Psychology is Charlatanry

Psychology/Psychiatry is one of those frauds that should never have got that popular and be given that much power over people's lives as it has today. The fact that this pseudo-science got so much predominance today is one of the many signs of the downfall of our society. This article is about the psychological field in general.

Psychology is an invention of the upper class (like feminism) who were the only ones with enough free time and money to waste that they could pay someone to listen to them. The lower class people had real problems on hand like trying to survive and they didn't need to invent themselves some 'mental issues' and pay someone to give them pats on the back continuously. From the start, it is already disconnected from the reality of the world.

The psychological field have greatly helped make the western civilization into the open air asylum that exist today. The looneys are running wild, some get promoted as icons with their faces drawn on everyday products, some get their own TV shows etc. The lunatics have taken charge of the asylum (like in the short story titled "The System of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether" by Edgar Allan Poe) except that numerous psychologists were mentally ill from the beginning.

One of the main motivation for one to study psychology is to try to understand and solve their own 'mental illness'. When you see how bad they treat 'mental illness' in others, they probably still have them. Asking a psychiatrist for help is like asking an obese for nutrition advices or an alcoholic how to he stay sober, they are not the best placed to give advices. It get even worst now that psychiatrists are allowed to prescribe drugs.

There are many abuse of power in this profession. Most psychiatrists prescribe drugs for anything and nothing. They have the power to drug and lock sane people in psych ward at will based on their pseudo-science (That was probably the fate of John Nash). Many psychologists that married one of their patients abused of their weaknesses due to transference. Many hypnotists physically abuse of their patients but sadly it often go unreported as the ones hypnotized are not conscious when the abuse happen. Many criminals have a 'get out of jail' card by faking mental illness (Being mentally ill today gives you a free pass to break many laws). The abuses are so widespread there is even a subreddit of ex-patients that rejected the psychiatric fraud.

Workers in the psychological field have rejected the Christian moral code on which the western society was build upon and they get awesomely rewarded for it. Why psychiatry is a fraud and why did it get so prominent? The following websites ( link, link, link & link ) were a great source of inspiration for this article.

[If you get angry reading this page, you might have an 'Anger Disorder' and should consult a psychologist that will drug your anger into oblivion for a price].

No Scientific Background

2 main branches of the psychological field are behaviorism and cognitivism. Behaviorism uses a real scientific approach that can be replicated meanwhile cognitivism is the pseudo-science that most of the shrinks believe in and this is the one mostly criticized in this article. This discipline lack many fundamental aspects of a real science.

Big Pharma Influence

Big Pharma Takeover

Before 1950, the psychiatric field was dying, clients came to their sense and understood the uselessness of those therapists whose main goal was to alleviate their wallet more than their problems. For the good of humanity, this monster should have been let to die but it was not in the interest of the pharmaceutical industry that have revived the beast with the invention of medications to treat 'mental illness'.They did this by fabricating news diagnoses along with new medications.

The mere idea to use chemicals as a cure for mental issues is flawed from the start. It can alleviate the symptoms for a short-time but it will never heal the root cause of the illness and cure the patient completely. For example: alcohol (kind of a drug) can alleviate shyness for a short-time but it won't heal the root cause of shyness and the solution is not to get drunk 24/7 or hopefully you have a very strong liver.

The first antidepressants and antipsychotics were created around 1952 and brought psychiatry out of their pseudo-scientific field straight to the more respectable medical field. The industry’s interest in funding psychiatry picked up when Prozac became available in 1987. The pharmaceutical company spared no expense for psychiatrists as the profession become the most corrupted of all medical professions. Some working psychiatrists may receive until $300,000-$400,000 per year from big pharma. In the US, 'mental illness', disability, and drug prescribing rose in tandem and Robert Whitaker proved that the increase in medications were one of the leading cause of the rise of 'mental illness'.

DSM wonder book

While general medicine need to cure sick people, the psychiatrists have the opportunity to invent nonexistent illnesses that they will 'cure'. Compared to other medical profession, they have the unique possibility to 'cure' healthy people. Psychiatry has no natural limits to its growth potential and can practically 'cure' healthy people of multiple invented illnesses with pharmaceutical drugs.
Peter Gøtzsche wrote on the subject: "Psychiatry is the drug industry's paradise, as definitions of psychiatric disorders are vague and easy to manipulate... psychiatrists collect more money from drug makers than doctors in any other specialty. Those who take the most money tend to prescribe antipsychotics to children most often."

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is the psychiatric book of reference that is used to promote mental diseases, the pharmaceutical companies played a huge role in its creation. It was first published by APA who started an aggressive disease-mongering of the new 'mental illness'. Every psychiatrists refered to the DSM for their diagnosis and prescribed drugs to their patients.
By 2008, 28% of APA’s income came from drug companies making of it a sort of subsidiary. In 2011, of the 170 contributors to the most recent edition of the DSM, 95% had financial ties to drug companies according to Marcia Angell. Almost anyone today could be diagnosed with a 'mental illness' listed in the DSM. If APA voted an illness into being, there was no reality that can act as a brake or a check on this activity.

The DSM has worldwide influence. It is the ultimate resource for courts, doctors, prisons, hospitals, and insurance companies. These diagnoses lock people into legal and therapeutic boxes marking the actual judicial system nothing more than a kangaroo court.

Dubious Drugs Benefits

DSM provided drugs are often more damaging in the long term to the patients than not taking them. Most of those drugs work poorly and promote chronicity, withdrawal from these medicines are severe when they try to be drug-free.

Robert Yoho in this page made a list of the negative effects people will get from using various DMS promoted drugs :

Everybody Drugged Out

The mental health industry’s ambition is to be the universal solution for every problem and to drug nearly everyone. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 1/3 of the population worldwide suffer from 'mental illness'. In the US, around 1/2 of the population qualify for one.

To them, early treatment should be made so they focus on the youth. Their treatment often made the disease worst for adults so it is hard to believe that drugging kids would have a better outcome.

Around 17% of the entire US population came to be using psychiatric drugs. France is the major consumer of antidepressant. Western countries are ranked the highest in term of antidepressant consumption, same for depression. It is interesting to note that mostly Christian societies are swarmed by this mental health crisis. Countries with the least depression include several lower-income emerging countries.

As time goes by, societies are becoming more and more like the one described by Aldous Huxley in 'Brave New World'. Everybody on drug (Soma there, Xanax here) to keep everyone happy and dumb. Illuminati John D. Rockefeller once said that he didn't want a nation of thinkers but a nation of workers. There is no doubt psychiatric drugs are of great help to attain this goal.

Occult & Deviant Origins

Wilhelm Wundt

Professor Wilhelm Wundt (1832 – 1920) who is known today as one of the fathers of modern psychology, proclaimed that man’s soul was irrelevant. A search for the spiritual nature of man was a waste of time as there was no psyche. He set up the base for the deconstruction of men simplified to a mere animal which will be continued by Freud thereafter. Like today the scientific methods used were dubious, Wundt used a process known as introspection which was unreliable and subjective.

At his time, Christianity was stronger than it is today and many rejected his ideas as the Bible teach that men have a body, mind and soul. From the start, psychology teachings were contradictory to God's teachings.

Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud (1856 – 1939) made a strong impact on today's psychological beliefs. Freud took his ideas from sources like the Zohar and some of the ideas of the satanic sabbatai & kabbalah. He updated an old pseudoscience called Oneirocritica aka 'The Interpretation of Dreams'. He did a 'great' job to advance the satanic cause.
For Freud, religion is an 'illusion', a form of neurosis, and even an attempt to gain control over the external world. He further reinforced Wundt vision of men by arguing that all impulses stemmed from his repressed and uncontrollable sexual desires. Such impulses were then seen as primitive and instinctive, not that different from those which drive an animal. Darwin's bogus theory of evolution will be the nail in the coffin of the fact that men were created by God.

According to J.N. Isbister, Freud's true goal in life was to destroy the concept of sin, and come up with answers to the problems of mankind without reliance on God and Christ. Freud was giving people an excuse to embrace fornication, adultery, and whore-mongering because he was teaching people that repression of these feelings would cause mental disorders.

He sexualized children by giving them unconscious repressed sexual thoughts. Now even a baby as a sexual libido which is expressed in different stages of the psychosexual development (Oral, anal, phallic etc.). Any parents with a sane mind who had young children know that they are not the 'sexual perverse polymorph' that Freud portray. The bogus Oedopius complex portrayed boys as wanting to murder their father and having sex with their mother. His sick ideas have been more than welcome by pedophiles that were legitimized to have sex with children as they have a sexuality. The grandson of Sigmund Freud is a notorious pedophile, it might run in the family.

It is very probable that Freud was molested as a kid by his father and he might have created all those bogus concepts to rationalize it. So many of his clients were hysterical women that suffered traumas in their youth that he couldn't believe that family rape & incest was that widespread, so he invented another bogus concept that is the false memory phenomenon. He was basically stating that those women were inventing things to get attention.
However around this time, many occult sects like the sabbateans and freemasons existed and it is very probable that many upper-class Austrian families were part of it. Many families in those sects practice satanic ritual abuse and continuously traumatize & rape their children so it is probable that many of those women diagnosed with false memory phenomenon were saying the truth. Also as Freud was connected to satanism, it is also probable that he invented the false memory phenomenon to hide the truth of satanism to the public by making the ones denouncing it appear insane (Which is what the 'False Memory Syndrome Foundation' do today). In 1933, Sándor Ferenczi, an associate of Freud, published a paper claiming that patient accounts of childhood sexual abuse were true, provided a psychological explanation, and caused Freud to break with him.

Freud was a drug addict, using cocaine specifically and frequently, and he praised the effects of it and recommended it to others, including his fiancee. It was an antidote to his frequent depressions and improved his sexual potency. Freud might have been one of the first psychiatrist corrupted by the pharmaceutical industry as he was paid by them to test and promote the use of their products, namely, cocaine extracts that were legal at that time.

Carl Jung

Carl Jung (1875 – 1961) was an associate of Freud that gave us much of the foundation of modern psychology. He was also deeply into the occult and had big impact on the theosophical society (a new age group).

Jung is openly recognized by occultists as having been an illumined mind, got his information straight from a 'spirit guide' (a fallen angel) from which he "owe not only many stimulating ideas and discoveries but also many fundamental insights". He was into astrology and mandalas. He wrote a foreward to the book 'The I Ching' and a commentary on The 'Tibetan Book of the Dead'. Many books in the new age delusion are inspired by Jung's teaching.

Franz Mesmer

As some therapists dwell into hypnotism we can take a look into the life of its founder. Franz Mesmer (1734 – 1815) was an Austrian physician and freemason whose method of "magnetic healing" was based on alchemical principles and led to the development of hypnotherapy. Mesmer was deep into the occult and believed that a magnetic fluid permeates and links all things and beings, including people, on Earth and in the heavens.
He supposedly created miraculous treatment for his patients but upon royal investigation initiated by king Louis XVI, it was proven to be frauds and that the benefit the treatment produced were attributed to imagination.

Alfred Kinsey

Alfred Kinsey was a sexologist in the 20th century who greatly impacted the psychological field and even created its own specific field known as sexology. Throughout his books, he continually refers to the "human animal".

He argued that delaying sexual experience was harmful to human psychologically. He discovered that sex before marriage and masturbation was common and infidelity was widespread. He even created a scale to determine sexual orientations. Alfred Kinsey's bestselling books provided the foundation of the claims made for the "Sexual Revolution" and gay rights movements.

He was a depraved human being, and his emotional illness expressed itself through his obsession for sexuality. Kinsey had affairs with men, encouraged open marriages & orgies among his staff, stimulated himself with urethral insertion and ropes, and filmed sex in his attic. He hired a film technician to tape his staff and other volunteers in "scientific" porn films. His book legitimized every form of sexuality, including incest and bestiality. He financed numerous pedophilic studies and published the pedophile King's data in "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male". In those tables were summarized King's attempts to bring to orgasm boys between the ages of 2 months and 15 years, in some cases over a period as long as 24 hours. Those boys ended up in tears and convulsions which were tears of joy and signs of orgasms according to the wicked King.

John Money

John Money's literature provided the foundation of revolutionary thinking on "sex change" and "gender identity".
In the early 1970s, he aided efforts to have homosexuality removed from the APA's list of mental disorders, and he concluded in some studies that gay-bashers were motivated by their own repressed homosexuality (satanic inversion). He coined the bogus concept of "sexual orientation" that has become paramount to the brainwashing of the LGBTQ+ community.

He was an acknowledged bisexual who had several discreet affairs with both men and women. He testified that pornography was not detrimental to minors, he believed childhood sexual play was a necessary aspect of development, claimed that pedophilia and incest was not harmful to children, and urged that adolescents should receive explicit instruction about masturbation. Money destroyed the life of the young patient David Reimer by mutilating his penis and by performing wicked experiments on him and his brother (Both suicided as a result), this is yonly one of the known cases.

Dethroning Christian Morality

Psychology/Psychiatry/Psychoanalysis/Sexology etc. [A new one appear every day just like the fake genders] All of those are pseudo-scientific frauds made by deviant minds, those have infested the medical field to gain some legitimacy and allow the pharmaceutical companies to drug healthy patients into oblivion for profits. However it doesn't stop there, psychology has a much worst impact on society as a whole. His founders were all in majority anti-Christian, some even dabbling into the occult. Their ideas have strongly impacted today's society and participated in dethroning Christian values. Freud didn't just created wicked theories out of his demented mind, he developed a new way to see the world in total opposition to the preeminent Christian view of the world. Sadly those views has found roots in the minds of many modern men and women, those in the psychological field are the priests of this 'religion' which oppose Christian values.

Substitute For Clergy

The clergy play an important role in any religion, they provide spiritual, personal and moral guidance and assistance to church members. They often listen to church members and preach the doctrines of the church. The catholic churches even invented the 'confessional' where the priests sits to hear the confessions of church members. This invention doesn't come from the Bible as men are supposed to confess and repent to God directly, a priest has no power to remove sins.

Nature abhors a vacuum and with the desertion of churches a need was created to replace the role of the priest which is of listening and advising their folks. Psychologists filled this gap and provided attentive ears for a much higher price. People could feel better by confessing their problems which most often were related to Christians sins. This new priest had the advantage not to to judge because he is absent of any Christian morality [The vast majority of psychologists are liberals]. They are here to comfort their patients and help them improve their lives by listening and normalizing their sometimes deviant thoughts & behaviors. If they made them feel bad, the patient would leave.

Psychology also label as hallucinations all of the miracles reported by previous historians, writers, apostles, saints, martyrs, believers etc. Every of God's previous miracles or devil's tricks are now discredited by this disease invented in the 19th century by anti-Christian pseudo-scientists.

New Age Practices

The psychological field also attract a lot of new age practices. Despite the obvious hypnotism which was created by the occultist Mesmer discussed previously, new age practices are flooding therapies and patients are sinning by practicing it. Randall Baer's was a former new age leader turned to Christ, he wrote the great book 'Inside the New Age Nightmare' which I recommend for anyone who fell into the new age deception. Here is what he had to say on the subject :

[p105] The practice of engaging familiar spirits is one of the most diverse, pervasive, and influential New Age methods in use today. In terms of mainstream societal infiltration, some types of familiar spirit practices have made the deepest New Age inroads of all.
Such practices have made deep advances in the areas of psychology, inner healing, success/motivation techniques, creativity enhancement methods, mind-power schools of thought, stress management, creative visualization techniques, intuition building, and others. A great degree of discernment is necessary here. Too many people acquire familiar spirits without even realizing that this is what's actually happening.
Essentially, any type of method that establishes an inner helper of one sort or another, and accesses it during any type of ASC is a familiar spirit practice that should be avoided like the plague that it is.

No More Sins

It is very probable that true Christians have much less mental health issue than the non-Christians. When you have God to talk to, you don't need any priest/pastor/psychologist. The Bible give you structure, rules and hope that most people with mental issue desperately need. Those are things psychology could never provide.

Psychology is the brainstorming of excuses for peoples' behavior without the involvement of God or sin. It gives mankind an excuse to justify his sin through the disguise of 'mental illness'. Having one basically means your behaviour is not your fault and you are a victim of an incurable disease. It goes against the concept of free will as your not in control of your will anymore due to some illness. If your 'mental illness' is a deviant behavior like homosexuality or pedophilia, then there is not much you can do about it and your psychologist will help you accept if for a fee (It will be the fault of society not you, you poor thing).

These so-called 'mental illness' cover a wide variety of sins (e.g. covetousness, fornication, theft, gluttony, etc). Here is a non-exhaustive list :

List taken from

In 1973, the APA removed homosexuality as a mental illness from the DSM. In 2012, 'Gender Identity Disorder' [aka transgenderism] has been removed. They changed the word sexual 'perversions' by the word 'paraphilia' in the DSM. The term 'paraphilia' comes from the Greek παρά (para) "beside" and φιλία (-philia) "friendship, love", basically normalizing sexual perversions as just another way to express love. Recently, 'Psychopathy' and 'Narcissistic Personality Disorder' has also been removed from it. APA still qualify 'Pedophilia' as a mental disorder but certainly not for long. APA is declassifying many sinful and deviant behaviors from the DSM in order to normalize them in society.

Psychology is attempting to achieve the impossible by finding physical solutions to spiritual problems. They do not acknowledge Christian morality, if they would teach their clients to embrace the guilt and shame of sin, to acknowledge their wrongdoing as the Bible teaches and turn away from it, no one would pay them for their sessions.
The root cause of the majority of the mental health issues is the rejection of God and Christian morality in people's daily life. When they sin, they give legal rights for demon to torment their souls and tempt them to sin even more [the addiction phenomenon]. Many of those 'mental illness' come from sin as the patient didn't turn to Jesus Christ, repent and improved their life. No doubt God can help any of his children to heal from those issues.

No More Justice

As long as society still had strong Christian values, the justice system was following Biblical laws. Major sins and deviant behaviors were punished so that they couldn't become the norm. As the judicial system has been infested by the satanic freemason and psychology, the exception became the norm and many murderers and offenders were either running free or pleaded the insanity pleas. Freemason judges are forced to acquit or help any guilty party that is also freemason due to their binding oaths. Psychologists with their dubious morals and diagnosis will often play the victim card to help the guilty side. The real victim suffer 2 times, once with the assault and another time with the biased justice system.
Psychology has played a major role in making vicious and threatening criminals look like poor, needy victims, reducing their sentences and getting them back on the streets, only to create more victims. See the cases of Garrett Trapnell, Ralph Tortorici, John and Lorena Bobbitt, John Wayne Gracy, Hemy Neuman, Anthony Montwheeler, James Holmes etc. With the Milgram Experiment, psychologists love to make us believe we could all have commit heinous crimes under bad circumstances and therefore also become criminals.

Children are the first to suffer from the psychological insanity, most of their testimonies related to sexual assault get relegated to mere children's imagination and false memory syndrome. Freud did a 'great' job sexualizing them, so now they are seen having supposedly unconscious repressed sexual thoughts. This is how the pedophiles of Outreau, France could run free despite overwhelming evidences against them. Many reports of satanic ritual abuse by children get dismissed, the CIA made good sure of it by creating and operating the 'False Memory Syndrome Foundation'.

Christians are the next target as the psychological field will soon see Christians as a 'mentally ill' people that must be cured. There are already some cases of Christians kids being taken away from Christian family and sent to foster care (here) or cases of not letting Christians adopt children (here). Conservatives are seen as suffering from the following mental disorders : Racism, Social Phobia, Paranoia, Antisocial Personality Disorders, Delusional Disorder.

Today, people warning others about the NWO are labeled as paranoid schizophrenic by the psychological thought police (Even if schizophrenia usually occurs between the ages 16 and 30). Some already got locked down in psych ward for this. This process is very similar to the way communists in the soviet union used to shut down dissent voices and political opposition by labeling them as insane and locking them in psych ward. Like in the book '1984', believing in Jesus Christ could one day become a wrong-think and a thought-crime that will get you jailed, tortured and executed.

Many gay couples are adopting children today despite that some studies showed that homosexuals had a higher tendencies to become pedophiles than heterosexuals. Recently a gay couple was charged with molesting and pimping their adopted sons. The LGBTQ+ movement is build on the ideas of Kinsey and Money who are 2 major pedophiles that express pro-pedophile ideas. It seems logical that when someone have already rejected the Christian view on homosexuality, it might get easier for them to also reject the Christian view on pedophilia. Of course it is just a minority within a minority and hopefully it doesn't get widespread as time goes by.

In general, societies which have strong Christian values often reach the greatest good for the greatest number on the condition that there is not much free riders (People without strong Christian values among them). This is why the Bible told Christians not to mix with unbelievers (2 Corinthians 6:14). Destroying Christian morality in society will also destroy any Christian society.

Many Inhumane Experiments

Finally the godless psychology have been the growing field for many monstrous experiments. They tortured their patients with ice-water baths, electrical brain shocks—electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), overdosing with insulin to crash the blood sugar and even a destructive brain surgery called lobotomy. ECT provoked substantial memory loss and had a fatality rate of 1/1000

Psychology has also birthed the ongoing satanic MK Ultra experiments in order to create total mind control slaves. This involve traumatizing [scare, rape, torture, electrification etc.] very young children repetitively for years. It is done in order for the child to develop multiple personality disorders that can be programmed at will by the handler e.g. 1 personality can become a sex-slave, 1 personality can become a messenger, 1 personality can perform satanic rituals etc. A demon of mind control is sometimes summoned in the victim to facilitate the process. One can read more about it in the book 'The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Controlled Slave' by Fritz Springmeier.

There are no 'mental illness' per se, there are either adverse reaction to the environment or sinful behavior.

Some negative emotions like depression should not be drugged out as it our soul in torment expressing itself. The reason why citizen of western countries are the anti-depressants consumption champions is because their society have slowly fallen out of Christianity over the years and they are more and more becoming satanic: the life decades ago was much better than it is now (Thanks to Christian values) and it just keep on getting worst and worst, it is a non-stop fall to hell. One should feel depressed if they live there and haven't found God, that's a perfectly natural response that drugs won't change. Who won't be depressed when their world is falling apart and they can't do anything about it? Believing in God can help them deal with it and become stronger, let's never forget that at the end of this tribulation Jesus win against the devil and his minions.

All the sinful behaviours should evidently be stopped, some might be harder to shut down due to demonic influences. The demons goals are to make us sin as much as possible so that we will suffer also as much as possible in hell. When we sin we give legal rights to demons to torment us, this might be felt with the addiction phenomenon. So many of those people with deviant behaviors are not the hopeless victims that psychologist portray, they are just people who had stray away from God and have not being delivered yet. There are many cases of miraculous recovery from 'mental illness' after a patient was delivered [See page on demonic doorways to learn about deliverance]. We all have free will, if we can't control ourselves not to sin then our gift of free will is wasted on us.

In the end the psychological field is useless if you are a true believer in Christ. Christian psychology is an oxymoron, one cannot go with the other. With the help of God, by following the teachings of the Bible and possibly having Deliverance if needed, many can be healed from their 'mental illness'. They won't be drugged out and loose their mental capacity, they won't be robbed of their hard-earn money by charlatans, it just require some efforts for a lifestyle change made of one's own free will.

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