Modern World Dictionary

Another hidden war to most is the war on words. The language nowadays has been deliberately modified to hide the advance of a Satanic society into a previously predominantly Christian society. This page intent to help the reader translate back to its origins certain terms and to call things for what they truly are. Those are my own personal views, the reader is encouraged make their own opinion after careful study and without being influenced by social pressure.

Modern word Real meaning
Feminism Jezebel rebellion spirit
Wokism Light satanism
Progressism Regressivism
LGBT+ Normalizing sexual perversion - Sodomite => Abomination from Sodome and Gomorrah destroyed by God
Planned parenthood Eugenicist entity
Immigration Movement pushed to destroy the culture of a nation from the inside
Black Lives Matter Racist movement that mostly target white Christian (Financed by George Soros)
Minority rights Tribalism
Ecology Movement to control and reduce the population under the guise of the planet saving hoax
New World Order Luciferian society
Central banks Tools of mass domination of the governments by creating money out of thin air / main sponsors of the NWO
Governments / Politicians NWO's lackeys
Gun laws Policies pushed to deprive citizens of means of defence during the end-times future inquisition
Mass shooting False flag attacks for the huge majority (Made to push for gun laws)
9/11 Evident false flag attack (Legitimizing wars and martial law)
Great Reset Start of the end-times
New Normal Luciferian normality
Vaccine in general Poison (see study) / Pasteur germ's theory is a fraud - link)
Covid Vaccine Poison / Tracking device / Preparation for the Mark Of The Beast
Mask Mark of submission / vow of silence
Neuralink Mark Of The Beast ?
DUMBs Satanic cesspool / Shelters of the satanic elites in the end-times
FEMA Satanic end-times executioners / Extermination camps
5G antena Direct Energy Weapon / Death tower / Non-ionizing radiation / Can cross walls / Range from 1.5 to 2 km
6G antena Direct Energy Weapon / Death tower / Ionizing radiation / Kill cell and destroy DNA immediately
Big Tech Big Brother
Big Medias Propaganda broacast center
Hollywood Propaganda movies center / Predictive programming center for the masses
Celebrities False idols / Future end-times cult leaders / Anti-christ's cheerleaders
Western healthcare Death industry
Paralympic games Normalizing deformities - deformities could be increased in the NWO (Transhumanism, DNA modification, Chimeras etc..)
Doctors Big Pharma salesmen
New Age Light witchcraft
Channeling Demonic possession
Meditation / Trauma Dissociation (Open portal for demonic possession)
Yoga Pagan god worshiping
Spirit guide / Ghost / UFO Demon / Fallen angel
Schizophrenia / MPD Demonic possession
Seizure Demonic takeover tentative
Hallucinogens / Blackout Open portal for demonic possession
Bad trip Demon takeover of individual
Abortion Child sacrifice
Euthanasia Human sacrifice
Animal Testing Animal torture and sacrifice
Slaughterhouse Temple for animal sacrifice
Fetal cells Cannibalism when introcuded in your body (from vaccine or food - Kraft, Pepsi, and Nestle used artificial flavors HEK 293 made from aborted babies in their foods)
Swear words using the lord name Blasphemy
Catholic church Pagan/Christian church / Satanic at the top
False religions Light form of satanism
Catholic Saints False idols
Virgin Mary worshiping False idolatry / Semiramis worshiping
Pope Possible false prophet / Future announcer of the Anti-Christ
Jesuit Satanic sect using strong brainwashing
Freemasonry / Kaballah / Rosicrucian Satanic sect / witchcraft school
Illuminatis Individuals or families demonically possessed up to their fingernails
Climate Change Hoax (Manipulated statistics by numerous dishonest scientist - The honest ones get censored or excluded by their peers)
Globe Earth Hoax (Serious evidences prove that the globe earth theory is bogus)
Evolution Hoax (Unproven theory - Many missing links)
Dinosaurs Hoax (No real fossils ever have been studied by a panel of independent scientists - most 'fossils' comes from the same area in China (highly suspicious) and are closely guarded in safe)
Prehistoric men Hoax (All the fake 'fossils' seen today are bogus)
Fossil Fuel Hoax (This term was coined by Rockefeller. There is almost unlimited fuel coming from Sheol, fuel doesn't come from fossils - hoax needed to push for the ecological hoax)
Nonexistence of Nephilim Hoax (Many giants also called Nephilim were found but this fact has always been hidden)
Antartica Giant ice wall / boundaries of earth (It's almost impossible for anyone to truly visit Antartica due to incredible restrictions)
NASA Globe earth hoax propaganda center
Planets / Stars / Sun / Moon Luminaries
Most modern music Rock/ Rap/ Hip-hop/ Metal etc.. => Satanic worshiping music / normalizing all sins
Music standard reference Unnatural tone (Before at 432 Hz, now at 440Hz thanks to Rockfeller - this frequency is disharmonious and can impact negatively the listener)
Secret societies Mystic schools / profoundly satanic at the top
Mystic A person that can reduce any book to few numbers in it (usually 3,7,12,33), that will twist himself in knots and be convinced that the true meaning of the book is the opposite of what the book teach. Also believe every teaching has a hidden message related to sex. (JK)

Mark Twain
It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.

Some of the biggest lies we have accepted since birth is certainly : Globe Earth, Evolution, Dinosaurs, Prehistoric men, Fossil Fuel, Nonexistence of Giants, Antartica, NASA. On those topics, I encourage anyone that doubt what I write not to take my word for it and read the book The Flat Earth Conspiracy by Eric Dubay. That will be a good start to make one's own study.

The words have changed but the results are the same, we are still living in the Biblical world described to us thousands of years ago. All of the major hoaxes are made for the purpose of discrediting the Bible. Isn't the biggest trick of the devil, to make believe he doesn't exist? well not just him, so does his work too.