Resist the New World Order

This is a personal post based on my knowledge and understanding of the situation we are in. The New World Order takeover is quite unique as there is no known similar situation in history (except maybe when the tower of Babel was built). The following advices come from my own research and are subjective based on my own experiences, they might change with time and a better understanding of the situation. The question is simple : 'How can we resist the New World Order ?'

First, we cannot stop the New World Order takeover, it has to happen as it was prophesied by God. It is a hard times to live before a great time come with the return of Jesus Christ our Lord. However, we must resist the New World Order with all our strength even if the end is already written. We can, at least locally, fight and successfully reject the NWO.

The enemies we fight are multiple and extremely powerful. The illuminatis have most of the wealth on Earth, Satan control them directly and have laid out the plan for the NWO takeover. The demons can infest the sinners and make them reject God, the Bible and their salvation. We should be powerless against those forces but we have the help of almighty God, without him we would have no hope.

The war is physical and spiritual, William Schnoebelen call it a techno-magic war. To survive the NWO and the tribulation, we need to fight on both sides. The spiritual side is the most important as without God we are nothing. Even if one find a way to survive the tribulation long enough without accepting God, he won't be taken in the rapture and will be left to suffer with the sinners and a soul damned for Hell.

Spiritual war

1 - I suspect that the governments will first remove any protection the citizens can have before doing a full-scale genocide (mostly against the Christians). It could be a global ban on gun sales and forceful disarmament of the population after another false-flag event. If your guns were brought legally, it is registered in their database and they might force you to give them back with armed force (See what happened in Dec. 14,1981 when Gen. Jaruzelski declared martial law in Poland and people had no choice but to comply and give away their officially owned guns). The NWO already have a list of all Christians and potential troublemakers to their plan just waiting to be used when the order is given to arrest such people. In the US, the genocide might be done in FEMA camps or similar concentration camps, in other countries it might be done in Covid quarantine camps. They will hide it from the rest of the world as not to publicize the martyrs, that could turn the population against the NWO and give inspiration to new martyrs.

According to Fritz Springmeier, The NWO intends to arrest Christians during the riot phase and even 2 weeks before the One-World Government is announced. They also intend to arrest them on a holiday like Thanksgiving or maybe Christmas Day when they can find most people at home and not in position to fight back.

2 - Whatever happen during the tribulation, we should never do anything that goes against the scriptures (especially the New Testament). If anything written in this website is contrary to the scriptures, please disregard it. Many false prophets will be twisting the scriptures in order to make their followers sin. For your own salvation and to understand the scriptures, you must accept Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior, receive the Holy Spirit and become a Born-Again Christian. The Holy Spirit is an emanation from God that guide us and drawn us closer to Him. We are not born Christian, we become Christian out of our own free will, only us can make that choice by ourselves. It is also said that Christians will make numerous miracles during the tribulation thanks to the gifts given by the Holy Spirit. To fight efficiently the devil and his schemes, one need to become a saint.

3 - If we truly believe in Jesus Christ and have faith, then we are saved (I personnaly believe that to be saved one should receive the Holy Spirit and keep Him untill the end but it is open for debate). We might not survive the persecutions in the Martyr phase of the Apocalypse but our soul will be saved and this is what matter the most. Our soul is eternal while our life on Earth is temporary. To receive the Holy Spirit, we must pray sincerely God to give Him to us. I would recommend to pray and ask God everyday to bless us with the Holy Spirit until we receive Him. This is probably the most important point of all the points in this article.

4 - God is the ultimate authority on Earth, God's laws supersede man's laws. If any law from the government goes against the Bible's teachings then we should disregard that law. We are not to rebel against God but we are allowed to rebel against some laws imposed upon us by Satan. Daniel 6:5-28 perfectly relate to this topic. We can only serve one master, either God or Satan, and obeying one means disobeying the other. As of now in the Western world, we are not truly forced to do actions against the Bible teachings but it will change soon when the NWO take full power. They will force people to sin and commit abominations in order to damn their souls, the more you sin or commit abominations and the more you become demon possessed and the bigger will be your punishment on Judgment Day. The one thing that hinders demons from freely operating through a human being is their free will.

At first, they will incentivize people to sin out of their own free will, a bit like they incentivized us to get the Covid vaccine shot (Satanists often try to get the consent of their victims and make them commit abominations, I suppose it carry more weight against the sinner on Judgment Day when they sin without being forced to). After a while, they might just force people to commit abominations against their will (The NWO is Satan's kingdom). In this case, we must resist and not comply even under threats of torture or death, God might shield us from the pain of torture if he wishes so.

5 - We should reject the so-called social progress which is in reality a regression, even if it seems backed by 'the science'. Today's progressivism is the destruction of the Christian society. We must also reject anything related to New Age which is religion of the NWO (Any empire needs its own religion). The New Age is simply a mix of old pagan beliefs painted as new and modern, it is also backed by the biased modern science. The 2 satanists Alice Bailey and HP Blavatsky are at the origins of this fake religion which is in truth light satanism.

6 - That is a controversial topic among Christians but we are allowed to use self-defense to protect ourselves or our family. Killing goes against the 6th commandment but Exodus 22:1-4 allows it in self-defense, the Bible never forbids self-defense once and those were much more violent times. Self-defense should not be a vengeful reaction to an offense as many offenses can simply be absorbed in forbearance and love. Christians can own and use guns to protect themselves however the use of lethal force should be made only in last resort and without intent to kill the attacker. Some Anabaptist groups would not even use self-defense when attacked so the right to use is left to anyone's own judgment.

In a life or death situation requiring self-defense, if possible I would first pray and ask the Lord to receive His protection and I would bind the demons of the opponents which are often demon possessed. We can speak the following words with a low voice : "In the name of Lord Jesus Christ, I bind you demons and I take authority over you". Demons have very good ears and will be forced to comply by God's authority. This could totally change the troublesome situation. We need to have more faith and rely more on God in those kind of situation instead of just relying on ourselves.

7 - Everyday, we should pray to receive the full armor of God. We might not see it but it is there protecting our spirit and body as both are connected. Rebecca Brown in her book 'Unbroken Curses' also relates to 2 important findings she made. Born-Again Christians have authority over Satan, the thief, and, in the name of Jesus Christ, can command him to return what he had stolen. If God allows it, Satan will have to repair what he broke or repay what he stole form us. We can also, if we suffer from intense persecutions from the devil and are not sinners, ask the Lord to go into His courtroom and ask Him to judge our case. This can de done to put a restraining order to Satan's persecutions on our life. I recommend reading her book to better understand the subject before petitioning in God's courtroom, it is something that should be taken with caution. However, I am not certain of how it works in the tribulation phase as Satan is given full power without restraint over the world.

Gideon destroying the altar of baal

8 - Another important point is regarding pagan places of worship (Pagans are generally characterized as those who are caught up in any religious ceremony, act, or practice that is not distinctly Christian). God in the Bible strongly recommend the Christians to destroy anything related to pagan worship.

Deuteronomy 7:5
But thus you shall deal with them: you shall destroy their altars, and break down their sacred pillars, and cut down their wooden images, and burn their carved images with fire.

It was done to protect God's people from those demonic traps. Masonic and satanic temples are probably the places the most packed with demons nowadays like in ancient times as masons perform ancient pagan rites (Ancient mysteries) and satanists do Satan worshiping which is similar to Baal worshiping.
The story of Gideon in Judges 6 also tell us why it is important not to have pagan temples in our area. Gideon was called upon by God to save the people of Israel. The first task he was commanded to fulfill was destroy the altar of Baal the Israelites had constructed.

Judges 6 25-26
That same night the Lord said to him, "Take the second bull from your father’s herd, the one seven years old. Tear down your father’s altar to Baal and cut down the Asherah pole beside it. Then build a proper kind of altar to the Lord your God on the top of this height. Using the wood of the Asherah pole that you cut down, offer the second bull as a burnt offering."

Once the pagan temple was destroyed, God helped Gideon achieve a triumphant victory over the Midianites (probably 22k+ men) with only 300 men. The satanic temple had to be destroyed first before achieving the victory. Those temples create demonic principalities in the area they are located. It gives Satan authority over the area which therefore cannot become Holy Land. As long as those buildings are present, demons are given free rein over the people in that area. We cannot serve two masters and as long there is a pagan temple in our area, this area is dedicated to Satan and his demons. During the tribulation, it is highly recommended to settle in a place where no pagan worship is made so that it could be declared Holy Land by God and be protected.

9 - Some recent prophecies foretold us that some large group of Christians will be protected by God during the Apocalypse until the rapture happen. I personaly believe that those groups will be composed of pure Christian fundamentalists that received the Holy Spirit. They might not have an appointed leader as God is their King and they will strictly follow the Bible teachings. There are many counterfeit Christian movement today and on my opinion the Anabaptists are the best example to follow. As noted in the point above, nothing even remotely pagan must been present into those groups.

2 Corinthians 6:14
Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?

The 33 freemason motto is 'Ordo Ab Chao', 'Order out of Chaos'. Without going into Hegel's dialectics, only after a period of disorder will a new order be created. The illuminatis are creating today's disorder and will create huge chaos once the 4th horseman of the apocalypse will be unleashed : Death when billions will die. Once the world has crumbled, they plan to reshape it into their satanic new world order. This period of intense disorder is actually an opportunity to highjack their plan and create local fully Christian societies totally opposed to their satanic NWO.

Paris Commune - Alliance between the military and the population

10 - There are some great insights we can get from the Paris Commune in 1871. The Paris Commune was a revolutionary government that seized power in Paris, France for only 2 months. The revolutionaries were ordinary men and women, it was not a staged revolution like the French Revolution of 1799. The elites made the mistake of arming civilians with guns, they created a citizens' militia known as the National Guard (The elites can only oppress the citizens if they are disarmed, it also restore the balance of power between military and civilians and can make the military think twice before slaughtering innocent people as there will be immediate retaliation). The elites were so scared of another revolution that they flew away to Versailles where they planned to remain hidden until order came back. Adolphe Thiers, current head of the government, ordered regular troops from the military to seize the cannon stored in the city that belonged to the National Guard. They were order to shoot at the civilians but instead of following instructions, the soldiers had fraternized with the National Guards & local residents and sided with them.

Louise Michel played an important role in this fraternization : while the military were hostile and ready to kill, she simply befriended them. She and other women present brought them coffee and food, talked, drank and laughed with them. She reminded them that the citizens they were gonna kill where humans like them. Doing this is extremely important for several reasons. Soldiers in the military are brainwashed to see their enemies as sub-humans, it removes any guilt they could have to kill someone. Some Israeli soldiers see Palestinians as animals, soldiers during WW2 saw the opposing sides as filled with monsters doing any kind of atrocities all thanks to propaganda war machine. Today, some NWO soldiers see humanity as a cancer on Earth, most of them believe the NWO propaganda and might think they are saving the planet by killing 70% of humanity. However all of this is BS as I discussed in the post 'Hoax - Man-made Climate Change'. In general in history, the population cannot win a non-staged revolution unless the military side with them.

The NWO know this very well and has put soldiers at place where they cannot speak the local language (Chinese soldiers in Canada or USA for example). There will be a language barrier and cultural differences to overcome in order to turn them to the side of the population. The last thing they want is for the military to fraternize with the general population. If faced by the military, I would do the exact same things as described above when encountering a potential attacker. I will pray and ask the Lord to receive His protection and will bind the demons of the military : "In the name of Lord Jesus Christ, I bind you demons and I take authority over you". Their demons must be bound as they are the ones that would suggest them to pull the trigger on the innocent civilians.

The Paris Commune has a sad ending as the treacherous elite sided with the Prussian enemy to destroy the Paris Commune revolutionary and took back control of Paris. The genocide of the revolutionary that followed killed more people in few months than the entire past French revolution in few years. The historians today are mostly focused on the French revolution and seem to have less interest in the Paris Commune, it might because it was a genocide of common people rather than a genocide of nobles (double standard). In the end, the elites would kill as many innocent people as necessary by any mean possible in order for them to keep power over the masses. The Paris Commune situation might repeat itself in the future with the NWO takeover.

Final takes on the Paris Commune :
⮚ Get weapons
⮚ Pray the Lord
⮚ Bind the demons
⮚ Fraternize with the military
⮚ Unbrainwash them
⮚ The elites are the true monsters
⮚ Get ready for strong retaliation if succesful
⮚ Never underestimate your enemy

11 - Our prayers are powerful. The front-page of this website is about prayers to our worst enemies, the enemies of humanity that call themselves illuminatis or Moriah. The idea is simple, praying for God to bind their demons: a converted illuminati to Christ can make a huge difference during the coming tribulation phase as they are the real decision makers. After being deceived all their life, they might finally do the right thing. The outcome is unsure but it is is an experiment worth trying.

Physical war

The NWO has put into place a very impressive kill grid worldwide unbeknownst to the general population. Everything is put into place so they can reach their final goal of enslavement of humanity. However no system is failproof, no matter how sophisticated it is.

12 - I recommend people to avoid bringing their phone with them all the time, a smartphone is a recording & tracking device that they use against us. Any connection to internet should be made hidden behind a VPN and using a safe browser like Brave (Not 100% sure it is the safest). TOR was originally made by the US Naval Research Lab, it is compromised as the intelligence control most of the exit nodes (The more mainstream a solution is, the more chance it is a trap). No incriminating posts or even private messages must be made on any social networking platform. I recommend to stop using anything Google, Facebook, Twitter, Windows, Apple (all are CIA controlled) and to reduce their digital footprint to a minimum (only to post politically correct things as to keep a good credit score). Also clear all browsing data as much as possible like on exit.

Linux might also be compromised as the 'Postmaster Deamon' has a higher access than root and an external 'Postmaster Deamon' could override the power of the local owner of the system. 'Redhat' has also created numerous security flaws by hijacking the Linux open-source project. An OS based on BSD might be better but nothing is certain as it is also based on UNIX. For mailing services we should avoid Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook and Proton Mail (CERN controlled) and prefer secure mail servers that better protect anonymity like Tutanota or Posteo (the best might be own a personal webmail server). Everything important should be saved on external hard drives to protect from a disastrous scenario like a 'virus' that could wipe any computers or smartphones connected to internet or that we loose access to internet unless we are fully vaccinated to log in. If this happen, I really hope the decentralized internet would have been operational by now so that we are not forced to use their controlled internet. Also it is better to store anything that could be judged controversial by the NWO on an encrypted hard drive with strong password.

13 - Living in cities is dangerous, those are silent war zone. The 5G beamforming technology makes it similar as having a gun constantly pointed at our head. It is worst if we are vaccinated as the gun can kill us in 1 beam. Chances are that everyone living in the cities will be forced to be fully vaccinated and will therefore be dying slowly from the vaccines and radiations. The 5G also allow to track everything we do or everywhere we go, resisting the NWO from the inside is doomed to fail. The best is to live in the country side, the goal is to be the less dependent of the system as possible for anything like water, food, electricty, shelter, security, health. Simply said, to live off the grid. In practical terms, it means to own a water source, do organic farming (avoid relying on the chemical industry : see JADAM organic farming methods), have solar panels or other independent sources of electricity, have a house if possible hidden by the vegetation, have weapons etc... The preppers are right in preparing for a societal collapse. Being in the countryside gives a bit more time than living in the cities but the NWO has plans to come for all the lands and expropriate everyone.

14 - What is important is to understand how the NWO system work in order to counter it (What you don't know can kill you). Even if some whistleblowers or white hackers came forward and make us teach what they know about the system, it might be a trap set by the intelligence to ferret the dissidents (The intelligence also read this website). It is certain the NWO use AI and that it automatically computes a credit score on the huge majority of the world population based on our digital footprint (I don't see other way to track and score 8 billions people). AI might determine automatically if someone is a potential threat to the NWO or no, however AI can be fooled easily if we are aware of it. The NWO might be a 3 class system with the majority of people (90%) as 3rd class citizens (slaves), the military and police as 2nd class citizens with more privilege (9%), the illuminatis as 1st class citizen (1%). The 1st class citizens will be free to do absolutely anything they want without any laws applying to them. One can watch the movie 'Soylent Green' to have an idea.

The one-world-ID might be based on several factors like our body radiation signature, the radiations emitted by the Graphene in our body, facial recognition and the Bluetooth emitting chipset in the vaccines injected in our body. Facial recognition can be fooled with mask or deepfakes, a Bluetooth signal can also be replicated also but sadly, I don't know of any technology today that could fake radiations emitted by our body. To know if someone is vaccinated, they can activate the glowing Luciferase that was present in the vaccine and is now in the body of the vaccinated or use UV lights on the person's skins. Those will also be hard to fake. In the end, there is always a solution to any problem (even the complex NWO problem), we just haven't thought about it yet.

It is safer to keep money in a safe somewhere else than in a bank. If it is in a bank, it is in the hands of the NWO. At one point cash will be outlawed for a false reason (like to stop virus transmission) and barter might have been made illegal too. Everyone will be totally dependent on the digital one-world Currency which they could only access if they are fully vaccinated and have good social credit score. In other words, they will be totally enslaved and slowly dying.

15 - The biggest threat are the 5G antennas so if those stop emitting radiations, people would be safer in their coverage. They use so much power, they tend to overheat and burn by themselves sometimes as reported in the news. The NWO is also installing some LED weapons in some countries like Canada, those can incapacitate their target once operational. They have also installed a lot of street cameras that are used to track citizens. In some countries, when entering a mall, you must scan your QR code and get recorded by a camera. This is done to collect data that will be used to train their facial recognition algorithm. Sadly OTH radar antennas can cover very wide area and be located very far from their victims.


16 - Some tools that can be used for radiowave detection. A recent 5G smartphone is also a 5G weapon detection device as it will show us where are the 5G zones. We can use the 'nperf' website or others to see the 5G coverage map worldwide and to know the zones to avoid. We can install on a 5G smartphone the application 'nperf' and use the 'active mapping' feature to get a precise 5G coverage in our area (it is based on the network provider). The dead spots with no 5G coverage might be useful to know in case of 5G targeting.

We can use EMF Meters like the affordable GQ EMF-390 that can be bought online for 120 USD. This EMF Meter can only record up to a frequency of 10 GHz, 5G frequency goes to up 54 GHz so most of the 5G radiations won't be recorded. According to Jay posts, 87% of the DEW EMF is coming from the higher RF frequency range (6–50 GHz) so it is not the best tool to measure 5G radiations but it is useful to measure the < 10 GHz range radiations which 5G also emits. I often see peak of radiations way above the safety threshold level when using the EMF Meter. This tool might also confirm that someone live in an area with unhealthy level of radiations.

Lead rubber vest + hoodie on top or large shirt (silver clothing optional) + Hat with lead rubber sewed on the inside =
Great hidden protection against heavy radiations

17 - For protection, I would recommend to buy silver EMF shielding clothes (there are many sellers online) and a X-RAY protection apron (front and back) if you live in a 5G area. I especially recommend this to anyone who have been Covid vaccinated as they might be killed in one pulse at anytime by an antenna. I personaly bought the apron from attenutech online. It is in 2 parts but I mostly use only the vest. This apron (0.5mmPb lead rubber) is heavy (8.8 pounds / 4 kilos) so I would recommend to buy a lighter one (0.25~0.35mmPb) or ones made of lighter materials. An apron can be hidden behind a jacket but might still look a bit bulky. I also recommend to use a X-RAY protection cap when inside but nobody will go outside wearing this, so what I did was to sew some lead rubber into a hat and it works the same. I can basically go out in a major city with 5G coverage while being fully protected and with nobody noticing anything abnormal. Lead blankets or arm protections can be cut and sewed into everyday clothes like shirts, jackets or hats (They will get heavy). Grounding yourself might help a little. More on my findings and experiments as a TI in the article 'Targeted Individual Findings'. The most important is to protect the heart and the brain (Heart cells and brain cells are the slowest to repair in the body).

If you are not a TI, all of this might sound over-the-top but that could be useful in the future. TIs were the first victims of the NWO tortures but pretty soon all humanity might live the same things as they did and anyone reading this article might potentially become one of them.