiations at all, I was free for now. The next days I was unable to walk (It seemed my spine was targeted) and I couldn't have clear thoughts and capacity to think normally. My brain had been fried for so long, so many neurons were dead. Luckily they regrow and I got back to normal.

Alright here I am. I survived this for now. I don't know if they will finish the job sooner or later. The only way this whole thing could happen is indeed that there is very powerful people that have a grip on the world (Confirmation the Illuminatis are real). This experience had totally opened my mind to any theory that could explain what happened. If something as crazy as me getting killed by a 5G antenna could happen then let's see what Conspiracy theory recognize that the Illuminatis and the NWO are real.
There is 2 major Conspiracy theory that recognize and explain the NWO: The New Age and the Flat-Earth. The New Age is paraded everywhere, David Icke fly around the world for 30 years explaining his theory, lay a book every year and cash up quite good money (That doesn't sound like a real dissident, that sound like controlled opposition, a real dissident doesn't have a good life). Then you have the Flat-Earther, spit on by the media each time they appear, ridiculed by the common folks, without money (There you have real dissidents).

I almost fell for the New Age trap (It seems its a trap placed on purpose to capture the ones that started to awaken). The New Age movement was created by H.P. Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, 2 famous well-know satanists that are in favor of a satanist NWO. By deduction, you understand that the New Age is satanism in disguise pushed by the same people that tried to kill me not long ago.

I already started to pray God (YHWH) after this eye-opening experience. There is a silver thread in all the MK Ultra testimonies and it is satanism and demonology. The Illuminati are satanists that truly worship Satan and perform multiple human sacrifices to him, if Satan was real then automatically God was real too.

I was skeptic about Flat-Earth and entered into it reluctantly. The Flat-Earth is the Biblical Earth, it is something satanist would never want anyone to look into. If you reject the global earth and all its lies, then you might understand Satan's huge deception and that God is real and created the Earth. Even if I was reluctant, I had to study it in my quest for the truth. I studied their arguments and proofs, read this great book 'The Flat Earth Conspiracy', saw documentaries like the ones produced by Sean Hibbeler and no, you can't deny they have very strong arguments that the Eath is flat (not all arguments are good I agree, Flat-Earthers are common men, they don't have the scientific or educational trillions of USD in their hands). It take guts to go against the world knowing you will pass like the worse of the idiots by everyone and still do it. Many of those that criticize them are spineless and would submit and shut up in a similar situation.

I started to pray diligently, accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and one day something great happened. While I prayed to God, I received a flow of energy flowing in my spine slowly from bottom to top. My spirit was rejuvenated and I was given the Holy Spirit by God's mercifulness that day that changed my life forever. Then there was no more doubt anymore (Confirmation that God exist). The Holy Spirit helped me read and understand the scriptures (Never had read a Bible before), repent from my sins, see where I made mistakes and guide me to the right path.

If you truly study the scriptures, you will understand we have entered the Apocalypse phase and we recently broke the 2d seal with the war in Ukraine, next come Famine (we can already see news of food shortage), Death (maybe WW3), Martyr (where they will openly kill Christians), global earthquake and possibly the rapture after. They will certainly finish the job and kill me when they have the chance and I am fine with dying as a Martyr. I might be wrong but they seem to prefer to do it without human intervention if possible. The whole system is made to kill anyone using technology, the human factor is too unreliable to be trusted and could rebel against them. I could go back to a city with 5G coverage wearing a lead apron and lead hat under my clothes. Those are the ones that X-Ray practitioners use to protect themselves (I talk about this protection in the post 'False Technological Miracles'). Rubber lead is strong enough to stop X-rays so their antennas might be useless against this. Funny how a few dollars well spent in a local medical shop is enough to disturb a multi-trillion dollars killing system.

Here we are, this is my story as of now. I am still basing my reasoning on logic and facts but I have faith too now. I am actually glad they tried and failed to kill me, without this I would certainly have died an Atheist. This site can save many lives and souls so it is worth it. God bless you all.